Pura D’or vs Nioxin

To make sure we are treating our hair correctly, it is good to find a solution with the same goal as ours and among those many hair problems, hair loss may be one of the most stressful issue we have to face. Thankfully, there are many great products out there with beneficial ingredient to help us such as Pura D’or vs Nioxin. While they are promising a similar result, they may also different and if you also consider these two, go check our article below to see which more promising.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to choose a hair loss shampoo
– What are Pura D’or and Nioxin
– What Pura D’or and Nioxin are made of
– What Pura D’or and Nioxin can offer to you
– Pura D’or vs Nioxin

Choosing Hair Loss Shampoo
Hair loss is like the nightmare of both men and women because apparently with the increase of age, many of us are becoming more prone to balding due to many factors such as unhealthy scalp or genetic factors like androgenetic alopecia. While we can’t cure these problems even today, there are many products in the market that has been made with proven ingredients to help you minimize the effects and even help growing more hair back or making them look fuller and healthier than before.

Not only women, men also want to get a healthy thick hair but it is unfortunate that we are not always lucky enough to have them. It is very frustrating at times and since not all products will work the same, we are demanded to do trial and error several times before finding the perfect pair for our hair. This is inevitable since we never know which can work for us, moreover, those that are great for other people are not always the answer for us.

In general, hair loss products should support new hair growth or preventing further loss by using a potent ingredient whether it is to stop the occurring problem or adding needed nutrition to support better health which in the end will promote a better hair. The most common hair product is shampoo because we need it to wash our hair and as for shampoo, the one we are aiming is cleansing the scalp and hair from dirt so there will be more space for hair to grow and giving the needed nutrients straight to your scalp.

A good shampoo will use beneficial ingredient which rich in nutrients to both cleanse your scalp and delivering nutrition needed so we can get two benefits at once. However, depend on your issue, we may also need different active or potent ingredient in our shampoo and this can vary from person to another. In addition, we should also avoid many harsh chemical to prevent more damage or just in case you are having some concern with certain ingredients.

About Pura D’or
If you are fond of natural products, we are sure you are going to love Pura D’or because this brand is among the most popular when you are looking for a hairloss shampoo in the market with thousands of reviews from the customers. This is actually a line of products so there are so many items on the list but in this article, we are going to talk about the Gold label shampoo or the most popular of them all. This shampoo is promising a thicker hair and proven to work for many.

This benefit is clear in those who are using the products and while there are those who are not getting the same result, the amount of success story is still amazingly huge. There are also shampoo called Blue Label and the difference between them seem that it is contains less active ingredient than the Gold version so it may be less potent and for those with more progressive issue. Read also: Pura D’or vs Regenepure here.

Pura D’or Ingredient and Benefit
Like many other solutions, we have to check the ingredient first when it comes to beauty products including shampoo and since Pura D’or is claimed to reduce or help hair loss problem, we are looking for potent ingredient that proven to benefit us and we are glad to see Saw Palmetto here even though it is not among the top list. As many of you already know, saw palmetto is the same to finasteride in solution like Propecia which is known to be DHT blocker.

This is because the plant is known to inhibit the enzyme 5 alpha reductase which is playing an important role when it comes to converting testosterone to DHT so the amount of this androgen in our scalp can be reduced as well. The next is tea tree oil which is claimed to be scalp stimulant and will help your scalp to grow thicker and stronger hair.

In addition, tea tree oil is also claimed to have an anti-androgen properties, so it can be a solution for DHT as well. Next ingredient is coconut oil and we are sure many of you already know the benefit as well because it is a common solution and hair oil. For those who are using the oil routinely, it can reduce hair damage up to 39% through its penetrating abilities by preventing water to be absorbed much since it can lead to protein breakdown. Biotin is also here to help those who lacked of this vitamin because the deficiency in vitamin B7 can lead into hair loss.

Another beneficial ingredient is lavender oil and this aromatherapy oil is here not to calm your mind but to promote a better blood circulation in your scalp and this will be beneficial to carry more vital nutrients to the follicles. The last ingredient we want to mention is Ylang ylang because this plant flower that have an amazing scent is shown to inhibit particular free radicals by up to 79% and that is very powerful to help keeping our hair from the damage they cause.

About Nioxin
Because there are so many products promising the same thing, we are often confused about which to pick due to the huge list and tempting promises. It is actually good because we can see and compare which may work the best for our problem or have the kind of ingredient you prefer better. Among the other option, Nioxin can be a nice alternative for people who are currently suffering from hair loss problem especially their No. 2 solution which is meant for noticeably thinning hair.

There are several other product lines from the brand and most of them are designed for the same problem which is hair loss but for different hair type such as colored hair and non-colored hair or chemically treated hair. The one we used as example in this article will be the No. 2 one for non-colored and non-chemically treated hair with progressive thinning.

Nioxin Ingredient and Benefit
Looking into the list of ingredients, it seems that this shampoo is not using as many sources as Pura D’or but still huge and the one standing out so much is camellia sinensis leaf extract. This is also known as green tea and not only drank, they are also popularly used as topical treatment, similar with the Gold label shampoo. This extract is not only rich in antioxidant but also help the condition related to hormonal hair loss since it can prevent testosterone to be converted into DHT.

The next ingredient is nettle extract and among many similar ingredients, this one is relatively new but has shown a feature in reducing the production of DHT as well because it has compounds that effective in stopping the production of DHT so, many other solutions are start to use it as well. In addition to these DHT blocker ingredients, there is also Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract of the fruit of saw palmetto and it is also found to inhibit the 5 alpha reductase so there will be less DHT in your scalp.

The next ingredient is humulus lupulus or often known as hops the one we see and found in beer but it is not widely used yet for some reason. Taken from J-stage, this natural source is also shown to have a property to inhibit the 5 alpha reductase as well as enhancing the proliferation of hair follicle derived keratinoid. This combination will not only reduce DHT level but also makes your hair healthier with routine application.

The last ingredient we want to mention is grapefruit peel extract and for those who are not familiar yet with the topical benefit of this extract, it is rich in B1 and flavonoids so applying them in your scalp will help stimulate blood flow to the area and it can help delivering nutrition better as well.

Now, let’s compare Pura D’or with Nioxin. As you can see, both shampoos are boasting their natural ingredients which are all proven to help hair thinning to some extent and despite natural enough, they are still using some preservatives like many commercial products. The difference between these lists is with ingredient like Biotin which is very famous when it comes to hair and is not present in Nioxin. In addition, Pura D’or also use non-GMO natural ingredients just in case you have the same concern.

Pura D’or vs Nioxin

Pura D'or Nioxin
- Have biotin - No Biotin
- Non-GMO- May use GMO related ingredients
- More expensive- More affordable

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and preference but if you are considering the two, we will recommend you to pick Pura D’or because this one have a huge list of natural ingredient so it supposed to be safer and have tons of good reviews from the users as well as non-GMO.