Propidren vs Rogaine

Hair that grows on our head are placed on such a visible place, thus when they have some condition, other people will easily notice them and this will affect our confident. Among those many hair problems, hair fall is one of the most severe and if you are also suffering from the same issue, Propidren vs Rogaine can be a good option to help your hair to stop shedding. If you are also considering these options, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair loss solution
– What are Propidren and Rogaine
– What are the Ingredients in Propidren and Rogaine
– What Propidren and Rogaine can offer to you
– How to use Propidren and Rogaine
– Propidren vs Rogaine

Hair Loss Solution
Men and women are wishing to have a healthy hair and thicker so they look appealing which for most people will increase their confident and this is important because not all of us are capable of being our own booster. It is not rare to see people being down because of their hair condition and while many people can understand what currently happening in our body, it is also not reducing the effect of other people seeing us with a curious expression which let’s be honest can be annoying.

This prove how important hair is for our overall appearance and confident, so it is not surprising when we found people spending so much money to treat their hair, making them look fuller or healthier even some time with surgery like hair implant in which new hair is placed in your follicle. Of course people will need different treatment for each of our hair problem but more severe problem like alopecia will need a more serious treatment compared to light problem like dry hair or itchy scalp and dandruff.

One of the most time and money consuming treatment used is the one to cure hair fall problem or alopecia since if not treated quickly, our head can ends up balding and this is a very serious problem both for men and women when they don’t prefer the look. Balding or alopecia can be caused by several issues but the most common is because of DHT or dihydrotestosterone that in more susceptible people can cause their hair follicle to become smaller and finally doesn’t grow new hair anymore.

This problem is also commonly called as androgenetic alopecia or male/female pattern baldness and is actually quite common since long time ago yet there is still no cure for the problem. We do have several solutions today that either can be taken orally or applied topically in your scalp. These medications won’t solve or eliminate the problem permanently so most people are still struggling to handle the issue. The most popular being Finasteride and Minoxidil but there is also vitamin that claimed to reduce the underlying problem.

Just like everything else, not all people will be suitable with the same kind of medication or product and we have to try each one of them to make sure they are working as good in our body. This is also why there is so many options out there offering the same benefit but with different product’s name and brand.

About Propidren
If you are currently suffering from alopecia that caused by DHT or androgenetic alopecia, before you try some medication you may want to check what a new product called Propidren can offer to you. Among those hair fall solutions out there, this one is fairly new and very popular as well as an alternative for people who are not comfortable taking medication since this one is a vitamin or supplements created by Hairgenics which is also popular with their other hair fall product called Pronexa.

This vitamin supplement is claimed to promote hair growth and thickens hair naturally by blocking the negative effect of DHT and deliver vital nutrients to nourish the scalp, hair and follicles. They also promise that their formula is working from the inside and out to energize the scalp and nourish the hair shaft to help the user to have a stronger and thicker hair. It is also free from drug so they are fairly safe for people who have certain concern.

Propidren Ingredients and Benefit
When taking a medication or supplement, the most important thing we have to check to understand what they can offer both the benefit and any possible side effect. In this side, Propidren is indeed made with many beneficial ingredients, the most prominent being saw palmetto. This plant with their berries has been used by Native Americans for centuries and they are also using them to treat hair. This is because the ingredient is capable of stopping the breakdown of testosterone into its byproduct called DHT which causing hair loss.

Taken from Healthline while the American medical community does not strongly embrace saw palmetto, it is still one of the most popular herbal treatment for people with related problem, not only hair loss but also benign prostatic hyperplasia. The result of saw palmetto is helping the body to hold on to more of its testosterone and create less DHT that both can reduce hair loss and the growth of prostate glands. Female pattern baldness can also benefit from the vitamin since they also have testosterone and reducing them also mean reducing the hair fall.

Another beneficial ingredients in Propidren are Iron, Biotin and Zinc. The reason why they include them is simple because iron deficiencies can lead to hair loss while biotin is an indispensable for hair growth and hair strength because they can strengthen the development of hair follicles. As for Zinc, this mineral deficiencies is also very common and most of us are unaware of this but one of the symptoms that show you are lacking of Zinc is including hair loss, thus all of them are beneficial.

Propidren Dose
To make sure any solution to work properly, we have to follow the recommendation or dose and if you want Propidren to work we have to take two tablets per day with water or food. The manufacturer itself said that it will need about 90 days of consumption before the user can see the significant hair growth and reduced in hair loss. As for the caution, it seem that the ingredients are not recommended for women who are currently pregnant or nursing.

About Rogaine
Not all of us have the same preference and it is fine since we may have different concerns as well. Not only medication, many people are also not fond of taking capsules or pills even though they are only a vitamin or supplement. If you are also one of them, then you may want to check or use a topical medication instead and for hair loss, the most popular treatment we can apply topically is Rogaine. This is probably one of the earliest solution for hair loss due to DHT available for home use.

Rogaine is a Minoxidil treatment and is allowed to be used by both men and women though the dose may vary depend on the variant. The product claim is they can fight hair loss by regrowing hair up to 25% more hair when used in 3 months. As topical medication, they offer two version of treatment; in foam and liquid form with 5% Minoxidil in each bottle while for the women variant, there is a liquid version that only have 2% of the active ingredient which is the previous FDA approved amount.

Rogaine Ingredients and Benefit
Minoxidil is originally used to treat people with high blood pressure because they are a vasodilator but researchers found an interesting part where they can also grow hair with the ingredient. Minoxidil rather than dealing with the underlying problem of hair loss is more likely to create a better environment for hair growth because they are thought to induce and early anagen or hair growth phase when applied in your scalp. This means they can cause hair follicles to go through the rest of the growth process prematurely before starting to grow again.

The way it works is actually immediate and but since hair growth is not something that we can expect to happen over a night, people may experience some hair fall first when using the solution while the prominent result may start to show several months later. Since they don’t address the hormone, they are also fairly safe but will stop working when we stop the application as well. Read also: Rogaine vs Finasteride here.

Rogaine Dose
To use Rogaine, we only need to apply them in our scalp and for the foam version, use about half of capful of the solution then rub them in your scalp while massaging for a moment to promote better absorption. We have to do it twice a day for men and once a day for women with the 5% variant while the 2% variant is still used twice a day.

Now, let’s compare Propidren with Rogaine. As you may already know, both of them are very different because not only the one is taken orally and the other is topically, Propidren is also working in the core problem to reduce the production of DHT while the other is used to provide a healthier or more suitable environment for hair growth.

Propidren vs Rogaine

- Taken orally - Topical solution
- Reducing DHT- Creating a better environment for hair growth
- Not suitable for nursing or pregnant women- Fairly safer

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may be suitable with different product. However, if you are wishing to see a better result, in our opinion it is better to combine few solutions at once like consuming Propriden but also applying Rogaine in your scalp to see a faster and more prominent result since they may support each other.