Nature’s Truth vs Doterra

For many people, natural remedies are the best option because they are proven to be effective and fairly safe to use in a long term as well as affordable for many including when looking for a hair solution. If you need a natural source for hair, Nature’s Truth vs Doterra may have the perfect product for you which is their line of essential oils. For those who are curious what oils we can use to treat hair problems, check our article below for more information.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Hair Oils
– What are Nature’s Truth and Doterra
– What Nature’s Truth and Doterra Essential Oils can offer to you
– How to use Nature’s Truth and Doterra Essential Oils for hair
– Nature’s Truth vs Doterra

Natural Hair Solution
Hair has been the focus of many beauty trends from the past until now and it is understandable why because, a healthy and properly styled hair will improve one’s appearance whether you are male or female. Hair is a crown that needs both special treatment and protection from free radicals today that can take an effect on their overall health. In addition, we should also apply some beneficial solution to treat any issue, preventing them from getting any worse.

In the past, hair oil is very popular so it is not surprising to see our parents or grandparents have some hair oils in their cabinet that has been used since they were young. The trend seem to subside but now, people are looking for a more natural solution which required us to go back to the older hair treatment including hair oil. Like the name, hair oil is natural derived oil which we can use to treat hair due to their special properties.

Not long before, hair and oil are often seen as enemy just like water and oil because who wants to have an oily, greasy hair that stuck to our skin in the summer. Nobody wants it and this is why hair oil is not very popular before for we adore the smooth, wind friendly hair that will come back to its form even after you run around with it. Oily hair makes dust and small particles easier to stick in, so we have to shampoo more often as well.

This old believe is getting upgraded today because manufacturers formulate their hair oil to be non-greasy with additional several ingredients. If you want to go natural, some essential oils may help dealing with the job but since each have their own characteristics, it is best to match your need or hair type and problem with the oil. Some oils are more moisturizing while some may help you control excessive scalp sebum thus, each have their own function based on main ingredient properties. Read also: Nature’s Bounty vs Nature’s Made Fish Oil here.

About Nature’s Truth and Doterra
The real problem surface when it’s time to select the oils for your hair because as you already know, there are vast options out there from different manufacturers and different type of oil itself. For those who prefer to use single, essential oil with no additional ingredients to be surer about safety and want to see the exact claimed benefit of each type of ingredient, Nature’s Truth and Doterra can be a nice option because these two are among the most popular when it comes to essential oil.

If you are using essential oil, chances are you also familiar with these brands and many other manufacturers but today, we are not going to talk about them as relation to the company and more into their product’s benefit for your hair. Both of them indeed have a huge collection of different types of oil so we are going to pick some example from their collection which you can benefit to treat hair and even other similar problem as a topical solution.

When it comes to essential oil, we are faced with several different extraction so one type of oil may have different extraction method to the other such as steam distillation for lavender and alcohol extraction for peppermint leaves and flowering tops. Both brands also use GC/MS testing to ensure the purity of their oils and to identify the chemical composition of the product to see the oil’s potency and other similar properties.

Nature’s Truth and Doterra Rosemary Oil Benefit
The first example we are picking is the Rosemary essential oil as you can see on the sample picture above. This type of oil is very popular if not among the most commonly used to treat several hair issue including hair loss. Thinning hair is a very serious problem which if not treated quickly will make the person ends up with a balding scalp. The most common balding is androgenetic alopecia or male/female pattern baldness that like the name, related to their genetic.

Nature’s Truth and Doterra Rosemary oil will benefit your hair because there is a randomized comparative trial back then in 2015 that looked at the effectiveness of Rosemary oil against androgenetic alopecia comparing it to Minoxidil. The result shows this oil can help patient grow more hair in a long term like Minoxidil with a less scalp itchiness we often see on topical medication use. This is because Rosemary oil is able to inhibit DHT in animal research.

In another study taken from Healthline, the leaf extract also has the same benefit with the essential oil. In addition, an active ingredient in this oil called as Carnosic acid is thought to have a healing property thus, when applied topically, it can rejuvenate nerves in the scalp as well to help those with hair loss issue.

Applying Nature’s Truth and Doterra Rosemary Oil
Using Rosemary oil like those from Nature’s Truth and Doterra is also very easy. We can put about 5 drops of the oil and massage them evenly on your scalp after showering and mix them with other oil such as Jojoba if desired. If you don’t like the oil to sit for long or want to rinse, make sure to let it get absorbed for about 5 or 10 minutes to give a maximum result but if you are fine, many people let the oil stay at their scalp until next wash.

Nature’s Truth and Doterra Benefit
The next example we are picking from both of these brands is Peppermint oil which can be the option for those who are naturally have an oily skin or want to increase their hair growth. This is because there is a recent study in 2014 where researchers do their study with mice, resulting that this essential oil will be very helpful for hair growth for the mice shown to have faster hair growth and thicker hair as well.

The real reason for this result is still unclear but since it can promote a healthier scalp and reduce inflammation, those with scalp condition may get benefit from the oil. Another benefit of Peppermint oil is regulating the sebum in scalp so those with natural oily scalp/hair can apply the oil to help reduce greasy look.

Applying Nature’s Truth and Doterra Peppermint Oil
For application we can directly put Nature’s Truth and Doterra Peppermint Oil on scalp which will give you a cold and tingling sensation or add it with another oil to reduce the strong sensation. For lighter application, we can also mix some drops of oils into shampoo to freshen your hair and relax your mood.

Nature’s Truth and Doterra Lavender Oil Benefit
The last essential oil we want to use as an example is Lavender oil and thankfully, both Nature’s Truth and Doterra are also providing this one. Commonly, this oil is used as an aromatherapy and mosquitos repellent while the topical application itself somehow not as popular as the other two above. One of the most popular reason why people start using the oil is because it can kill lice that makes your scalp itchy but, it is used combined with tea tree oil.

As a single oil, Lavender essential oil thought to have a hair growing properties because there is a study in 2016 based on animal test where topical application of this oil can improve the number of hair follicles significantly in female mice while in addition it also able to deepen the depth of hair follicles and thicken the thermal layer. Those suffering from bacteria or fungal infection can also take benefit due to the antimicrobial, healing and soothing property for healthier scalp.

Applying Nature’s Truth and Doterra Lavender Oil
To apply Lavender oil, the best way is to dilute it with other oils like Coconut or Jojoba oil and let it sit overnight in your scalp by wrapping a towel or let it sit for 5 to 6 minutes before going to bath. For easier method, we can also put few drops into hair product like shampoo and conditioners for routine treatment and enhance your products scent.

Now, let’s compare Nature’s Truth with Doterra. In term of quality, both of them are using the proper distillation and extraction method needed to create the essential oils from its main raw material with quality control to ensure the purity and its potential properties so we know for what the oil can be used further. The prominent difference are on their price point which show Nature’s Truth as the more affordable option and comes in a bigger packaging compared to Doterra.

Nature’s Truth vs Doterra

Nature’s TruthDoterra
- Value package - Smaller package
- More affordable - More expensive
- Less product variations - Wider product options

However, there are indeed many complaints going on with these brands, most of being inauthentic products or scam yet there are also people satisfied with what they have purchased. We do recommend using essential oils for your hair issues as a more natural solution but the decision to either pick one of these brands is all up to you.