Pura D’or vs Biotin

There seem to be nothing more depressing about our look than to have a thinning hair becaus it will affect your self-confident and making it harder to face the world. This is why we can see so many hair products like Pura D’or vs Biotin that promise to grow your hair back and prevent the worst case. While both promote a healthier hair, they may work differently and if you are interested in them, go check our article below to pick which suit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why your hair is thinning
– What are Pura D’or and Biotin
– What Pura D’or and Biotin Promise to you
– What Pura D’or and Biotin are made of
– What Pura D’or and Biotin can offer to you
– Pura D’or vs Biotin

Hair Loss Causes
Hair is like our body fitness because the way it looks will affect your overall appearance and since they are very visible, we are having a hard time to cover it when there is some issue happening in your scalp. Healthy hair is the dream of many people but not all of us are capable of achieving them without a hard effort which can be very time consuming or even expensive depend on your issue and what solution you pick to handle them.

Among the regular hair issue we often faced in our live, the one that most stressing to deal with is probably hair thinning or hair loss because while dry, brittle or even dandruff can be dealt fairly easy, hair loss is a serious problem we need to pay a lot of attention into to prevent them from getting worse. However, our hair do fall everyday because it is following the natural phase of hair growth; normally from 50 to 100 per day.

For those who are experiencing a higher amount, it is best to know the reason why they continue falling but it can be hard to decide if you are not going to a professional. In general, taken from Cosmopolitan, hair loss can be separated from genetic and reactive. For genetic cause, there is currently no permanent cure for the problem yet, there some working medication to prevent the worst case for it happens because your follicles are sensitive to the male hormones.

If you don’t have a family history with the same problem, chances are it might be a reactive hair loss which mean your body especially scalp is reacting internally due to the imbalance or upset on nutritional related need like deficiency, severe stress, crash dieting or an illness. While it is indeed hard to determined what exactly causing your hair to fall, in our opinion it is best to talk with your doctor just to be sure so we can handle or address the problem properly.

About Pura D’or
If you are not fond of going to doctor or taking supplement to address your hair problem from the inside, it is also good to use topical treatment of your choice because depend on each solution, they may have many beneficial ingredient that may help your thinning hair. However, due to the huge options and product out there, we may find it difficult to pick the one seem more promising but with the help of internet, we can see what has been used and loved by other people.

If you are browsing for hair loss shampoo, chances are you will see many users recommending Pura D’or hair loss shampoo with so many great reviews which mostly talking about how good they give result for the thinning hair and of course it is very tempting to check as well. The brand do have several products in their catalogue from shampoo and conditioner to hair oil to complete your hair care regime but one taking all the attention is their Gold Label shampoo.

Pura D’or Promise
This shampoo is promising a result by reducing hair thinning from breakage, increasing the volume and strength as well as shine with their blend of active ingredients which many of them are derived from natural sources, moreover, they are also Non-GMO for those with related concern and hypoallergenic for there is no additional fragrance here that may make the shampoo not very pleasant to smell.

Pura D’or Ingredient and Benefit
The first ingredient we see in Pura D’or Gold Label shampoo is aloe vera leaf juice which you often see on other beauty products as well or even on the food aisle because we can consume them and one of those healthy food rich in fiber. The reason why aloe vera is often used like in this shampoo is because it has both moisturizing and healing properties thanks to the proteolytic enzymes that working to help heal and repair cells in your scalp.

The next natural ingredient is willow bark and this one is also often seen on skin care product because it contains salicylic acid or BHA acid to help you clear skin since it has an ability to penetrate through the oil in skin and it will help you provide a cleaner or healthier scalp for new hair to grow. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to make sure your scalp is in a prime condition. Read also: Pura D’or vs Aveda here.

Moving forward, we have tea tree oil here as well and it is often used to heal skin fungal infection so if you have fungi infection due to acne or dandruff, the oil antiseptic property will help you deal with the problem. But, there is another interesting part about tea tree oil in Pura D’or because it also said to have antiandrogenic properties which mean it should do more benefit if you are experiencing androgenic baldness that can happen in both men and women.

Not only dealing with your scalp, Pura D’or also use a beneficial ingredient for your hair strands and it is represented by argan kernel oil. This oil is rich in nutrient and has been used since long time ago to treat hair because it is has a high consistency of vitamin E that helps smooth your frayed shafts or seal split ends while omega fatty acids will make your hair stronger than ever so we don’t have to worry about breaking them when combing or styling.

The last two ingredient we want to talk are saw palmetto and nettle because they are here to provide the same benefit which is fighting the androgen in your scalp. Both of them are often see on hair loss supplement so topical application may or may not give a significant effect but both has been found to have an ability to reduce the amount of DHT especially in your scalp with topical application in case you are suffering from androgenic hair loss.

About Biotin
Since there are so many options, it is good to look around first before you are deciding on an option especially for hair loss because we may find a better solution that attract your attention or suit your need better. When talking about hair health like hair loss problem, we may find a conclusion that we are having a deficiency one some important nutrient and for hair, the most popular one is probably Biotin or also called B7 vitamin.

In almost every beauty supplement, we can see they also list the vitamin mostly in a huge amount because it is thought to improve your overall appearance or those that can be seen from the outside since they are beneficial for hair, skin and your nails so beauty supplement will mostly have them inside. While we can get the vitamin from our diet, it is necessary to try them as well if you need to improve some condition.

Biotin Promise
If you are not very fond of taking Biotin supplement, there is a Biotin shampoo as well which in our sample picture above is distributed by a company named Honeydew. This shampoo is promising to remove the build-up DHT in your scalp, clean them and taking care of the dandruff, scales or flakes. Overall, it is a complete solution to get a thicker, healthier hair no matter if you are having an androgen related hair loss or nutrient deficiency.

Biotin Ingredient and Benefit
Just like the name, this shampoo is using Biotin in their formulation but it is nowhere near the top parts. Biotin or also called B7 is beneficial for your skin, nail and hair because it is proven to improve our body’s keratin structure which is including hair since it is the protein that makes up the strands. In addition to B7, the shampoo also has B5 and the reason why it is here is to help completing the role of B vitamin to your hair.

As for the natural ingredient, Biotin shampoo includes both jojoba and coconut oil. Jojoba is rich in vitamins as well as minerals to nourish your hair such as vitamin C, B, E, copper and zinc so it will strengthen your hair and prevent them to fall easily. Coconut oil itself has lauric acid that helps bind protein in hair so it will make sure your hair strands wont lost the battle with their comb. Additionally, it also has tea tree and evening primrose for more benefit especially on DHT blocking ability.

Now, let’s compare Pura D’or with Biotin shampoo. Both of them are beneficial to help you dealing with hair loss problem but due to difference in ingredient list, we may also benefit from one better than the other. Pura D’or used more and richer natural ingredient as well as biotin in their ingredient list while Biotin shampoo has lesser and simpler ingredient but with equally beneficial natural resources.

Pura D’or vs Biotin

Pura D’orBiotin
- More natural ingredients - Lesser ingredients
- Non-GMO- May use GMO related ingredient
- More expensive- More affordable
- No fragrance- Use fragrance

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and preference. Both shampoos seem promising and if we are to choose, we will pick Pura D’or because this shampoo have no additional fragrance which is nice for those who are not fond of artificial smell.