Kitoko Oil vs Moroccan Oil

Healthy hair is the dream of many people and to get into our goal, we have to do some effort by applying some hair treatment products or avoid any harmful treatments like coloring to stay away from harmful substances. If you are interested on hair treatment, Kitoko Oil vs Moroccan Oil can be a good option to go because they are based on natural ingredients, rich in benefit. Go check our article below to see which one of them will suit your preference better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Hair Oil
– What are Kitoko Oil and Moroccan Oil
– Who can use Kitoko Oil and Moroccan Oil
– What are the Ingredients of Kitoko Oil and Moroccan Oil
– What Kitoko Oil and Moroccan Oil can offer to you
– How to Apply Kitoko Oil and Moroccan Oil
– Kitoko Oil vs Moroccan Oil

Hair Oil
Hair is one part on our body that can boost our confidence just by being healthy. Our today’s trend makes people treat their hair and style them to look appealing or matching with their taste but most styling products are harmful when used frequently such as hair spray or hair dying products. The chemical used on those products are slowly taking the life of our hair and making them lose its own shine and smooth texture, leaving them dry and unruly as well as hard to deal with.

While we do need them for various occasions, hair products, especially those to shape or to color them shouldn’t be applied frequently. Once in a while is fine but using them often leaves hair dryer and damaged. A damaged hair is not appealing and not only they will make us losing some confidence, they can be frustrating too. For example, we have to spend extra time in the morning just to tame them and making them look more presentable, moreover, if we plan to meet important people today.

To deal with such issue, we can reduce the use of those harmful chemical and try using a more natural product to replenish what has been lost from our hair strands. In the market, there are many products available to help us dealing with such problem but, it is good to start looking for a natural based product since they are safer and proven to be rich with benefit. Depend on what you need, natural products can even offer additional benefits we may love to try.

Among the trend of natural product, hair oil is probably the most popular since this treatment is already used even by our predecessor as a natural remedies for various health problems and now, we are using them mainly as a beautifying products. Hair oil itself is a general term used to call oil we apply on our hair while the oil itself may vary from brand to brand or from bottle to bottle since depend on the manufacturer, they may also put additional ingredients on their formulation.

Each oils from different material may deliver a different benefit but as you may already know, oil in general is great as a moisturizing agent since they can keep the water to prevent something to dry and this is why people with dry skin or hair often resource to oil to help some of their skin and hair issues. Naturally, oil is greasy and this may cause an uncomfortable feeling when we apply them but, with some additional ingredients, this greasy feeling can be minimized to promote a better application.

About Kitoko Oil
If you ever look for recommended hair oil, chances are you will also see Kitoko Oil among them since they are among the most popular in the market while the name itself is probably not that familiar for people who live outside Britain since this brand is native to the region. Kitoko is one of ASP AFFINAGE products that also offer various hair products both for home use and for salon professional but this oil is the most well-known due to the affectivity in healing damaged hair.

Kitoko Oil is claimed to be inspired by the thousands of years of African tradition where they use Karite or Shea to treat their hair and skin in the dry weather. This ingredient is also mixed with several other beneficial natural oils to create a better formula. This brand is also creating their hair oil the same way by combining the healing and therapeutic properties of Karite to strengthen, revitalize, and condition your hair.

Kitoko Oil Purpose
As it has been mentioned above, Kitoko Oil is used as a hair oil we can apply in our hair strands to promote a healthier results, especially those people with a dry, brittle or hard to tame hair like us with very curly hair. It is also suitable with any type of hair even those with an oily scalp as long as we don’t over apply them or put them on scalp as well. This is because the oil won’t leave your hair too greasy after application.

Kitoko Oil Ingredients and Benefit
On the bottle, we can see what the stars of Kitoko Oil are because here we can see that they are using shea butter, argan oil, Vitamin A & E and UV filter. The top ingredient after silicone for ease of application in this bottle is shea butter which is known to be rich in fatty acids along with vitamin A and E. These will benefits hair as an emollient and healing helpers to promote smoother hair by moisturizing it and in the end, will reduce dryness as well as split ends.

The fatty acids itself will makes your hair shinier, perfect for those with dull hair or hard to tame curly hair. In addition, it can also prevent damage from heat when you are using flat irons, blow drying or when curling your hair with heat. Argan oil at the other hand is rich in both fatty acid and Vitamin E that will give similar benefit to hair strand but when applied topically to scalp, they may also promote hair growth by providing a better environment.

Applying Kitoko Oil
To apply Kitoko Oil, we only need to use them in a small amount depend on how long your hair is and use them little by little from middle or root to end with either dry or damp hair. Make sure to evenly spread the oil by combing them from and leave them without washing then, we can proceed to style or blow dry the hair as you preferred.

About Moroccan Oil
Since there are a huge amount of hair oil in the market, it is wise to look around first before deciding to purchase one of them since we may find a better product or those that may suit your preference better. If you are interested in hair oil, another good product you may want to try is Moroccan Oil which as you may already know, is actually argan oil. But, the name itself is used by a manufacturer to market their product. Read also: Moroccan Oil vs Argan Oil here.

Moroccan Oil by the same name manufacturer is also producing other hair products including shampoo and other hair care items like conditioner and hair oil yet, they also offer various products for body care based on natural ingredients such as body oil and serum.

Moroccan Oil Purpose
The most popular Moroccan oil itself is among the most well-known hair oil in the market and the choice of many professionals in hair styling field. The oils is used as a hair treatment for those who want to have a shiny and smooth hair or those who need to repair their dry and lifeless hair due to various chemical and heat treatments in the past. The oil is suitable for any hair type and generally will improve the health of hair.

Moroccan Oil Ingredients and Benefit
The star ingredients of Moroccan Oil are Argan Oil and Linseed or more popular as Flaxseed Oil. Argan Oil, as you may already know is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acid, similar to flaxseed oil that will help your hair fight free radicals and great for anyone who are looking for a way to increase the moisture into their hair strands.

The Vitamin is also helpful for those with dry scalp and feels like they have a thin hair due to the problem, since these ingredients can help moisturize the scalp as well, creating a good environment for new hair to grow.

Applying Moroccan Oil
Moroccan Oil is used just like any other hair oil in the market and applied in a clean or towel-dried hair by putting an amount and spread them evenly from middle to roots. Some people may want to start from roots but it is not recommended if you naturally have an oily scalp since it can make your hair greasier. After applying, we can style or blow dry as needed and put another amount as a finisher if you prefer.

No, let’s compare Kitoko Oil with Moroccan Oil. While both of them are equally beneficial and used natural ingredients, these brands also include a different main ingredients since Kitoko Oil is using shea butter combined with argan oil and UV filter while Moroccan Oil use argan oil combined with flaxseed oil to enrich the formulation. In result, they are going to be similarly moisturize the hair but Kitoko have UV filter to protect our hair when you go out under the sun ray.

Kitoko Oil vs Moroccan Oil

Kitoko OilMoroccan Oil
- Shea butter and Argan Oil - Argan oil and flaxseed oil
- Include UV filter- No UV filter
- More affordable- More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since both of them are made with natural ingredients and will improve the look of your hair by making them healthier. However, if you also plan to spend some time outdoor, we will recommend you to pick Kitoko Oil since this one is featured with UV filter, moreover, they are also more affordable.