Nature’s Bounty vs Nature Made Fish Oil

Experiencing hair issue indeed can be frustrating but we have to fight them to achieve that beautiful, healthy hair which we have been dreamed about. If you want to have a nice and healthy mane, Nature’s Bounty vs Nature Made Fish Oil may help your nutrition intake because they are beneficial for our overall health. To see what they can offer and what they are made of as well as decide which the better option is, go check our article below for more information.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for Hair Supplement
– What are Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made
– What’s about Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made Fish Oil
– How Many Variant we can choose from Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made
– What Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made Fish Oil can offer to you
– How to take Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made Fish Oil
– Nature’s Bounty vs Nature Made Fish Oil

Hair Supplement
Healthy hair is not something that can comes as easy because there are so many of us experiencing hair issue such as dry and brittle, hair thinning/loss, and coarse or rough hair in our life. While we can always rely on products made to handle each one of them, not all are going to work for us and this is the real problem which is taking both our energy and time since spending much on something doesn’t work is very regretful. Read also: SugarBearHair vs HUM here.

Hair is placed on such as visible place where people can instantly see it when they meet us and this is why we have little method to conceal the problem unless you cover your hair completely or use a wig and hair extension to mask the real issue. Many of us want to go natural and there is nothings better than having a shiny, smooth and thick hair like those we often see on hair product’s campaign and celebrities alike in various media.

To achieve naturally healthy and shiny hair, it is not enough with topical hair solution only because hair is part of our body and it is affected by what’s happening inside as well which is why your doctors may ask if you have a health condition when checking your hair issue. While topical solution does help, to complete your regime, we need a supplementation as well and not only for hair, they can commonly benefit our skin and nails due to the ingredients used.

When it is time to look for a certain beauty supplement, we are going to be faced with so many options out there which is making us confused about which to choose. Most of them are made with popular vitamin such as Biotin and Vitamin E to improve your hair but depend on the brand and user, we may able to benefits from the product or not so there is no other way than doing light information gathering from other users and see what the ingredient can do for you.

About Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made
With the widely use of online shopping platform and forums we can get information easier these days without directly asking to the person and it is a quick way to see what product proven to work. Among those many options in the market, Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made are two among the most popular because not only they are fairly affordable compared to many similar products, they also use beneficial ingredients to help your hair’s condition and making it looks healthier.

Nature’s Bounty is a brand of supplement which you can get very easily on the pharmacies near your place or drug store because they are available almost everywhere so getting your hand on them should be very easy. Its company is called NBTY which is shorten of its name but more popular with the current name. The history of this manufacturer trace back in the early 70s, based in America and their line of work is manufacturing as well as marketing daily diet supplement.

At the other hand, in the same year, there is another company that begin their business around 1971 called Pharmavite which is founded by berry Pressman, later acquired by Otsuka Pharmaceutical in 1989. This company is the one who made Nature Made vitamin brand and it is actually already released decades ago in 1990. These brands are very similar to another supplement manufacturers because they produce and sell many supplement for their customers and while these two have a similar name, they are made by different manufacturer.

About Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made Fish Oil
Healthy diet is very important because we need them to properly nourish our body which in case we have some deficiency, there will be several issues like declining hair and skin health. This is the most frequent reason why supplementation is required by our body since not all of us are able to consume a healthy, balanced diet everyday, moreover, healthy food is not very affordable and worsen by our busy schedule which make our daily food mostly comes from nearby fast food chains.

When it comes to supplementation, we can choose from the vast options out there whether it is those made from various ingredients to provide a more complete support or those single nutrition in each capsule like Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made Fish Oil because they look more promising and match your condition better. Beside B vitamins, another supplement that can help your hair issue is fish oil because it is thought to benefit those with thinning hair.

Nature Made looks special because it claims to be the number 1 Pharmacist Recommended Omega or Fish Oil brand we can purchase since they are supplying the oil from deep ocean waters as opposed to the most common farm-raised fish.

They also do certain purification to remove the mercury to ensure a high levels of fish purity and concentration.
Before we are going deeper about the benefit of Fish Oil, we have to tell you first that there is no prominent or clear result that prove the oil can help with hair issue especially if you are suffering from hair thinning or loss.

Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made Fish Oil Variant
Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made both offer their own version of Fish Oil just like other brand of supplements out there and it can get quite confusing for many of us when deciding which the better option is. NB is offering their supplement in various amount of fish oil from 1000 to 2400 mg with two different softgels; regular and rapid release. In addition, there is the chewable version as well for those who hates consuming soft gels.

At the other hand, NM also offer several amounts of fish oil which comes in both soft gels and pearls and mini softgels to accommodate people who are not capable of consuming regular sized capsules. They also have the Xtra absorb version for better omega absorption and chewable candy for easier swallowing.

Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made Benefit
The reason why fish oil is used to treat hair problem especially hair loss because it contains essential omega-3 fatty acids which is most commonly used for children supplementation since it contribute to brain function, growth, and development as well as cellular maintenance and repair. With the latter benefit, it can stimulate skin, hair and follicle growth. Omega-3 will contribute directly to maintaining both the integrity and permeability of cell membranes so it will allow essential compounds to pass into the cell.

In addition, the inflammatory property will reduce inflammation that contributes to hair loss and other health issues. While Omega-3 is clearly beneficial, the prominent evidence of it can really help those with hair loss is still insufficient or it can be said there is no current evidence that demonstrate the substance can prevent or benefit hair loss. However, it does enhance skin and scalp health as well as reducing scale and dryness to make sure your scalp is healthier to support hair that may include hair growth.

Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made Dosage
The dosage of each fish oil supplement may differ from one brand or product to another, but the Nature’s Bounty and Nature Made one in our sample picture above should be taken two soft gel in each day. We are recommended to take them with meal everyday and water to ease the consumption. If you also take medicine, however, it is better to ask your doctor first before consuming these supplement just to be safe.

Now, let’s compare Nature’s Bounty with Nature Made Fish Oil. As you may already know, both of them are available in different amount of oil inside so it can vary from one version to another but in term of source, NM claimed to be sourcing their fish from deep sea which is preferred better since wild fish may produce better quality than farmed fish.

Nature’s Bounty vs Nature Made Fish Oil

Nature’s Bounty Fish OilNature Made Fish Oil
- May source from farmed-fish - Resource from deep sea fish
- More Fish Oils amount to choose - Less fish oils options
- More affordable - More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make for we may have different taste and preference and despite being made by different brand or different source, Omega-3 in fish oil is still lack in evidence to be helpful for hair issue especially hair loss so we don’t think they are the best solution for your hair. However, we do recommend you to take them as diet supplementation only and use hair, skin, and nail supplement for prominent result in your hair.