HairAnew vs Hairfluence

Keeping our hair healthy is essential to get a nicer appearance since a thick and shiny hair will improve how we look. Since we need enough nutrients to promote healthier hair, it is good to take some natural supplement everyday like HairAnew vs Hairfluence. Both of them are claimed to increase hair growth but may also different on the ingredients part. If you also consider taking them, go check our article first to see which supplement seem work the best for you or have more favorable formulation.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Consuming Hair Supplement
– What are HairAnew and Hairfluence
– What HairAnew and Hairfluence are made of
– What Happen when you consume HairAnew and Hairfluence
– HairAnew vs Hairfluence

Hair Supplement
Let’s be honest, everyone wants to get a dense and healthy looking hair that not only looks good when you trying to take a picture but will also catch other people’s attention when walking past you in office or other public places. Not only women, men also need to treat their hair well when experiencing an issue that may threat their hair longevity in the future or causing discomfort. While all of us want the best, unfortunately our body not always working how we want it to.

Except those problems we inherit from our parents, most hair problems are caused by our habit or lifestyle because not only treatments in modern day use many chemicals that will harm our hair, the tools used to applied them are also harmful when used frequently since in styling, we will need heat to shape the hair following our taste and when happened frequently, they can cause damage to hair strands, making them lose their liveliness and looks not appealing or unhealthy.

To handle this type of problem, the easiest thing we can do is reducing the amount of chemical or heat tools on our hair to prevent further damage. In addition, we have to look for a product like shampoo, conditioner, hair mask or even oil to replenish the nutrients loss during those treatment and if possible to gain back the former healthier look of our hair without actually trimming those damaged parts since many of us put efforts to keep their hair long.

Besides using topical product we can apply on our hair, another great option to keep our hair healthy is by consuming more beneficial nutrients, especially those that benefit our hair. We can either improve our diet by including beneficial and healthy nutrients packed food but if you find it hard to maintain them for a long time or just don’t have the time, hair supplement may also do the work and since they are crafted for specific purpose, we may also see the result faster depend on each user.

About HairAnew
However, just like choosing many other things in the market, we are not always provided with enough information and since this is something we will taken orally or consume, we have to pay more attention into the ingredient list. Among those many options available, HairAnew offer their benefit to promote a healthier hair especially those who want to have thicker and luscious hair that not only will boost your confidence but also mood when going out and meeting new people.

The base of HairAnew is Biotin and acting like similar supplement out there but also includes another ingredients for those who want to grow their hair. The reason why it is very popular as a hair supplement is because it can work out for all hair types so all people can use or take them and enjoy the benefit. The product claimed that their supplement is like the food for hair and by consuming them, we can address the nutrition deficiencies that leads to hair problems.

HairAnew Ingredient
Just like when you are looking for another supplement, one thing we have to check is the ingredient list and one thing stands out there is indeed the Biotin. This vitamin is very common when it comes to beauty because we can find them on so many similar supplement and also popularly called as vitamin H as in Hair. The idea behind why it is included in hair supplement is because the deficiency in this vitamin can cause hair loss. Read also: Amplixin vs Rogaine here.

The next important ingredient in this supplement is Vitamin B6 which is also beneficial for hair. this is because as part of the B complex vitamin, it is actively involved in the protein metabolism in our body and working as catalyst. This metabolism will affect hair protein, keratin, and melanin in follicles so they can, in general help promote healthier hair growth. It also controls the hormonal release in ovaries or testes since it has a compound known to regulate the function of androgens.

As you may already know, androgen is one of the common cause of hair loss in both men and women since for those who are more susceptible, it may cause their hair follicles to miniaturized, resulting in hair loss. Another prominent ingredient they use here is Vitamin C and the reason why this is included is probably because it increase the absorption of iron which we know to cause hair loss when you have deficiency of this certain mineral.

In addition to Vitamin B6 mentioned above, HairAnew also have another B vitamin which is B5 and this vitamin is beneficial because it will help converting food into energy and nourishing cell including the hair follicle cells as well as protecting the pigmentation of hair, so they keep our natural hair color longer and prevent premature greying. The last interesting ingredient is silica which is derived from bamboo 70% and the reason why it is used is because silica is included in every development stage of hair growth.

HairAnew Result
With those beneficial ingredients, it is understandable why HairAnew is working for so many people who tried the supplement and most of them are satisfied with the result even only for few months of used. The most common review of people who are consuming the supplement are they feel like the hair grow faster compared to the past and those with thinner hair start to see a better improvement on thickness and volume.

Not only hair, the supplement beneficial ingredients also give good result to your nails and skin since many people have notice their skin looks a lot healthier and grow stronger nails, so taking this vitamin is similar like taking beauty supplement for all over body.

About Hairfluence
Since there are so many similar products in the market, it is wiser to look around or also considering other options first before committing to one of them since we may found a better item or have the kind of ingredients you favor better and other concerns. If you are liking the kind of ingredients used in HairAnew but want to focus more on the B complex vitamin due to their benefit, you may want to check Hairfluence as well.

Hairfluence is made by Zhou Nutrition and also promising the same thing which is improving your hair growth and since they are made from non-GMO ingredients and gluten-free, it is suitable for those with the concern. Another thing we love from this supplement is their customer service because some people have reported damage on their products and they are working fast to change them with a new one.

Hairfluence Ingredients
In the ingredient part, Hairfluence actually have a similar formulation with HairAnew so we are not going to describe the benefit of some of them again that we have written above including Biotin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Bamboo Extract (Silica). What are not present in the previous supplement are mainly the family of Vitamin B complex because we see Vitamin B1, B2, and B12. Another ingredients we didn’t found on the other are Vitamin A, Folate, Calcium, MSM, Collagen, and Keratin.

Collagen, as you may already know is a natural amino acids we are not able to make in our body so we have to take them from food and why this important is because they play an important role in renewing cells and maintaining the elasticity of bones, skin, eyes, tendons, as well as hair. As for keratin, they are proven to help hair by increasing the strength and in a study, it can even reduce hair loss during wash by 30% and the strength increased by 12%.

If keratin is important as the main structural component in our hair, skin and nails which is why taking the supplement will increase the health on such areas, what MSM do is strengthening keratin, so overall, they will work hand in hand to improve your hair.

Hairfluence Result
When reading the review about the people who already used the supplement for a period of time, the most reviews we see will be how good the supplement able to help people grow more hair and improving the health. Many people with hair problem and consume Hairfluence find their hair grow more and shinier as well as smoother and healthier, moreover, it is not working for women only but also for men.

Now, let’s compare HairAnew with Hairfluence. As you may already guess, the difference in both supplements are on their ingredients because while they also have the same ingredients, the amount are different and both also include several other ingredients to increase the affectivity of both supplements. In general, Hairfluence is using more of B complex vitamin while HairAnew also put some beneficial ingredients like kelp and ginkgo biloba.

HairAnew vs Hairfluence

- B6, B3, B5 - B1, B2, B6, B12
- Has Vitamin E- Has Vitamin A and D3
- Higher vitamin C- Lower vitamin C
- Has Zinc, kelp and ginkgo biloba- Has MSM, calcium, collagen, keratin
- More expensive- More affordable

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because our body will react differently against a supplement and this is why we may have different experience while using the same products. However, if you also want to save more while saving your hair, we will recommend you to pick Hairfluence.