HairAnew vs Viviscal

Hair Loss is a stressing problem because they can affect how we look and is not an easy problem to deal with since there are bunch of causes that create the issue in the first place. If you are also experiencing the problem, consuming hair specifically-formulated supplement like HairAnew vs Viviscal can be helpful. If you are considering to take these supplement, go check our article below first to see how they differ and pick the one seem promising the most or have the ingredients you prefer better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Consuming Hair Supplement
– What are HairAnew and Viviscal
– What are the Ingredients of HairAnew and Viviscal
– What HairAnew and Viviscal can offer to you
– Are HairAnew and Viviscal Working
– HairAnew vs Viviscal

Hair Supplement
Hair is like a crown for many people whether it is a men or women because they are present in such a visible place where other people can notice them even from far away and having a thinning hair is not a good sign of your crown longevity. Hair loss have lots of causes from nutrient deficiencies, treatments that used chemical and heat as well as genetics or androgen for those who are more susceptible to the enemy of hair, DHT.

While elderly people can just let their glorious hair once they had gone, us who are still not living long enough until half a century are very sensitive about the word “balding” since this is a serious matter that needs a fast solution. This is because if not treated properly and quickly, we may lost our hair strands each day and depend on the person, we may won’t be able to get those hair we once had back and end up with a completely bald head.

Having this problem is sure not pleasant and it will take some of our income to purchase several products available to try handling and if possible curing the problem. Those solution start from hair loss shampoo, conditioner and tonic or similar products in the market while those who are looking for a more complete formula will probably want to consume a vitamin or hair supplement that contains the beneficial ingredients for hair.

This type of supplement is like any beauty supplement out there, mainly have a series of vitamin, minerals and other ingredients that relate to how a hair grow or maintain the health. The reason why many supplement work is because they are processed by our body which mean they are working from the inside and dealing with core problem that makes our hair becoming weaker and falling off from its follicle. For better result, we may combine supplement with topical solution as well so they can work hand in hand.

About HairAnew
If you are already making up your mind and want to look for a supplement to help with your thinning hair, now is the time to select from those vast options available. This is actually a hard process we need to follow since all products are promising the same premise while not always working the same. If you are here to find a fairly affordable option for your hair, HairAnew may able to grow your hair and stop the problem. Read also: HairAnew vs Hairfluence here.

This brand is among the one often mentioned by people due to the affectivity in dealing the hair loss issue yet they are indeed not as popular as the giants like Viviscal and Hairfinity. This product is made in the USA and manufactured by Naturenetics. As you can see from the sample picture above, this supplement is based on Biotin which is one of the B vitamin complex known to have a good benefit for hair and also found on many supplement for health.

HairAnew Ingredient and Benefit
The prominent ingredient in HairAnew is Biotin which is also called B7 and as you may already know, this vitamin is the basic of preventing hair loss. However, the research is very limited and those exist is proving the benefit. This is probably because biotin is going to improve the keratin infrastructure and as we all know, keratin is the one protein building our hair, skin and nails which it is possible to use the vitamin to promote improved health.

The next vitamin is vitamin C and the reason why this is included is because it is known that the lack of vitamin C can cause hair to brittle and preventing them to properly growing. It is proven by a study done in Korea at Kyungpook National University. It is shown that the vitamin is able to culture dermal papilla which is the center of hair growth where it gets nutrition from our body to the follicles and stimulating this part is also beneficial to improve the hair growth.

In addition, there are also B6, B6, and B3 that together they are working to improve the health of our hair and skin including to build the keratin in the Anagen or hair growth phase. Another prominent ingredient is Bamboo Extract 70% or silica and this mineral is here to support all the growth stage of our hair by providing collagen synthesis.

HairAnew Review
In real life review, there seem to be so many people getting their hair back after consuming HairAnew since most of them are giving a positive result from improving their hair length, keeping them long longer and improving any thinning part, making their scalp covered again with a new hair which is very impressive for a few months consumption. Beside the hair, people are also getting additional benefit from the ingredients to their skin and nails since these parts also appear healthier and stronger especially the nails and hair strands that looks shinier.

About Viviscal
Due to the huge option in the market, we may want to look around first before deciding on our previous choice and if you are not sure whether HairAnew with its relatively affordable price can help your hair, a more popular brand Viviscal might be your next option. When talking about hair loss, it seems that all people are recommending the brand at some point due to the huge hype and proof or great reviews from the users. In price range they are not very affordable for many people.

Viviscal is actually available in various types and not only offering a supplement because the brand also have a full set of treatment and even tool for those with thinning hair. Beside the most popular supplement, it is offering a hair mask, shampoo, conditioner and scalp therapy treatments that work hand in hand to promote a healthier, thicker and denser hair.

Viviscal Ingredients and Benefit
What’s making the supplement very appealing is because they are not a drug so there will be no severe side effects that may happened when taking them routinely for a prolonged time and how it delivers the benefit is also unique. Unlike many other supplements that include a set or vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss, Viviscal is using their proprietary ingredient called AminoMar C which is a combination of marine protein, minerals and vitamins developed by a Scandinavian professor.

In each tablet of this supplement, there are protein from shark cartilage including tiger, dogfish and mako as well as oyster meat. It is then combined with vitamin C and silica which is similar in HairAnew and other hair supplements out there.

In general, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which is why we found it in so many supplements and it is beneficial to help protecting our body from free radicals that can block growth as well as causing our hair to age. However, the reason why it is in a hair supplement is because the vitamin play an important role in our body to create collagen which is also a prominent part that build our hair structure. Additionally, it also help absorbs iron, also necessary for hair growth.

The last is protein and even with regular protein, it is known to benefit hair since the lack of protein in our body can lead to hair loss. When there is not enough protein, our body is allocating them in places where it is needed the most and apparently, our hair is not among the one so getting enough protein is necessary to keep them in your scalp.
Viviscal Review

On the review part, Viviscal is getting so many positive reviews from those who use them. Most people starting to see a difference in the second month after consuming the supplement and the first sign being less hair in their comb followed by noticeably thicker hair in their scalp as well as reducing the amount of hair loss after around 3 to 4 months of using the supplement. Another noticeable difference is hair becoming softer, shinier and healthier in general.

Now, let’s compare HairAnew with Viviscal. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them in on the ingredients since HairAnew is combining a lot of vitamins on their supplement while Viviscal is very simple. The first is using biotin as the main active ingredient while the latter is using protein as the star of their product. In addition, HairAnew is suitable for any vegetarian and vegan while Viviscal is not.

HairAnew vs Viviscal

- Use more ingredients - Less ingredients
- Vegan and vegetarian friendly- Not vegan or vegetarian friendly
- More affordable - More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have different taste and preference as well as budget to spend. If you are a vegetarian or vegan and want to spend less, the option will be HairAnew while if you don’t mind about animal derived ingredients and higher price, Viviscal can be a good option as well.