Propecia vs Rogaine

Hair thinning is one of the most common problem we face at some point in our live and the fact that it happens to many people shows that there is still no single solution to fix them. However, we can still use some treatments to help dealing with the problem such as with Propecia vs Rogaine. Both of them are popular product for people with hair fall issue or hair thinning problem. Go check our article below to see which product can be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are the cause of Hair Loss
– What are Propecia and Rogaine
– How Propecia and Rogaine can Help Hair Loss
– What are the side effect of Propecia and Rogaine
– How to use Propecia and Rogaine
– Are Propecia and Rogaine Compatible
– Propecia vs Rogaine

Hair Loss
Hair fall is a normal condition but when there are only a few strands each days because we human also shed. The problem is rising when the few strands of hair change into a lump of hair everyday and finally we realize the balding pattern in our head or starting to see our scalp which is unusual because we formerly have a healthy and much more hair. This problem can cause many issue in our live that related to self-confidence and it is better to fix them before late.

Though hair fall or thinning is a common problem, it doesn’t mean there is a single effective cure to fix this problem because until this day, people seems to have several options that promise to help them with the issue. This is because hair fall itself can be caused by several core problems which if not examine thoroughly, we won’t be able to know the main problem that cause our hair to continue thinning and expose our scalp which can make almost everyone lose their confident.

Those several hair loss causes are hormonal changes, thyroid disorders, stress, medications, nutritional deficiencies, Lupus and several health problem. Among these causes, hormonal change seems to be the most common issue in many sufferers. Hormonal change that cause hair fall can happen in both men and women because our hair follicles responds this hormone by making our hair fall. This hormone is called DHT and today we can find few medication to treat this certain issue, mainly to reduce or slow down the process.

When you look around the internet to search for the correct product for your problem, we may find several names that seem promising. However, not all of them are going to work the same for every users which is why it is normal to change product when we find it is not satisfying. However, to reduce the time and money wasted on the wrong product, it is better to ask for a professional help first to make sure we know what causing our problem.

About Propecia and Rogaine
If you suffer from hair loss, we are sure you already find some names from people’s recommendation and the two name we mostly found are Propecia and Rogaine since they are currently the most popular treatment for hair fall. While they are equally working by reducing the amount of hair falling in users, both of them are also different due to the difference of main ingredients used. More importantly, Propecia or also called Finasteride is an oral medication while Rogaine is topical medication.

Propecia is a brand used to sell Finasteride and it used to treat men with male pattern hair loss by increasing the hair growth on the scalp and prevent the available hair to continue falling or further hair loss. Taken from Webmd  Finasteride which is the active ingredient on Propecia is also used to shrink and enlarge prostate in adult men which is actually also caused by the same hormone that cause hair loss called as DHT.

At the other hand, Rogaine is a brand that is used to sell Minoxidil as a main ingredient to prevent further hair loss. As opposed to oral medication like Propecia, this hair loss treatment is a topical medication. Additionally, if the former medication is only approved only for men, this brand is providing two types of medication for both men and women with a different amount of main ingredient in its product. However, if women want the one with stronger Minoxidil, they also offer the variant.

As it has been mentioned earlier, Finasteride and Minoxidil are the main ingredient of Propecia and Rogaine respectively. Finasteride will help to reverse the effects of male pattern baldness and is an oral medication in pill form. Propecia itself have Minoxidil which can be liquid but in this mediation, they use them in a foam form. While Finasteride is an inhibitor of a type of steroid that plays a role in creating DHT, Minoxidil is a vasodilator initially meant to widen blood vessels.

Propecia and Rogaine Working Mechanism
In androgenic alopecia where hair loss is caused by certain hormone called DHT that also the most common cause of baldness, finasteride is used to help our hair follicle to widen our hair follicle to stop the problem. This ingredient is working by blocking or as the inhibitor of steroid Type II5α-reductase which is an intracellular enzyme that converts the androgen testosterone into 5α dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This ingredient also show a drop in both scalp and blood levels of DHT while approximately 83% of users have maintained their hair.

As for Minoxidil, this ingredient is initially used to treat people with extremely high blood pressure to dilates or widen small arteries in the body that cause the resistance to blood flow to decrease. Along the way, it is found that female patients who take the medication also have tendency to have excessive hair growth. This effect then used by hair treatment manufacturers to help people with hair thinning problem to gain back their hair and to prevent further hair loss.

Up to this day, there is no clear proof on why Minoxidil can help dealing with hair loss. However, just like what it do with blood vessel, it seems that this ingredient work by widening hair follicle and causing a thicker strand of hair as well as prolonging the anagen stage of hair growth and giving the result of a longer and higher number or hair strand. Read also: Keranique vs Rogaine here.

Propecia and Rogaine Side Effect
When taking medication, it is common to also worry about the side effect as well and fortunately, both of the main ingredient in Propecia and Rogaine are not causing any severe side effects. For Finasteride, the side effect will be enlargement of breast, rashes, itching and decreased libido while for Minoxidil, when used as topical medication the common side effects are irritation, rashness, and dryness on the skin while in large amount it can cause some headache, irregular heartbeat and blurred vision as well as chest pain.

Applying Propecia and Rogaine
Just like any medication, it is important to make sure that we are following the recommended dosage or how our doctor’s instruct us to take them. However, their package are already printed with the dosage, thus we can follow them if using outside professional recommendation. As for Propecia, the dosage is 1 mg or one tablet each day and we can take them with or without meals. To see the result however, we may need to consume them for few months.

Rogaine as a topical medication is applied directly into the balding area or any place we want in our scalp if the balding have no pattern. Unlike other minoxidil treatment, this one is coming in a foam form instead of liquid. To apply them, put a cupful of the foam into our hand and apply directly into the scalp area then massage for a moment. It is recommended to keep our hand cool to prevent the foam to melt in our hand instead of in our scalp.

Propecia and Rogaine Compatibility
Up to this point, you probably still unsure about which to choose to treat those thinning hair since in affectivity, both of them are equally proven to be effective in reducing hair loss and letting the new hair to grow longer. If both of them are good, then why not using them at the same time. This is because some people also combining both of them in their treatment to increase the benefit since these products are safe to be taken together; one is oral and the other is topical.

According to a study, using both of them at the same time helps maintaining a good hair density level but, it needs to be noted that this studies use both ingredient as topical medication. This is probably because both of them are working in different mechanism since Finasteride help reduce DHT while Minoxidil help widening the hair follicles to let the hair grow more.

Now, let’s compare Propecia with Rogaine. As it has been mentioned earlier, both of them are using different main ingredient in the treatment; one is Finasteride and the other is Minoxidil. Propecia is an oral medication while Rogaine is a topical medication and the last is how they work because Finasteride works by reducing the amount of DHT but Minoxidil is working as vasodilator.

Propecia vs Rogaine

- Oral medication- Topical medication
- Finasteride- Have men and women variant
- Reducing DHT- Work as vasodilator

All in all, both of them can be a good option to treat hair loss. However, if you want to optimize the result and not sure about which to choose, we will recommend you to use them at the same time; Propecia will help from the inside while Rogaine can help from the outside.