Rogaine vs Hims

Hair loss is still one of the most threatening hair problem today due to the limitation of the solution available. However, we can still reach over the counter or popular solution available such as with Rogaine vs Hims. Both of them seem to offer a promising result and are very similar to each other. If you are considering these options as well, go check what they can offer to you below and pick the one that suit your preference and issue the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is the common cause of Hair Loss
– What are Rogaine and Hims
– What Rogaine and Hims are used for
– What Variants Rogaine and Hims can offer to you
– How Rogaine and Hims Work
– How to use Rogaine and Hims
– Rogaine vs Hims

Hair Loss
While hair is important for most of us, not everybody can get a healthy hair just like what they want due to several hair problems we may experience in our life. We are sure many of us already faced few hair issues in the past and found the correct treatment for their problems. But, it is also unfortunate that there are many who still in their journey to find the right treatment or hair product needed since not all of us are affected by the same issue.

It is quite agonizing when seeing other people have the luxury to color their hair or try a new hairstyle while some of us struggle so much just to keep our hair in our head and prevent our scalp from showing more and more each day. Among those many hair issues or problems, hair loss or thinning is probably the most or hardest problem to deal with since we have to cure or at least manage to stop the thinning process before they are too late.

This is also a very common problem and can happened to almost anyone, male or female, young people or elders though they are more often to affect older people. For older people, male sufferers may just want let their hair go since it probably won’t affect their confidence much but for younger people, hair is a very important part that will either boost or drop our confidence whether if you are a male or female, thus it is important to find the solution to our problem.

The common culprit of hair loss or balding is DHT which is naturally produced in our body and when our hair follicles are sensitive to this certain hormone, they will cause hair loss or hair miniaturization where hair continues to fall while the new ones are going to grow later and fall again soon, making the sufferer lost some parts of their hair or even complete baldness. While the pattern is not always the same, many people seem to lose the front part first.

With the amount of sufferers in the world who suffer hair loss problem that caused by DHT or androgenetic alopecia, there are several treatment we can try in the market that promise to help us grow our hair back or prevent the thinning process from going worse each day. However, most of them are the same since currently, there are only two medications to treat this problem and before you are aiming for expensive products, it is better to check their active ingredients first.

About Rogaine and Hims
This is because there are also many affordable options with the same active ingredients so the effect or benefit will be the same or similar despite the more attractive package or better marketing strategy. Among those many options, two you may want to use if you are not fond of going to a professional are Rogaine and Hims. Both of them are popular hair loss or thinning solution we can get easily without prescription and use a beneficial active ingredients to deal with the issue.

Rogaine Purpose
Let us start with Rogaine first and we are sure most people are already familiar with this solution since they are among the two most popular with another similar solution taken orally called Finasteride vs Propecia. This hair solution is used to help people with a processing hair loss or thinning problem in their early stage due to DHT. But, they are not going to restore hair in complete baldness or those with more severe case since this one is only used to help slow down the process and prevent them from getting worse.

Hims Purpose
This is also the same with Hims but just like the name, their treatment is meant for male users only due to the special treatment they offer. Additionally, unlike Rogaine which is only available in one treatment, topically, this brand offers both oral and topical medication in their catalogue and covering all the products you may need in a set so we can easily get all the things we need to treat our problem. What caught our interest is they also offer a medication to address the core problem of androgenetic alopecia.

Rogaine Product Options
On the product option, as it has been mentioned above, this brand is only offering topical medication for people suffering from androgenetic alopecia but they can be used for both male and female differentiated by the packaging and the amount of active ingredient. Rogaine offer both liquid and foam topical medication which is based on Minoxidil and for the male version, they use 5% active ingredient while female version only used 2% yet there is also 5% foam version for female if you need.

Hims Product Options
At the other hand, Hims offers various solutions in their catalogue for male users. Those treatments including a topical treatment (Minoxidil), shampoo, and two oral medications which one of them is Finasteride and the other is a vitamin. We can get all of them without a prescription and better used in a set to promote the better effects and benefit since you may need both topical and oral treatment to deal or at least grow and prevent the hair loss from happening further.

Rogaine Science
As it has been mentioned above, the most common hair thinning or loss core problem is DHT and currently, we have Minoxidil and Finasteride to handle this problem and Rogaine using the first option. They use Minoxidil as the active ingredient of their treatment and this is not actually dealing with the core problem itself but to force or stimulate the hair growth by dilating the blood vessels since the ingredient is initially used as a vasodilator before popular to treat hair loss.

When minoxidil is applied into skin, they will increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to hair follicles that are known to be beneficial for stimulating the growth of strong and healthy hair which is why they work despite the present of DHT in your hair follicles.

Hims Science
Hims also have the same Minoxidil treatment in their set but since they work the same, we will pass it and continue with the oral medication called Finasteride or Propecia as the more popular name. Different from Minoxidil, this oral treatment is addressing the problem from the inside and Finasteride itself is known to be the inhibitor of type II 5-alpha reductase so they will inhibits the enzyme responsible for regulating conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and in the end there will be less DHT that cause hair loss.

Another oral treatment offered by Hims is the vitamin called Biotin or B7 vitamin and this is a famous vitamin to take mainly for cosmetics since they are beneficial for hair, nail and skin, thus we can usually get them easily in pharmacies. Deficiency on Biotin do cause hair loss but there is not enough evidence that this vitamin can grow hair since most of the time human can get enough B7 from our daily diet and the bacteria in our guts are capable of producing them as well.

The last is Hims shampoo which is claimed to have a property to block DHT in your scalp with its list of beneficial ingredients including ketoconazole which is said to be linked to disruption of the DHT pathway in the scalp and Saw palmetto that is naturally occurring substance known with its mild effect of DHT levels; a study even found it can reduce 32% of DHT which could be enough to improve your hair condition.

Applying Rogaine and Hims
Both of Rogaine and Hims have their own method and recommendation when it comes to applying their products. As for Rogaine, their topical Minoxidil is applied twice a day on all scalp or place where you need them while Hims suggest their Minoxidil and Finasteride to be used only once a day.

Now, let’s compare Rogaine with Hims. As you may already know, both of them offer treatment for hair loss due to DHT or when you have androgenetic alopecia. The difference is Hims offer more than just topical medication with their set of Finasteride and vitamin as well as shampoo to help reduce DHT in your scalp while also cleaning them. At the other hand Rogaine only offers topical Minoxidil treatment that works by promoting hair growth but won’t touch or affect the DHT level.

Rogaine vs Hims

- Minoxidil - Minoxidil, finasteride, biotin
- For men and women- For men
- Topical only- Topical and oral
- Promote hair growth- Reduce DHT and promote hair growth

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have different preference and consider different things. However, if you need to handle the problem quickly and more effectively, we recommend you to take oral medication as well like Finasteride that we can find in Hims treatment but, if you are female, Minoxidil like Rogaine is still one of the best answer since Finasteride is not friendly with women mainly for they will harm fetus.