Nioxin vs Rogaine

Hair fall is a very common hair problem suffered by millions of people across the world and currently, there are various solution to help people deal with the issue such as Nioxin vs Rogaine. We may have a similar problem but the core cause may differ from one person to another which make the solution needed different as well. If you are planning to choose between those solutions, go check our article first to make sure you are picking the correct option for your hair fall problem.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Choose Hair Fall/Thinning Solution
– What are Nioxin and Rogaine
– How to apply Nioxin and Rogaine
– What Nioxin and Rogaine can offer to you
– Nioxin vs Rogaine

Hair Fall/Thinning Solution
Who doesn’t want to have a healthy and shiny, smooth hair in their head. Almost all people are preferring hair to grow healthily but some do prefer their head to be simpler without a strain of hair. While some of us can have a healthy hair without offering so much effort, there are also many of us who are struggling from various hair problems we may experienced in our live such as dry hair, thin hair, dandruff and weak hair or unruly hair that are hard to deal with.

Most of those problem can be dealt with the proper shampoo, conditioner and other hair product we can easily get from various stores near our place. However, if you are suffering from hair loss or somehow your hair are falling more often and starting to expose your scalp, then the problem will be more serious. This is because if weak or dry hair can be replenished with the proper formulation, getting back a lost hair is far harder since we have to treat them more seriously.

Hair fall, hair loss or hair thinning is a common problem and there are many other people who suffer from the same issue like us but since each one of us may have different core problem, it is better to determine what the cause of your issue first rather than trying what other people have used before for they may not suit our condition. If you feel like your hair is thinning or look not as much as before, there may be two reasons; falling and breaking.

Both of these cause have to be determined first before we can look for the correct solution for our problem since each issue have their own solution which is why it is good to know exactly why your hair appears lesser each day. Generally, thinning hair due to hair breakage is less serious than those who suffer from hair loss or fall from the root because this problem are mostly caused by hormone, thus we have to take medication to prevent them from getting worse.

Another issue when dealing with hair problem like hair loss is the amount of option available in the market that making it hard for us to pick which one of them will be the best option. Since there is no perfect products, the only way to see if they are working on our problem will be trying them first and it is very common as well to see people try various products first then find the correct one or lucky enough to find them on the first try.

About Nioxin
Among those many options available, we are sure most of you are already familiar with Nioxin if you are having a hair thinning problem because this brand is very popular with their range of treatments designed to deal with hair thinning issues. They are offering so many set or products in their catalogue and marked by number to let users easily determine the one they need. Each set can have different products but most of them will have 3 products inside the package.

Before deciding to use Nioxin treatment, one thing that you have to keep in mind is they are not a hair fall or loss solution since the main target of their treatment is to help strengthen the hair strands so they won’t break easily. With this, it is clear that this brand solution is meant for those with weak hair and often break at some parts, making them look less than what they should and not for those whose hair fall from the root.

The first thing we love from Nioxin is they are providing their solutions for each type and stage of hair thinning covering from light thinning in natural hair to chemically treated hair with progressed thinning. The one we pick as a sample picture above is from treatment No.2 which is meant to treat people with natural hair and progressed hair thinning. This package also contain 3 products inside consisting of shampoo, conditioner and the scalp treatment like in the picture.

Applying Nioxin
Since Nioxin  is similar to those regular shampoo or regular hair product we already used, they are applied in the same manner and will not need special treatment or have to be done by professional. For the shampoo, apply some on a wet hair then massage both scalp and hair gently to help removing the dirt and sebum may present in your hair. Rinse well and repeat the process if needed then continue with the conditioner from the same line.

As for the conditioner, they are applied rather differently because if regular conditioner is applied only from the middle to the tips, Nioxin conditioner is applied from scalp and need a massaged to help absorbing the beneficial ingredients, then leave for 1-3 minutes. The last step is washing the conditioner and applying its scalp & hair treatment to complete the process.

Nioxin Benefit
Nioxin is working due to its ingredient used in each of the set steps. The first is cleansing the scalp with beneficial ingredients like white tea extract and peppermint oil to provide healthy environment. Second is conditioning with cysteine amino acids to smoothen and strengthen the hair by providing the required nutrients and help prevent breakage. The last is protecting the hair from further damage especially from sun rays because the last step active ingredients are sunscreen.

About Rogaine
Because we have so many options available, there is no harm on looking or checking at the other product first before deciding to pick one of them. Other solution you may want to try if you are suffering from hair thinning or see that your hair is getting lesser and lesser each day is Rogaine. This brand is very popular along with the other option Propecia which is mainly used to deal with androgenetic alopecia or hair fall due to the hormone in our body.

This hair treatment or solution is good to prevent the hair issue to becoming worse since they will stimulate the growth of new hair. Rogaine is available in 2 options; for men and women. The prominent difference between two versions is because the men solution have more active ingredient at 5% while the women version is only 2%. Additionally, the solution is available in two forms as well; liquid and foam.

Applying Rogaine
Rogaine is a topical medication for hair loss and we have to apply them on our scalp to be properly working because this is where the problem is placed. To apply the solution, if you pick the liquid version, just put them on the scalp little by little on one area or various areas you want to treat twice a day. As for the foam version, put half a capful into a cold hand and apply directly to your scalp.

Applying with cold hand is good to prevent the foam from melting in your hand. We can also apply them only in one area or several places needed then massage it to make sure the solution is absorbed properly. Read also: Bosley vs Rogaine here.

Rogaine Benefit
What’s making Rogaine able to help people with hair loss or fall and hair thinning problem is the active ingredient called Minoxidil in this treatment. This ingredients is initially used to treat patients with high blood pressure because they are a vasodilator to widen the blood vessel and improve the blood flow to certain areas in our body. This effect happens when they are consumed but when applied as topical medication, they will increase blood flow to the parts of our scalp.

When blood flow increase, oxygen and nutrients transportation will also increase and it is beneficial to promote hair growth and hair health. Generally, they are able to prolong the growth phase of the hair follicles, letting them stay longer in our head and grow faster before the shedding and the next growing phase.

Now, let’s compare Nioxin and Rogaine. As you may already know, the basic difference between these two hair thinning solution is on the initial cause since Nioxin is used when you have a weak, easy to break hair while Rogaine is used if you are suffering from male or female pattern baldness which is caused by hormone.

Nioxin vs Rogaine

- For weak, easy to break hair - For androgenetic alopecia
- Various main ingredient- Active ingredient: minoxidil
- Come in a set- One solution

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different core problem that need a different solution as well. The best option will be choosing the solution addressing your issue correctly and if you have a weak hair, Nioxin will be the better option but if you are suffering from androgenetic alopecia, Rogaine is the correct option.