Amplexin vs Rogaine

Hair fall is not an easy thing to deal with because there is no potent cure for this problem yet, moreover, for those who faced a problem due to DHT. However, there are few products available in the market that promised you to treat the conditions like Amplixin vs Rogaine. Both of them have a similar promise but may work differently. If you are considering these options, go check how they differ below so we can pick the one suit us the most.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair loss solution
– What are Amplexin and Rogaine
– How many variants do Amplexin and Rogaine have
– What Amplexin and Rogaine are made of
– What Amplexin and Rogaine can offer to you
– Amplexin vs Rogaine

Hair Loss Solution
Hair problem is very common and while we do have a lot of treatments available in the market, it is still hard to determine which product that actually going to benefit us the most or able to cure the issue permanently. This is why trial and error is still necessary just like when we are looking for the most suitable skin care for our face. However, many of us are more interested on what works for other people since they seem more promising and already proven to give result.

We can improve the health of our hair by consuming a supplement or applying some treatment or medication to handle the issue yet the affectivity are not always the same. Common light or moderate hair problem like dry or brittle hair can be handled just by using the most suitable shampoo or hair products but those with damaged hair or experiencing some severe hair loss may want to look for more potent treatment or even prescribed medication since if not treated quickly, they may get worse beyond repair.

Among those problems, if you are specifically suffering from hair loss, you may want to start asking professional about your condition whether it needs a further treatment or can be handled with an over the counter medication and the most important is the reason. To properly deal with something, we have to know the cause first since if not, we may won’t be able to address the problem so we can’t handle them properly.

If your hair loss is due to the lack of nutrition or DHT, we may want to take some supplement or medication like Propidren vs Finasteride. But, if you are not planning to ask a professional for the cause of your problem, there are many dependable treatment or products out there with beneficial ingredients to help you gain more hair and stop the thinning so we can get our confidence back, moreover, most of them are pretty affordable so we don’t have to spend much.

About Amplixin
If you are experiencing hair thinning for an unknown reason, you may want to start your journey to handle the problem by using specific hair products that created to help people with thinning hair and while there are so many of them in the market, Amplixin is standing out much because of how good they can reduce the hair loss and even promote new hair growth when used routinely. There have been many people, both men and women trying this brand and many of them are satisfied.

This brand is manufactured by the same name company and what’s makes them different is they have been using 2 years of intensive research and firsthand experience with progressive hair loss to give customer a product that targets all factors responsible for the problem. As opposed to other products that address single catalyst, this one is taking a back-to-basic approach that nourishes hair to promote hair growth.

Amplixin Variants
In Amplixin catalogue, there are several products available to address hair loss due to several issues as well, including hormonal imbalance, chemical treatment, scalp health, and for pattern baldness. The total products are 6 items covering two shampoos, one conditioner, one hair mask, one supplement, and one hair serum so some hair problems will have the same range of products to use such as those with hormonal imbalance and pattern baldness. While they seem to separate solutions between men and women, the products stay the same.

Amplixin Ingredients and Benefit
The one we put as an example in our article above is the hair serum but we are also going to talk about the main shampoo and conditioner from the brand. First is the shampoo and this treatment is boasting the benefit of caffeine, Acetyl-Tetrapeptide-3, and red clover. Caffeine benefit for hair loss has been a huge debate since there is still lack of proof in real life but they do works on test lab and show to stimulate hair growth even those in follicles that has been affected by DHT.

As for the latter two ingredients, the biomimetic peptide is said to consist of 4 amino acids that stimulate tissue regeneration which in result may have a positive effect in making your hair stay longer in your scalp and when combined with red clover, the benefit result in complete revitalization of the follicles, improves blood circulation and help nourishing as well as oxygenate the roots to give you a thicker and stronger hair.

As for the conditioner, it is also featured with natural ingredients like argan oil and aloe vera as well as the Acetyl-Tetrapeptide-3 and they seem to both nourish the scalp and moisturize the hair strands as well, as opposed to regular conditioner which focused on the hair strands only. The last is their hair serum and this solution main natural ingredients are aloe vera, sage leaf extract and chamomilla recutita extract. Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that repairs dead skin cells on scalp.

This is why they can promote a healthier environment for hair growth while sage leaf is known to has an antibiotic, anti-allergic and antiseptic properties that will benefit your scalp. The chamomile extract also do the same to your scalp but further researchers still needed to provide a dependable result in this side. In addition, this serum is also enriched with Biotin or vitamin B7.

This vitamin is very popular as a supplement for beauty whether it is for skin, nails or hair because it is suggested that they can aids cell growth and maintains mucous membranes yet, the research for this benefit still not sufficient and the use as a topical treatment may not help that much compared to those supplement taken orally.

About Rogaine
Products like Amplixin is good for people who are looking for a more natural solution because they are utilizing natural ingredients in the products so in term of side effects, they are fairly safe for everyone and can be used by both men and women. However, they are not medication and may less potent depend on the user and the level of problem we have. If you are not fond of medication yet have no issue about topical solution, Rogaine may suit you better.

We are sure this name is already familiar in many people’s ears out there, moreover, those who are dealing with hair loss before because together with Propecia, they are the two most popular treatment for hair loss especially for people with alopecia due to DHT. This solution may also go with Minoxidil since it is the active ingredient they put to handle hair loss.

Rogaine Variants
Rogaine is a brand that sold Minoxidil hair loss solution or treatment including for those who experience hair thinning due to being more susceptible to DHT. It is available in both versions for men and women and in both forms; foam and liquid. The foam and liquid versions for men have the active ingredient of 5% while those for women, the foam has 5% Minoxidil as well yet, the liquid only have 2%.

Rogaine Ingredients and Benefit
Minoxidil in Rogaine is the first male pattern baldness drug approved by FDA and it is originally used to treat patient with high blood pressure since it is acting as a vasodilator. Similar like Finasteride that found to have another effect in trial, it is also happen with Minoxidil and the researchers at that time found that the medication can also cause hair growth in unexpected places like cheek and the back of their hands.

Minoxidil is indeed proven to help people slowing the progress of their hair loss and even regrow some hair but most experts see it as a relatively marginally effective drug and shouldn’t be used as your main treatment if you are facing a pattern baldness especially men who can take oral medication. In general, it can help your hair loss solution regime but won’t be as effective as those that address the issue from the core problem.

The way Minoxidil work to help slowing the hair loss progress is also not very clear yet since when applied topically, they comes in contact with our scalp so the most popular belief is they can maintain the size of our hair follicle to make sure they don’t get smaller as the effect of DHT.

Now, let’s compare Amplixin with Rogaine. As you may already know, these two hair loss solution is different because the first using a natural ingredients to handle hair loss and mainly applied topically to promote a better environment for new hair to grow and help retaining the root in place so they can last longer in your scalp while Rogaine is using Minoxidil to maintain the follicle.

Amplexin vs Rogaine

- Natural solution - Drug
- Available in a range- Single treatment
- Can promote complete hair health- Deal with hair loss
- More expensive- More affordable

All in all, both are good options to pick for those who are not fond of taking medication or supplement for their hair loss especially those in the beginning stage where the case is not severe yet. However, between them we will pick Amplixin because their treatments can promote a healthier hair and the natural ingredients are also fairly safer.