Pura D’or vs Regenepure

Sometime using regular shampoo will not make our hair becomes thicker and fuller or shinier because we may need a more potent product and if you are here to gain those beautiful crown, Pura D’or vs Regenepure are two great options to choose. While they are made to be different, the same promise will benefits your hair. If you are also considering to use these shampoo, go check our article below to see what they are made of and which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a solution for hair loss
– What are Pura D’or and Regenepure
– What Pura D’or and Regenepure are made of
– What Pura D’or and Regenepure can offer to you
– What they say about Pura D’or and Regenepure
– Pura D’or vs Regenepure

Hair Loss Shampoo
Hair is an important part of our body and while they are not going to affect your health in general, the cosmetic effect of having a beautiful hair is indeed prominent or so important where people can spend hundreds of bucks to do some treatments on popular hair salons. The amount of people doing such treatments are mainly women because for most of us hair is one of the best booster to our overall appearance and having a bad hair day is a mood breaker.

In present day, hair treatments are very common and the more effective they are, the more expensive we have to pay. However, since once in a while treatment are not going to last long, many of us are shifting towards natural products that we can use everyday or remedies such as those natural oils and butter or other plant based solutions. To add into your regime, it is also great to use a shampoo with supporting ingredients to deal with your hair problem.

One of the most frightening hair problem is hair loss and thinning because this can lead to balding and for most people, the word is even not supposed to be in their dictionary. Hair loss can be caused by so many factors from the effect of our hormone to the treatments that include several chemicals or from the bad effects of sun ray. In general, hair loss is a problem where more than a hundred hair falls from your scalp everyday.

Below the number, it is fairly healthy but above it or if you are starting to see your scalp more and more everyday or even a balding spot, then it is time to take an act and find a solution as quick as possible. For those who are not worried about checking their condition to professional, we can use over the counter solution or supplement to help our hair but if you are not fond of supplement, topical solution might work as well.

About Pura D’or
Today, it is no longer difficult to find a good items that promise such a good result and since each product claimed to be the best, we have to pick more carefully. If you are willing to spare some time looking around, online shopping platforms may have the collections of reviews you want to read about the products you need and from there, we can see whether they are actually working or not since other people have already experienced them first. Read also: Pura D’or vs Monat here.

Currently, one of the most product aimed for those who are dealing with hair loss or hair thinning is Pura D’or shampoo because if you check them on Amazon, there we can see thousands of reviews made by customers who already using them and the majority of them are agreeing that until a certain level, the shampoo is helpful for their thinning hair. In price wise they are also fairly affordable so we don’t have to dig in too deep or thinking too long to decide and try.

This brand is claiming that their products are inspired by nature so they are using plant-based ingredients with premium quality. In term of variants, Pura D’or has several shampoos in their catalogue but the one getting so many attention is their Gold label one, so we are also more interested in this variant. This shampoo is promising to handle hair problem from the scalp because this is where the roots present and will fight hair thinning naturally with gentle yet effective formulation.

Pura D’or Ingredient and Benefit
Pura D’or is boasting their blend of more than 17 active ingredients that includes many natural plant-based beneficial ingredient and what’s great is they are all non-GMO for those with the same concern. The first and most prominent is the aloe leaf extract and we are sure most people are already familiar with this plant benefit for hair since it has been used since long time ago. Aloe vera has an enzyme called proteolytic which working by repairing dead skin cells.

It is effective to condition both hair and scalp so it can leave your scalp healthier as well as curing itchiness and remove dandruff. The second is willow bark extract and this is used here to clean your scalp and reducing the oil production so it will promote a healthier environment for hair to grow more. Another popular ingredient here is argan oil which often used for hair oil on their own. This oil is rich in vitamin E for antioxidant and rich enough to moisturize your hair.

The next beneficial ingredient is cedar wood and this oil is not only popular as an aromatherapy but also for your hair because the oil is known to improve skin condition and for scalp, it can soothe dry scalp as well as improving the blood flow better. This will make sure nutrients can be delivered to hair follicles and helping them to grow more hair as well as strengthening the root. The last ingredient we would like to mention is rosemary oil which is used as a hair loss solution as well.

Taken from Medicalnewstoday this oil is able to give a benefit like what Minoxidil do for people who are suffering from alopecia because they can help you grow more hair but in a long term because the result can be seen after using it for 6 months and while not statistically significant, the group using rosemary oil shown to grow slightly more hair than those who used Minoxidil.

Pura D’or Review
What’s making Pura D’or getting so much popularity is because they are proven to work for most people who already trying them and if you are reading reviews from all over the internet, chances are you will see people praising the shampoo about how it makes their hair look more volumized or thicker and the fall out are reduced as well. The scent is nice and natural but some people may not adoring it since it is not floral or like typical shampoo.

About Regenepure
If you are not satisfied yet with your initial option, it is wise to look around and find another option as well because we may find a good or even a better solution for our hair loss and another shampoo that promise you to handle you current hair problem is Regenepure. This brand also got so many attention due to how good they can work and because they are addressing the scalp where the problem may lay in your case.

Spending money on impulsive buying will only lead to wasting your energy and source so it is better to understand at least a little what the solution can help you and how they are going to work. As for Regenepure, this one is a ketoconazole shampoo as well as a solution for hair loss.

Regenepure Ingredient and Benefit
As a ketoconazole shampoo, one of the active ingredient has to be this one and if you are not familiar yet with what exactly ketoconazole do, it is basically an ingredient used to treat a variety of fungal infections. This ingredient is often used to treat fungal infections in our body and can be taken orally as well as used topically. Sometime, the reason why your hair is falling is because of the fungal infection in the scalp and this shampoo will effectively handle those problem.

In addition to the fungal solution, Regenepure is also using several other natural ingredients namely aloe vera, emu oil and saw palmetto. Aloe vera is working to help fixing your scalp especially repairing those dry surface and similar like a moisturizing agent while emu oil will soothe your scalp as well and prevent inflammation. The last is saw palmetto and this one is often taken orally so topical application result is not very clear whether it has the same benefit or not.

When used orally, saw palmetto is said to be able to reduce DHT level because it is an inhibitor of 5 alpha reductase so when DHT is reduced, the result is quite promising and beneficial for people with androgenetic alopecia.

Regenepure Review
Regenepure is also receiving so many positive reviews from the user which mean the shampoo does work for them and the most common thing we heard about it is people seeing less shedding from their scalp and not only their hair condition is improved, the dandruff problem is also reduced significantly and itching scalp is no longer a problem. However, some people also experience their hair getting dryer after shampooing.

Now, let’s compare Pura D’or with Regenepure. While both shampoos are promising the same result which is handling your hair loss, Pura D’or is helping to nourish the hair both the scalp and hair strands by providing the needed nutrition while Regenepure is using ketoconazole which mean, it is for those who suffer from fungal infection on their scalp with added ingredients to promote healthier hair.

Pura D’or vs Regenepure

Pura D'or Regenepure
- For hair loss in general - For fungal infection
- More natural option- Not as natural
- More affordable- Less affordable
- Vegan friendly- Not vegan friendly

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different problem so it is better to pick based on your issue. In our opinion, if you are not sure what the cause of your hair loss, Pura D’or should help but if you are suffering from fungal infection, Regenepure is the one to go.