Pura D’OR vs Monat

Who doesn’t want to have a beautifully thick hair because we are sure many of us dream about the hair looking like in many hair products campaign out there. If you are having a hair thinning issue and want to make it thicker, thickening shampoo like those from Pura D’or vs Monat can be a great option to go. Check our article below to see what they can offer to you and pick the one that seems more promising for the user.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

– Are you currently looking for a hair thinning solution
– What are Pura D’or and Monat
– What Pura D’or and Monat are made of
– What Pura D’or and Monat can offer to you
– What they say about Pura D’or and Monat
– Pura D’or vs Monat

Hair Loss Product
The reason why hair that grows in our scalp very important is probably because they are present in such a visible place so it can be the first thing people see when meeting or seeing us. Both men and women are prefering to have a healthy hair which looks thick, smooth and shiny because it can be a sign to deliver a message or to make us looks diligent enough about details and of course, this is a positive point to look more attractive.

Due to how important people are seeing hair, it is no wonder that we can see or found so many hair treatments or products promising us the hair looking like the models they employed. While some products does speak for their quality, it is not rare to find ones with no beneficial effects whatsoever and even may add problem into your hair. While brands and quality play a big role here, us with different hair types may also experience different result with the same product.

Among those many hair problems, the one often see and experience is hair fall or to be exact an excessive hair loss because this problem will not only threatening our hair longevity but will also made the appearance thinner and in the end creating a balding effect which is of course should not present in our dictionary. For those who are not diagnosed with deficiency or suffering from androgenetic alopecia, using topical products like shampoo, conditioner, or hair mask can be a good method to handle the light problem.

While topical medication is not always proven to have a great and prominent result like when using an oral solution, they are nice for those who are not fond of taking either medication or supplement. Not only safer in term or side effects may happen from taking anything orally, they are also commonly more affordable and depend on the manufacturer, those with natural ingredients are preferable for the benefit and the increasing amount of people who are more concern about chemical ingredients. Read also: HairAnew vs Hairfinity here.

About Pura D’or
In present day, looking for a beauty product such as shampoo or skin care that actually work is not very hard anymore because thanks to the internet and online shopping platforms, we can easily see what items are working for other people and how they deliver the benefit or whether it is going to give us what we want or not. If you are currently having a thinning hair, the recent hype in the market is Pura D’or. One of this brand’s shampoo receives so many gold stars from users.

The brand seems to have a huge collection or list of product but the one talked by many people and used to handle a thinning hair like yours is their Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo. Like many other hair thinning shampoo, this one also promise to reduce hair falling from your scalp and preventing them to thins out more as well as helping new hair to grow more and in the end we will have a thicker look for our crown.

Pura D’or Ingredient and Benefit
To make sure a product is working including a beauty solution like this shampoo, we have to see the ingredient list as well because this is where the product play around with the benefit and Pura D’or indeed has a ton of them listed. However we are only going to talk about the highlighted ingredients and in this shampoo that claimed to have or use botanical elements, we are not surprised to see aloe vera as the top ingredient.

As many of us have already know, aloe vera leaf have a gel like flesh that contains something called proteolytic enzyme which when applied topically will be able to repair dead skin cells in your scalp. In general, it is a moisturizing agent so applying them will promote a healthier scalp and a healthy scalp is better environment for hair growth. Beside Aloe Vera, there is also argan oil that works in similar way to promote healthy environment and strengthening your hair due to its fatty acid.

Not only hair loss, thinning hair is also happening because of the weak hair strands and to deal with this specific problem, Pura D’or shampoo is also using their unique mix of ingredients consisting of biotin, pumpkin seed, black cumin seed oil, nettle and other plant based ingredients. As for biotin, this vitamin is very popular in many hair or beauty supplement because it can promote healthier, stronger hair. When applied topically, some can be absorb by the hair and has a similar effect to strengthen follicle but it is said not as effective than oral supplementation.

A stronger follicle means a stronger hair as well because they will let your each hair strands to grow longer before entering the shedding phase and by protecting the follicle and hair strands, we can get a longer hair as well. Another thing we love about Pura D’or shampoo is they are using natural preservatives, use no paraben, SLS, any harmful chemical and is cruelty free as well as gluten free and vegan friendly thus, it can be used by almost anybody who are having the same concern.

Pura D’or Review
This shampoo is very popular because it works and listening to what other people say, many of them if not most are satisfied with the result. When reading their comments, most users seem to find that their hair shed less than before using the shampoo which can be easily noticed when showering while others see a prominent growth of new hairs or small baby hair in their scalp. However, some users also find that once they stop using the shampoo, the hair loss issue is still coming back.

About Monat
Since there are so many options in the market, we may want to look around first before purchasing one of them because then we can see which item suit us better or more promising. If you are looking for a solution to handle your thinning hair, Monat have the solution. This brand have a huge collection so make sure to choose the one matching the issue you have. As for this option, we are picking the Renew shampoo just like the sample picture above.

Monat Ingredient and Benefit
The first thing Monat boast about in their ingredient is Rejuvenique and this is claimed to be a mix of more than 13 natural plant and essential oil rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants as well as nutrients needed by hair to be healthy. Fatty acids, is known to improve our hair’s health because there has been reviews and results seen after using oils rich in fatty acids. The benefit is ranging from fixing dermatitis, alopecia and even premature greying.

The next important ingredient included on this Monat Renew shampoo is Procataline which has pea extract. Pea extract is rarely heard of but pea sprout and pea oil is indeed popular because it is rich in protein. When applied topically, protein is rich in benefit since it can promote optimal hydration so it can prevent breakage thus, hair can stay stronger and not as prone to breakage. In addition, it will add shine to your hair if you have a dull hair due to the sun ray.

Another beneficial ingredient are capixyl and crodasorb. Capixyl is an emollient blend which is here to protect the hair from scalp to hair strands. At the other hand, crodasorb is used to protect the hair from the damage of UV rays so, not only the shampoo will return the shine to your hair but also preventing it from getting dull while we are using the solution to provide a more complete solution.

Monat Review
On the review side, Monat shampoo is very promising and has a nice result. There are so many people found that their hair are getting fuller and see a noticeable reduction on the hair loss during shampooing or showering. However, it is using fragrance so some people with the concern may want to rethink the choice.

Now, let’s compare Pura D’or with Monat. Both of them are using tons of ingredients to deliver their benefit but in term of natural, Pura D’or looks more natural with their botanical sources come first compared to Monat. It is also not vegan friendly yet for those with the certain lifestyle.

Pura D’OR vs Monat

Pura D'or Monat
- More natural - Use fragrance
- Vegan- Not vegan friendly
- More affordable - More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours because we may have different taste and preference. In general both of them are promising but the real result may differ and if we are to choose, we will pick Pura D’or because this shampoo looks more natural as well as affordable.