BioSilk vs Moroccan Oil

Almost everyone want to have a beautiful hair but not all of us can achieve them without an effort since there are various issues to make our hair dull and dry, making them to lose the shine. To get a healthy, smooth hair, we can apply some treatment on hair product such as with BioSilk vs Moroccan Oil. Both of them are equally beneficial and can help our hair but are also different, thus check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair treatment
– What are BioSilk and Moroccan Oil
– What Variants do BioSilk and Moroccan Oil Have
– What BioSilk and Moroccan Oil are made of
– What BioSilk and Moroccan Oil can offer to you
– How to apply BioSilk and Moroccan Oil
– BioSilk vs Moroccan Oil

Hair Treatment
Most of us don’t cover our hair and they are placed on such a visible place where other people can see them easily which is why many of us are doing all we can to make them look attractive like what we do to our body. Cosmetic aside, a healthy body and hair look beautiful and pleasant for anyone who see them, moreover, us the owner. This is also why we can find so many hair products in the market that promised to make your hair look better.

People who are already born with a healthy hair and keep them properly may want to add some color or style their hair depend on our taste and preference but some may prefer to let their hair stay natural with their initial color. For those will less luck may experience some hair problems in their live such as thinning hair, weak hair, dry hair and dandruff. Most of them are easy to deal with some product except for alopecia since this is a more serious problem.

Balding will need a medication or professional help if you want to prevent them from getting worse like using Propecia vs Rogaine. The rest issues are milder and in some of us, they can disappear even when not treated as long as we don’t apply any substance that may worsen the condition. The solution or hair products for this type of problem is also widely available and mostly affordable for anyone to purchase depend on the quality and brands.

For those who are experiencing a dry and coarse hair, it is sure unattractive and uncomfortable to touch or for those with some problems, you may want to try some treatments with natural ingredients to fix the issues such as those that utilize a type of oils or amino acids. They are not cheap but still affordable and are proven to give many benefits for overall hair health, without any side effects that may harm your health, moreover, they can suit many types of hair.

About BioSilk and Moroccan Oil
In the market, we can find so many hair treatments that include some interestingly beneficial ingredients to offer their repairing property like BioSilk and Moroccan Oil. Both of them are similarly popular and used by so many people with or without hair issues to fix to increase the health of their hair or to make the appearance better and matching with the kind of look each users want. While they are equally beneficial, since the main ingredients are different, they may also deliver a different results.

BioSilk is a brand used to market various hair products or treatments that we often see and experience in our life such as treatment for dry hair, curly hair and treatment for those with colored hair. Their products are mainly standard type which means including shampoo, conditioner, mask or treatment and similar to those we used every day but just like the name, they seem to add some beneficial ingredient like silk to deliver a good result in many of its users.

At the other hand, Moroccan Oil is a brand of hair treatment and not actually the oil itself since this mirror where the oil comes from. This brand is as you can expect, offer products that are enriched with this type of oil and if you wonder what exactly Moroccan Oil is, they are essentially Argan oil native to Morocco. But, it is not the only ingredient on the bottle since we can see some other beneficial ingredients as well on the formulation to deliver an even better result.

BioSilk and Moroccan Oil Products
On the product options, both of BioSilk and Moroccan Oil are coming with several of products and lines to cover each person’s need and the solution they are looking for. As for BioSilk, this brand is offering treatments for dry hair, thin hair with less volume, colored hair, treatment for damaged hair, and tools for hair. At the other hand, Moroccan Oil offers additional products for giving texture and some styling product as well as scalp balancing to increase scalp health.

BioSilk and Moroccan Oil Ingredients and Benefits
The reason why BioSilk and Moroccan Oil are beneficial and loved by many of their customers are due to their ingredients which is why it is important to check their list to make sure they have what it takes to help with our hair problem while those with more concerns, you may want to see if they use any ingredients that may trigger other issues or not suitable with your preference.

Let’s start with BioSilk  first, the one we are going to talk here is their Original treatment which acts like a solution to our hair. This product is claimed to be infused with silk that contains 17 of the 19 amino acids in our hair. From long time ago, silk is seen as a luxurious ingredient due to their soft and smooth texture and when it comes to our body, the “silky smooth” words are real because they are continuously used to promote the same texture in various body and hair care.

Silk contains amino acids and this is what makes them able to promote that benefit including helping hair strands to keep its moistures and prevent water loss. In result, hair can become soft and moisturized which should also makes them easier to detangle. Two main types of amino acids in Silk are fibroin and sericin. Sericin itself is the most important for the water-binding capacity so it can regulate moisture when applied while it also have property to bonding and adhering protein.

This last property will give result like tightening surface and when applied in skin, they can be a good anti-aging agent. In addition, since Silk is high in molecular weight, they will leaves hair with semi-occlusive film that will stay even after washing, making skin or hair increased in permeability.

Moving to Moroccan Oil, this brand especially their oil treatment is claimed to include Argan Oil which is very popular and proven to be beneficial for hair and skin health, mainly on the hydrating part. This is because Argan Oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants. All of these useful parts of the oil will be helpful mainly in moisturizing the hair strands, if you have split ends and frizzy hair that are dry and unruly, making them tamer and easier to style.

There are also some researches that indicates Argan Oil can even promote hair growth when applied topically to your scalp, but the information for this benefit is still limited along with the exact reason. Additional, Moroccan Oil is also including Flaxseed oil which is known for its inflammatory property and may promote hair growth when applied in your scalp since they can help creating a healthier environment for our hair to grow more.

Applying BioSilk and Moroccan Oil
To get the most of BioSilk and Moroccan Oil, we have to apply them according to each product recommendation but since they are topical products, just like many other hair oils and treatments, there is no special application needed. For BioSilk, we need to shake the formulation first before applying an amount into our both scalp and hair from roots to ends. We are allowed to use the treatment as often as needed and are fine with either dry or wet hair to get a silky smooth hair everyday.

As for Moroccan Oil, this hair treatment is applied in clean hair that are not wet or too dry or on towel-dry condition to get the best benefit and should be applied only from the middle towards the end of our hair strands. We can use them as often as needed when you need to tame dry hair that are hard to deal with or to condition any split end to make them looks healthier. Additionally, we can mix an amount to hair mask or conditioner when you need an extra moisture.

Now, let’s compare BioSilk with Moroccan Oil. As you may already know, both of them are very similar to each other due to offering a moisturizing effect after applying their product and both are utilizing a natural ingredients which is also safe. The difference is BioSilk is using silk which is rich in amino acids while Moroccan Oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamins along with some minerals.

BioSilk vs Moroccan Oil

- Use silk amino acids - Use Argan Oil
- Applied from scalp- Applied from middle to ends
- More affordable- More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have a different need and preference. Both treatments should deliver a similar result due to the similar benefit of their ingredients. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option, we will recommend you to try BioSilk first.