Propidren vs Propecia

The fact that not all people can have a thick and healthy hair is unfortunate but, we can help improving our condition by using the most suitable solution available in the market. If you are suffering from hair loss, thinning or balding, the solution you may want to try are Propidren vs Propecia. Both of them are created to handle the same problem but may work differently as well. If you wonder which will suit you the best, go check our article below to see what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently suffering from hair loss
– What are Propidren and Propecia
– What are the Ingredients of Propidren and Propecia
– What Propidren and Propecia can offer to you
– How to consume Propidren and Propecia
– Propidren vs Propecia

Hair Loss Solution
While hair problem is a very common issue many people have faced at least once in their lifetime whether it is cause by some treatments they have done in the past like coloring and straightening or caused by something that we can’t avoid like DHT, the fact that not all people can be freed from them is very unfortunate. Hair is something we often proud of and when they look good, it will boost our self-confidence as well as mood.

People who are never have serious hair problem in their life can do lot to make sure they appear more attractive like dying them with various colors we like to have or to style them how we love. However, for us with not so healthy hair, even combing them feels frustrating since each movement we make may break the hair strands, show more fallen hair, and more scalp exposed. Among those many common hair problem, the one most serious must be hair loss.

This is because of not treated properly and quickly, we may end up with a bald head and for many of us, it is not going to make our life better. Not only balding head is not attractive in many people’s eyes, treating them is not easy as well because there is no one solution that can deal with all people’s problem. But, in term of option, we can try them one by one and see which product will give us the best result.

Currently, we have several options available in the market to treat hair loss both for those who are fine with taking an oral medication or those who are only want to use a topical medication. Most of them have been around for quite some time and all of us are recognizing them with their real name Minoxidil and then Finasteride. The first option is also showed earlier than the latter but they are working differently since one are promoting the environment while the other is dealing with the core problem.

About Propidren
If you are not fond of using or consuming medication due to some of the side effects or are worry about the long term issue, taking some beneficial supplement may do the work as well and for hair loss especially caused by DHT, the one you can use is Propidren. This is a vitamin supplement to help people with hair loss due to being susceptible to the androgen and it is working from the inside dealing with the core problem.

Propidren promise is to promote hair growth and thickens them naturally by both blocking the DHT that cause hair loss and delivering vital nutrients to your scalp so new hair can grow better. They claimed that the revolutionary formula will work from the inside out to energize the scalp and nourish the hair shaft to produce stronger and thicker hair with a safe and effective, drug free solution so we don’t have to worry about dangerous side effects.
Propidren Ingredient and Benefit

What’s interesting from Propidren is the ingredient and before taking the supplement or any other supplement out there, it is always better to try look into their ingredients list since we have to understand what we are taking. The one you may want to pay attention here is saw palmetto which is actually herbal solution that is already popular since long time ago among Native Americans. They are using them for various medicinal purpose and one of them is for hair health.

Taken from Medicalnewstoday the reason why saw palmetto is working is because scientist found that the substance present there can slow down the 5-alpha reductase which is an enzyme that converts testosterone into a more potent androgen called DHT or the culprit of our hair loss problem in people who are more susceptible. By slowing down the 5-alpha reductase, we can also reduce the effect of DHT and while testosterone is dominant in male, female also produce them in ovaries so both sexes can experience the same problem.

Another ingredients we will mention here are iron, zinc and biotin because not only in Propidren, we can also find them in many health supplements out there. Zinc deficiencies is common for many people and often go unnoticed. When you are suffering from this mineral deficiency, one of the effect is hair loss while iron is here to serve the same role. As for Biotin, this vitamin B is here to improve the hair health since they will help producing keratin which construct our hair.

Propidren Dosage
On the dosage side, like many other supplements out there, Propidren is taken twice daily with food or water and are fairly safe both for men and women. They do mentioned that we will need about 90 days before seeing a prominent result in reduced hair loss and hair growth but with caution on pregnant or nursing women since as an 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, the saw palmetto may affect hormone.

About Propecia
If you are among the type who are preferring a medication over supplement since they look more promising and effective then, you need to check Propecia. This is probably one of the most popular medication for hair loss today because along with the other popular option like Rogaine, they are trusted by so many people and among the first available in the market to offer the solution for hair loss due to androgen or DHT since even now there is no cure for this condition.

Propecia is a brand of medication manufactured by Merck and they are the one who also found the benefit of the ingredient to help people suffering from androgenetic alopecia when testing their initial product to cure enlarged prostate. In the market, there are so many options if you want to get the same benefit and we call them as a generic brand. To see what, how they differ, and whether they can give the same result, go check our previous article on: Propecia vs Generic here.

Propecia Ingredient and Benefit
As you may already know, Propecia is a Finasteride medication and this is their active ingredient which formerly only used to treat male who suffer from enlarged prostate. In the past, researchers found that this medication also promote hair growth as the side effect so then the manufacturer also pursues the possibility of creating a hair loss solution with the same active ingredient, taking consideration they are already approved by FDA as well at that time.

Finasteride in medication for hair loss like Propecia is known with its ability to specifically inhibit 5 alpha reductase which is the enzyme that will convert the testosterone in our body into a more potent androgen called dihydrotestosterone or often called as DHT. In people who are more susceptible to the androgen, they can affect hair follicles and making them smaller over the time and completely closed then won’t grow hair anymore which of course lead to balding.

By reducing the enzyme that will convert testosterone to DHT, we can see the result in reduced hair loss as well and we can get our hair back while the effect may differ from person to person since we may experience different stage of balding. Research have found that Finasteride is capable of reducing the DHT for 60% which is very high and proven to also stop the progression of hair loss in 86% of men taking the medication while 65% of them had substantial increase in hair growth.

Propecia Dosage
As for the dosage, most if not all over the counter Finasteride are consumed 1 mg each day for hair loss and Propecia is the same. Each of their tablets are containing 1 mg of Finasteride so the dosage is only once a day. What you have to keep in mind is the medication may affect sexual dysfunction in male and only use by male so female are not advice to take them since the side effect are said to be too severe.

Now, let’s compare Propidren with Propecia. As you may already know, both of them are very similar to each other because they are working to reduce DHT by slowing down the 5 alpha reductase which is the enzyme that converts our testosterone into DHT. What makes them different is the active ingredient because Propriden is using herbal ingredient called saw palmetto while Propecia is using Finasteride.

Propidren vs Propecia

- Saw palmetto - Finasteride
- Two tablets per day- One tablet per day
- Suitable for male and female- For male only

All in all both of them are working the same so the result may not differ that much. For those who are concerning about Finasteride side effect, we can try a better and safer supplement like Propidren, moreover, they are also suitable for women as well.