SugarBearHair vs HUM

Both men and women are preferring to have a healthy hair and far from any problem but the fact is we can’t always achieve them effortlessly and this can be frustrating sometime. To give you a proper solution from the inside, SugarBearHair vs HUM are nice hair supplement option that we can purchase in the market. If you are also interested in these supplement, go check our article below to see what are they made of and which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a Hair Supplement
– What are SugarBearHair and HUM
– What SugarBearHair and HUM Look and Taste Like
– What SugarBearHair and HUM are made of
– What SugarBearHair and HUM can offer to you
– SugarBearHair vs HUM

Hair Supplement
In present day where information is working and spread very fast from one person to millions of others thanks to the booming social media, we are demanded to be always up to date and let’s be honest, many of us are keeping up with several influensters who are supplying you the newest trend and look to follow. We are indeed loving them for one reason or another and there is nothing wrong from being inspired by someone you look up to.

These beautiful people are very inspiring mostly on fashion or creating a new trend which can go around the world by just a few hours which prove how powerful they are in social media. Being a trendsetter, most of them are paying much attention to how they look including how they style their hair, how they put and choose clothes matching their body and how they put makeup or similar things. While we can always make an effort to dress and have their style, it is never an easy thing to do.

For example, seeing people with different, colorful hair colors that seems healthy even when we know the person color and treat their hair often, we comes to realize that they need more than just make up and styling products. In the last several years, the trend is about colorful hair, even those unnatural ones and to keep the hair healthy, many famous people recommending taking hair supplement which should help our condition from the inside outside to complement our topical treatment. Read also: Pura D’or vs Biotin here.

Hair supplement actually has been available since long time ago but currently, the trend is happening again because of those influencer posting and write testimonies about their favorite hair supplement or vitamin products. Endorsed by these people, we as a regular user can’t shake the curiosity as well and want to try them ourselves. While hair supplement can help until a certain level, we shouldn’t believe magical result without taking them with a grain of salt or checking them first to be more sure.

About SugarBearHair and HUM
For some people, taking a supplement may not the first choice because we tend to be more critical when it is a about something we will consume or put on our body. In the past, hair supplement are either capsule or caplets but today, they are transforming into a chewable, gummy candies which we can easily take a handful each time. This new consuming method proven to take the market by storm and it seems that everybody is talking about how comfortable and beneficial they are.

Since the gummy vitamin is introduced and widely endorsed by influensters, we can see almost everyday someone on our feed is talking or posting and posing with the supplement. When talking about the popularity however, the two that seem to be loved and hyped so much will be no other than SugarBearHair and HUM. Both of them are gummy hair vitamin which we can easily get from their official and reseller stores and due to their cute packaging, most users are female.

Both of them are promising the same thing which is supplying the needed nutrient for your hair to be stronger and healthy. They are also made to be easy to swallow for those who are not fond of taking supplement and since they are made to be like candy, we can easily consume them and enjoy the taste as well. In price wise, they are similarly placed on the same range but comparing the two, SugarBearHair is more expensive than Hum gummy.
SugarBearHair and HUM Ingredients Candies and Taste

When first laying our eyes on SugarBearHair and HUM, the first thing caught our attention is the candy shape because they are very cute and tempting just like your regular gummy sweets. The first brand is living up to their name by being molded into a bear gummy candy in different colors; pastel blue and soft pink while the latter is in a heart shape, leaf-like gummy candy but there is only one variant here which is dark red. On taste, they are very pleasant with berry and mixed berry flavor.

SugarBearHair and HUM Ingredients and Benefits
Just like any other supplement, the benefit of these delicious gummy candies are based on the ingredients they used on their formulation and this part is very important to check in case you have favorite ingredients or avoiding some of them due to some issues. The first and probably what boasted in both SugarBearHair and HUM is the popular Biotin which in both supplements listed as 5000 mcg per serving. As you may already know, Biotin is a B vitamin required to help our body convert food into energy.

Biotin or also called vitamin B7 is a water-soluble vitamin which mean our body won’t store it and it also has several important function of enzymes known as carboxylases. This is what play a part in metabolic pathways like in the production of glucose and fatty acids. If you wonder how this will benefit your hair, not only for fatty acids, it also synthesis amino acids and gluconeogenesis. The mentioned amino acids make up protein and the protein is used to produce keratin.

Keratin is also a common name we often heard when looking for product made for hair and this is actually the one composing your hair shafts so in short, without biotin, we can expect hair follicles becoming weaker and losing the ability to grow more hair. As for dosage, there is no standard dosage for Biotin because the result may vary from individuals taking the vitamins and its deficiency itself is very rare as well.

The next similar ingredient from both hair supplements and vitamins is B12 which is 6 mcg in SugarBearHair and 850 mcg in HUM. This vitamin is included here because it is assisting the production of oxygen-rich red blood cells that will be feeding your hair follicles. Unlike the keratin in our hair strands, our hair follicles are alive and made up of the fastest growing cells in our body. In the bottom of each follicle, there is papilla and it contains blood vessels. The main job is to connect follicles to our body’s blood supply and delivering oxygen as well as nutrients for hair growth.

Due the ability of B12 to produce red blood cells, the vitamin becomes necessary to help your hair follicles getting its nutrient. Generally, B12 is taken from our diet such as from animal-based food like fish, poultry and meat or eggs and dairy products. As for vegan or vegetarian, plant milk and some soy products or breakfast cereals can be a good source of the vitamin as well.

The next similar ingredient is Zinc and the reason why it is included is because the deficiency on this mineral can cause hair loss and in general, it is helping you with growth and division of every cell, creating DNA, synthesis of protein as well as working with hormones including thyroid hormone in which disruption may cause hair loss.

Other than these ingredients, SugarBearHair is richer because there are a bunch of vitamin here from Vitamin A, C, D, E, B6, Calcium, Choline, Inositol and Iodine while HUM gummy vitamin have both Foti herb and PABA. The vitamin combination in SugarBearHair is beneficial to improve your overall health because it will enriched your daily diet and healthier body will also play an important role to help your hair grow healthier as well. For example, Iodine is essential mineral we found on seafood and it is needed by thyroid gland to make thyroid hormones.

This thyroid hormone is needed to help control growth, repairing damaged cells and support metabolism. In HUM, there is Foti herb or often called as He Shou Wu as well and this one is thought as blood builder to help blood flow better to your hair follicles while another believe is the herb has a high antioxidant means it can protect you from free radicals so they are free to regenerate more efficiently.

Now, let’s compare SugarBearHair with HUM. As you may already know, both of them are made with several beneficial ingredients so it is not surprising to see that they are also giving the same benefit. The difference is on the kind of ingredient they use since SugarBearHair is richer and more complete compared to HUM. Additionally, B12 in HUM is much more than in the other so for those who are experiencing lack of blood, this vitamin may help you as well.

SugarBearHair vs HUM

- More complete vitamins - Less ingredients
- Lesser B12 - More B12
- More expensive - More affordable
- Available in two versions - Only in one version

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and preference so it is best to pick based on your personal taste. If we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick SugarBearHair because this vitamin provide more complete solution, for better overall health and for healthier hair.