HairAnew vs Hairfinity

With hair problem being common nowadays, people are starting to look for a perfect solution for their issue including by consuming supplement. In the market there are tons of products claiming to be the best like HairAnew vs Hairfinity. While in general they do beneficial, they may also use a different ingredients you favor less or better. If you are also planning to take them, go check our article below first to see what they are made of and which suit you better or seem more promising.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Supplementation for Hair Loss
– What are HairAnew and Hairfinity
– What HairAnew and Hairfinity are made of
– What HairAnew and Hairfinity can offer to you
– What they say about HairAnew and Hairfinity
– HairAnew vs Hairfinity

Hair Loss Supplement
Multivitamin is a simple and easy way to replenish our body with those required vitamins and prevent the effect of any deficiencies we may have. Supplement is also helpful because we can make up our food with them since let’s be honest, many of us are staying alive with a steady diet of junk food and overpriced salad. Due to the many activities we have to do on the day and tasks we need to finish, cooking is only done on the weekend.

With this kind of lifestyle, it is not surprising that we are not consuming enough nutrition to support our health which is why supplementation is very popular from children until older people or those who are diagnosed with a certain deficiencies. This also including hair vitamin which just like the name, contains various vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients to help you deal with those hair issues such as hair loss or unhealthy appearance due to various chemical and heat treatments in the past.

Among those many hair problems we may have experienced before, hair loss is one of the hardest to handle because this problem have many cause and it can be very hard to determine what is exactly causing the loss without asking your doctor. However, many of us are not fond of checking their condition to professional since it can cost some money, moreover, if you don’t really think it is a severe problem to begin with.

However, in our opinion, it is better to look for a solution before the problem is getting more serious because when they are already creating a balding spot in your scalp, chances are it is harder to restore which is why a good solution better applied quickly. Just like many other supplementation, their result on each person may differ because our body works differently as well and those good for other people doesn’t always mean they are going to deliver the same result for us.

While hair loss is indeed hard to deal with, looking for a good supplement or vitamin to fix the problem is also not easy because with the huge offering available, there is no way we can try them one by one. The easiest way is probably listening to what other people recommended but while this no guarantee will work on you, they are clearly more promising and have a higher chance of working for you as well, so reading things here and there will surely helpful for your hunting.

About HairAnew
If you are interested to try popular supplement or vitamin, HairAnew may attract your attention because this one is also used by so many people and working great for them such as helping grow more hair and fixing some of their balding or thinning spots. It is using several ingredients that address the deficiencies we may have which in the end causing the hair to fall off from the follicles and what’s great is they are fairly affordable so many of us can spend less.

This hair supplement is created by Naturnetics and since they are using plant based ingredients, their capsules are vegetarian and vegan free which is nice since there are many of us starting to embrace the lifestyle. According to the manufacturer, this supplement will also improve your skin and nails health since their structure are very similar to what’s building your hair. Read also: HairAnew vs Viviscal here.

HairAnew Ingredient and Benefit
Just like what stated on the supplement’s bottle, HairAnew is biotin based solution so it is not surprising to see the vitamin is in the first thing we notice and it actually also have a huge amount of biotin per serving. What’s clear from biotin is they are working to improve your body’s keratin infrastructure and we know that keratin is the basic protein, making up our hair, skin as well as nails, so taking them will improve the health and appearance of those parts.

The second distinct ingredient is vitamin C and this popular antioxidant is here because not only they will protect your body from free radicals including those harm may happen to your hair, our body will need them to produce collagen that known as the important part of hair structure as well as skin. In addition, this vitamin helps our body absorbs iron better in which the deficiencies is causing hair loss as well and often included in similar supplement.

Other B complex vitamin included are B6, B5, and B3. They are boosting immune system, building keratin in the anagen phase or hair growth phase, stimulating blood flow to the scalp and preventing premature greying. Another beneficial ingredient is silica and it is sourced from 70% bamboo extract which is beneficial mineral used in every stages of hair development so getting enough of them should promote a better hair growth.

HairAnew Review
The overall experience of those people who are consuming HairAnew are very impressive because more than half of them are satisfied with the result and the most reviewed ones are promoting new hair growth because they can notice small or baby hairs grow more when consuming the supplement. In addition to hair, their skin and nails are also improved in health, making the nails grow faster and looks better.

About Hairfinity
If you are in the market for popular supplement, we should also check what other manufacturer has to offer since the amount of options are varied widely and we may find a better supplement that promise or have the kind of ingredients we prefer better. Another good option for hair supplement available is Hairfinity which is claimed to be an innovative nutritional supplement that can give you a longer and a thicker hair by promoting a healthy growth and nourishment need from inside out.

According to Hairfinity, their supplement is working because of the proprietary ingredient called Capilsana complex with a claim to provide the needed nutrition especially a form of sulfur with 18 amino acids to help hair grow better. Other benefit also include healthy scalp, increased elasticity, and strength as well as faster growth.

Hairfinity Ingredient and Benefit
On the ingredient list, we can see that this supplement is built with so many vitamins that overall will benefit our health but let’s talk about the proprietary complex first. This called Capilsana complex is said to have a special form of sulfur and if you wonder why sulfur is need by our hair, this is because keratin that made up our hair need sulfur to maintain the shape just like any other protein. In general, sulfur will make hair healthier, stronger and more elastic.

Beside this claimed special sulfur, Hairfinity also add another form of sulfur called MSM that often found on arthritis solution. In addition to this ingredient, we can also see that this supplement offer a more complete B complex vitamin from B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 or Biotin and B12. Among those vitamins, the one stands out more than the rest will be biotin and as it has been mentioned above, this one is going to work in improving the infrastructure of keratin so they will benefits hair.

Vitamin A is here to control the sebum produced in scalp and this is also important because a balanced amount of sebum is needed to promote healthier scalp and make it a better hair growing environment. As for vitamin C, it is needed to help our body creating collagen which is needed for hair, skin and nails. Collagen itself is an amino acid needed to produce keratin so it should promote hair growth, increase strength and elasticity.

Hairfinity Review
On the review side, Hairfinity is working well for many people with tons of positive results from all over the internet. The most common thing told by users is they found their hair grow faster and stopping the shedding process that made their hair looks thinner. Thicker and longer hair is very common but some people also experience an oily skin when taking the supplement, so those with naturally oily skin may want to reduce the dosage or test them first.

Now, let’s compare HairAnew with Hairfinity. As you may already know, the prominent difference between the two is because HairAnew is using plant based ingredients to pack their supplement while the latter use an ingredient that derived from animal which is gelatin so it may not suitable for those who are having a certain diet. But, Hairfinity is using a more complete list of B complex vitamin than HairAnew. As for the Biotin, HairAnew also has more biotin than Hairfinity.

HairAnew vs Hairfinity

- Vegetarian and vegan friendly - Not vegetarian or vegan friendly
- Use less vitamin Bs- Use more vitamin B
- Higher biotin - Lesser biotin

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we will have different opinion on different things. In our opinion, since they are using beneficial ingredients, they should work but judging from the results, if we are to choose we will pick HairAnew because it has higher positive reviews from the users, moreover, it is also vegetarian and vegan friendly.