Bosley vs Rogaine

There is no person who want to have a hair problem because we want them to be healthy and have volume as well as shiny and smooth. However, not all of us can achieve them without an effort, thus hair treatments are widely available. For those who suffers from hair thinning or balding process, you may want to try treatments like Bosley vs Rogaine. Both of them promise a similar result but are also different. If you wonder which the best option is, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently suffering from hair loss
– What are the cause of hair loss
– What are Bosley and Rogaine
– What Bosley and Rogaine can offer to you
– How Bosley and Rogaine Work
– Bosley vs Rogaine

Hair Loss
Hair problem is a very common issue we have faced in our live at least once and they can be quite annoying as well as hard to deal with due to the various causes. Some of us may already experience some of them and somehow can manage to dismiss the issue and gain back our healthy hair but is it not unusual to find people with the same problem as us and still can’t find the solution while already trying the same treatment as what we have done.

This is because each one of us are different, thus the solution for our problems may differ as well. Dry hair, brittle hair, dandruff and dull hair are very common as well and mostly can be dealt with the correct shampoo or conditioner and other similar products but other hair problem like hair fall or thinning is more serious and mostly need a special treatment to help reducing the loss process and let more hair to grow and prevent them from becoming worse.

Hair Loss Cause
Alopecia can happen in both women and men and it is also very common yet we still don’t have a cure for this problem. Each years, millions of people in the world suffering from this issue and the most common medication used are minoxidil and finasteride that we can get easily over the counter. As for Minoxidil, they can be used for both men and women, however, finasteride is used by only men to help their male pattern baldness.

Taken from Harvard , the cause of baldness in women and men are the same which is called androgenetic alopecia. Just like the name, this problem involves the action of hormone called androgens which is an essential form male sexual development but also have important role in the other sex. The problem is genetically decided by shortening of anagen, a hair’s growing phase and a lengthening of the time between the shedding part and the next phase of anagen.

To put it simply, this problem will not only cause hair to shed even before the time and make the new hair that supposed to grow, show longer than how they should. Additionally, it also affect hair follicles since they are shrinking and producing shorter, thinner hair shaft. In result, the thicker, pigmented and longer-lived “terminal” hairs are replaced by a shorter, thinner and non-pigmented hair known as “vellus”.

About Bosley
Since there are so many people suffering from androgenetic alopecia, there are various treatments we can use in the market and one of the popular solution you may want to check is those from Bosley. The brand claimed to be the leading in hair loss solution and medical restoration that up until now has been treating so many patients throughout the years for more than 4 decades. With this long experience, it is not wrong when they are claiming themselves as the world’s most experienced hair restoration expert.

Bosley Treatment
Unlike some treatment, Bosley is offering hair treatments for both men and women with their treatment options because not only they have a product we can applied at home, this one is also offering a surgical solution which is done by their physician as either follicular unit transfer or follicular unit extraction hair restoration, in short hair transplantation. This treatment is done by professional and while it may seems to take much time, they are going to take about a day to complete.

Bosley for Severe Stage of Alopecia
What’s amazing from this hair transplant is they are able of stay as long as a lifetime which is a great deal to help the hair receding issue. To make sure they are done by people with expertise in the field, Bosley physician will have at least 10 years of experience within hair restoration industry. They are the one who are going to transplant DHT-resistant, healthy hair follicles from the sides and back of the head areas or where they are needed like those on the front and top of the scalp.

The next process is using their signature Micrograft process to create the seamless transition and make them look soft and silky like the original hairline, creating the look of completely natural and undetectable just like your real hair. To achieve such similarity, they will match them with age, facial structure, existing hairline, the quality of hair as well as long-term goals preferred. In each transplant they can involve from few hundreds until few thousand grafts depend on the need while the desired result commonly will take 2 procedures to achieve.

Bosley for Early Stage of Alopecia
For those with early stage of alopecia or those who don’t want to undergo hair transplant, Bosley also provide non-surgical treatment with prescribed medication like Finasteride vs Propecia and Minoxidil as well as Low Level Laser Therapy. Finasteride is addressing DHT production and are consumed about 1 mg per day but Minoxidil is more into stimulating hair growth and prolong the growth phase of hair follicle to increase or thicken the hair.

At the other hand, Low Level Laser Therapy is done by using LaserComb Elite and Theradome Laser Helmet to control laser energy which intended to promote hair regrowth. They are also safe because already approved by FDA.

About Rogaine
Since there are other treatment product out there, it is best to look around first before committing to one option because we may find a better solution for our problem. The other medication used to deal with androgenetic alopecia is Rogaine which is also popular as Minoxidil in generic term because it is the active ingredient of this treatment. In safety side, this medication is already approved by FDA along with the other option called Finasteride or more popular as Propecia.

Rogaine is a brand that offers Minoxidil to treat alopecia or also known as Regaine in the UK. This is a popular brand of hair loss medication we can apply at home and can get easily over the counter at various pharmacies near your place. They are topical medication we have to apply in our scalp and while Minoxidil can have a liquid form, this brand version is available in both foam and liquid version.

Rogaine Treatment
Similar like Bosley, this treatment brand is also suitable with both men and women but there is a little difference in both versions because the treatment for men are using more Minoxidil in their formulation at 5% while for women there are only 2%. However, if you need a higher concentration, they also offer the 5% version for women but unlike the 2% which is in liquid form, this version is in foam version just like the men’s version.

Rogaine Science
This ingredient is formerly used as vasodilator in people with high blood pressure to help curing the problem but in hair growing solution, there is still no exact reason in why this ingredient can help restore hair. However, as a vasodilator, they are believed to work by partially enlarging hair follicles and elongating the growth phase of hair. With this, there will more follicles in the growing phase and then we can see more hair to cover our scalp.

Just like Minoxidil from Bosley, Rogaine is better used when you are still on the early stage of alopecia, thus if your hair condition is more severe, this treatment will no longer effective. As for the side effects, some report red scalp, itchiness and dry scalp caused by Minoxidil medication but most of them are probably caused by the alcohol used to mix the medication rather than the minoxidil itself.

Applying Rogaine
As it has been mentioned above, Rogaine is a topical medication and we have to apply them following the recommendation. For the foam version, put half a capful of the foam in your hand then apply in a towel dry or dry scalp and then massage for a moment. Apply them on various part of the scalp or any preferred area as needed to help growing more hair. Wait until they are dry and we can blow or style the hair after.

Now, let’s compare Bosley with Rogaine. We are sure at this point the difference between these two hair loss treatments is clear. Bosley is offering both surgical and non-surgical treatments for their patients and in the non-surgical choice, we can have minoxidil, propecia or finasteride and laser treatment. At the other hand, Rogaine is a minoxidil treatment used only if your hair loss problem is not severe yet just like the non-surgical treatment in Bosley.

Bosley vs Rogaine

- Offer surgical and non-surgical treatment- Non-surgical, topical medication
- Price can be more expensive- Fairly affordable
- Suitable for early to severe stage of alopecia- Suitable for early stage of alopecia only

All in all, both of them can be a good option to help those with androgenetic alopecia to prevent and make sure their hair loss problem is not getting worse. However, for those with severe condition, Bosley have the surgical option to put new hairs on your scalp and if you are still on early stage, affordable treatment like Rogaine may also help to gain more hair.