Propidren vs Finasteride

Maintaining our hair to stay healthy is not as easy as it seems because in practice, we may have different hair issue that needs different treatment. For people who are having a hair loss issue, using medication like Propidren vs Finasteride may deliver a good result to prevent the condition from becoming worse. If you are also considering these two, go check our article below to see each of their benefit and how they work in dealing with your problem as well as pick which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are the Solution for Hair Loss
– What are Propidren and Finasteride
– What Propidren and Finasteride are made of
– What Propidren and Finasteride can offer to you
– How to take Propidren and Finasteride
– Propidren vs Finasteride

Hair Loss Solution
Most men and women want to have a thick and healthy hair to increase their confidence and to look more presentable in front of other people. Having a healthy hair not only will boost your confidence, in many occasions they will also boost our mood since waking up with a nice hair will help you feeling good for the rest of the day as well and the opposite will cause our mood to drop starting from the morning and make us more reluctant to go out.

While having a healthy and thick hair is the dream of so many people, unfortunately not all of us are capable of experiencing them due to various reasons and if not treated properly, they may get worse and damage our hair or even making we end up balding. Since not all people have the same issue, it is best to use the kind of solution matching with your current problem and have the correct ingredients to help you manage them or curing them if possible.

Hair issues are very common and they may prone to different people depend on our condition; some people may experience dry and brittle hair while some may have a wet and lumpy hair due to excessive oils. Some may have damage hair due to chemical treatment and some of us loss our hair due to being more susceptible to DHT. Among those many hair issues, the latter seems to be one of the most severe and though they are common, there is no permanent cure for the problem.

Hair fall is not an unusual thing and most of the time they are normal because our hair have a growing and shedding phase but if one day you starting to notice more and more hair strands in your bathroom or in your pillow and starting to see your scalp more, it is probably the time to start looking for a solution. Currently, we have two medications to treat balding due to DHT called Propecia and Rogaine; first is an oral and the second is a topical medication.

Both of them are available over the counter so we can get them pretty easily but as for Propecia, this one is mainly only recommended for male users so female may want to ask your doctor first before using it since there are side effects with high risks. If you are not fond of drinking medication, using topical solution like Rogaine may help as well especially if it is still in the beginning stage.

About Propidren
Another option for people who suffer from hair loss due to androgen called DHT is to try some supplement. Just like the name, in general, supplement are safer to consume since they doesn’t use many potent chemical ingredients in their products so those who are worry about the side effects of hair loss medications can opt to consume it. For hair loss, in the market we currently have Propidren supplement which is manufactured by Hairgenics who also manufacture Pronexa, a popular and established hair loss shampoo.

This supplement promise a result by supporting follicular growth and thickens hair in natural way with their ingredients since they are claimed to blocks the negative effects of DHT and help delivering vital nutrients to your scalp, follicle and hair. Since Propidren is drug free, they are a more natural choice for those with hair loss issue due to DHT and work from the inside to promote better result.

Propidren Ingredient and Benefit
Among those many ingredients we see in Propidren, the most interesting is probably saw palmetto or also called as serenoa which is commonly used to treat male with enlarged prostate and study has found that the result is promising. With this base, researchers also hope that it can stop hair loss as well since the culprit between these problems are the same. Taken from Healthline, the components found in saw palmetto are similar to synthetic ingredients in prescription medication for hair loss.

Its berries is known to contain fatty acids which collectively known as liposterols and named individually as lauric, oleic, myristic, and linoleic acids. All of these fatty acids are known to inhibit the 5 alpha reductase enzyme which is playing an important role converting testosterone into a more potent dihydrotestosterone of called as DHT and this enzyme is found in the adrenal glands as well as prostate in male. By reducing this enzyme, we can hope to see a reduction in DHT level as well.

Other beneficial ingredients in Propidren are Iron, biotin and zinc that are also familiar in many other supplements out there. Iron is used since its deficiency may lead to hair loss, even when you are not diagnosed with anemia yet. Biotin will help grow more and healthier hair since not only it can help convert certain nutrients into energy, it will help hair, skin and nails as well. As for zinc, the lack of this mineral from our diet may also lead to hair loss.

Propidren Dosage
As for the recommended dosage, this supplement is allowed to be consumed by both men and women, 2 tablets per day with food or water. To see a significant result, we are recommended to consume the supplement for the next 3 months or 90 days and special caution for any women who breastfed or currently pregnant. Those who take other medications also should consult to their doctor first to make sure they are safe to take at the same time.

About Finasteride
If Propidren is new and still lack of knowledge from people who are suffering from hair loss due to DHT, Finasteride is different because this one has been available in the market for quite some time ago and continued being one of the few medication used to treat androgenetic alopecia. If you are not familiar with the name then, you may change your mind when hearing Propecia since these two are the same medication but the first are used to call the generic versions.

Finasteride is available from various brands out there, the most well-known being Propecia manufactured by Merck and if you are wondering what their differences are, go check our article on Propecia vs Generic here. In short, this medication is working to reduce the amount of DHT in our body so the amount of hair loss can be minimized as well while the regrowth phase may differ from one person to another.

Finasteride Ingredient and Benefit
Finasteride, no matter what brand they are coming from is originally created to fight enlarged prostate in male patient but at that time, researchers also noted an intriguing effect of the medication which is hair growth. Since the medication has been approved by FDA, Merck as the one who developed them also pursue the possibility of the ingredient to help fighting hair loss due to DHT and it is proven to work as well.

This is because Finasteride is specifically inhibit 5 alpha reductase that you may already know very well, is the enzyme produced in our adrenal glands and in prostate as well in male which is responsible of converting testosterone into its most active form called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Since it can reduce the activity of this specific enzyme, the amount of DHT will also be reduced and any problem related to the androgen can be minimized including hair loss or even hirsutism in women.

During clinical trials, those with hair loss problem due to DHT is shown to stop the progression of hair loss in 86% of men who are taking the medication while 65% of them all even showed a substantial increase of hair growth.

Finasteride Dosage
As for the dosage, over the counter finasteride medication commonly have 1 mg of the ingredient per tablet and taken once a day though for prescribed medication the amount may vary depend on your doctor. What you have to keep in mind is it can cause sexual dysfunction and women are not advised to take it since it can affect their fetus.

Now, let’s compare Propidren with Finasteride. As you may already know, both of them are different because the first is supplement and the latter is medication; a natural versus a synthetic solution. In effect, while saw palmetto in Propidren are seen to have the same benefit of Finasteride, there are still lack of researchers to support them further while on the formulation, Propidren includes some other beneficial ingredients to support healthier hair.

Propidren vs Finasteride

- Supplement - Drug
- Men and women- Mostly used by men
- With additional beneficial ingredients- Doesn’t have other beneficial ingredients

All in all, both solution should have a similar result since they are made with an ingredients that do the same thing while the real effects on each person may differ. For men, you may want to try the most dependable solution Finasteride but for women or those who are not fond of drug or medication may want to try the alternative like Propidren.