Ultrax vs Lipogaine

Hair Loss is one of the most annoying problem to have because they are harder to treat compared to other hair issue like dry or coarse hair and if not treated quickly or properly, we may end up with a balding scalp. For those who are currently looking for a hair loss solution, Ultrax vs Lipogaine are two nice option to pick because these shampoos are proven to benefit their users. If you are also interested in them, go check our article below to see which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about;
– Why using Hair Loss Shampoo
– What are Ultrax and Lipogaine
– How many variants offered by Ultrax and Lipogaine
– What Ultrax and Lipogaine are made of
– What Ultrax and Lipogaine can offer to you
– Ultrax vs Lipogaine

Hair Loss Shampoo
When it comes to hair, we will see a vast collection of hair product with different claims to support your hair whether it is to keep the dye you put on yesterday, making it shinier and softer to those with a claim to rejuvenate and support more hair growth. Hair is a simple yet complicated part in our body since their cosmetic purpose is often making people have to spend so much time, energy and money to treat due to being prone of problem.

It seems that most people have experienced at least one hair issue in their life from the light dry hair to those with a severe balding. Many of us both male and female are preferring to keep the mane healthy and shiny because younger people tend to pay attention to appearance more and we don’t want that hair loss to affect how we feel about ourselves. The bright side is common problem will have a bunch of solution so we can easily pick one of them to apply. See also: Hairfinity vs Mane Choice here.

Performance and effectivity are not something we can predict about a product because those with promising ingredients may also not working for some people so there is no other way to tell whether a product is good or not without actually trying them. However, by understanding their formulation, at least we will know if they are legit or not so we know what to expect and match the result with their promise better.

Hair treatment especially for hair loss is varied widely but they are offering the same benefit or more precisely “promise”. There are shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair tonic, hair serum and many other type of treatment marketed for hair loss just like a regular hair product. If you start to experience hair loss, the first treatment you may want to have is a hairloss shampoo which is the basic of almost every treatment and they are also easy to use, following any hair routine.

About Ultrax
For those who never used a hairloss shampoo before, it is good to start from what works for other people because they have a high chance to work on you as well compared to some unheard brand and less users. One of the most popular hairloss shampoo raved by many people today is Ultrax Labs or shorten as Ultrax which is a brand focusing on hair loss issue for both men and women ranging from topical product to supplement.

The one we will be talking today is their shampoo or more popularly called as Hair Surge shampoo as you can see on the sample picture above. It used to be number one in online shopping platform like Amazon but now it is pushed back to 3rd position behind Pura D’or. If you are also interested on the other popular shampoo, go check our Pura D’or vs Biotin here. This shampoo is promising a healthier and more importantly a thicker hair due to the claim to start treating from hair follicles.

Ultrax Variant
Beside this shampoo, there are several other products on Ultrax catalogue you may taken an interest too, for example the conditioner to complete your hair replenishing routine. As a complete brand, they also offer a hair supplement called Hair Rush for those who want to treat hair loss and thinning from the inside contains a mix of powerful ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and herb. For an even complete regime, we can also apply their Thickening Treatment after shampoo and conditioning.

Ultrax Ingredient and Benefit
When looking for a treatment to deal with a problem, the most important thing will be the ingredient since they will play a key role in delivering the benefit and proving those claims. Ultrax is also the same and made with various popular natural ingredients inside that has been long known as a remedy for hair loss. Those ingredients are Caffeine, Menthol, Niacin, Saw Palmetto, Ketoconazole, Peppermint Oil, and Mango butter.

Caffeine is a popular ingredient we often see on a hairloss shampoo and product because they are thought to be able to fight the thinning effect and prevent those hair to fall from your follicles but how it works precisely? It seems that caffeine has a special effect on the enemy of hair called DHT which is like the byproduct of testosterone. This androgen can actually shrink follicles and make it unable to support hair anymore, resulting in hair loss.

The next menthol and peppermint oil are fairly the same because they contains menthol. As for peppermint, it can’t help hair loss due to hormone but it will boost the blood circulation in your scalp to let them carry more needed nutrition to your hair similar like the latter ingredient called Niacin or vitamin B3. Saw Palmetto is another popular ingredient we often see on shampoo or supplement to fight hair loss and it actually have the same effect as caffeine.

Saw Palmetto is known to block DHT in our scalp that causing hair follicles to shrink and disappear if not treated quickly so by fighting the androgen, our follicles will stay open and able to support the current hair and new hair growth later. The next one is Ketoconazole or the fungal infection helper. This one is used on hair loss shampoo usually to reduce fungal and standard inflammation, providing a better environment for a hair to grow and prevent hair loss.

An interesting thing about this ingredient is it can also help to deal with DHT because it will disrupt the DHT pathway and potentially inhibiting the androgen that will cause hair loss if not taken care of. The last is mango butter and this one has nothing to do with hair loss in general but more into nourishing the scalp and moisturizing the hair to prevent dry and itchy scalp as well as dandruff.

About Lipogaine
Hair Loss solution is available widely and each country may have their own favorite product so make sure to look around first to ensure we are already picking the best or most promising one among them. For hair loss, the other good option we can pick is Lipogaine which is also promising a healthier hair and preventing loss as well as nourishing them to look better. It is suitable for both men and women so all user can take the benefit.

Lipogaine Variants
Lipogaine actually has two version of shampoos, the Big 5 like in our sample picture above and the Big 3 with a slightly different look or bottle design. There is no clear difference in formulation between these versions but the Big 3 is said to have Ketoconazole in its ingredient while this version doesn’t. In addition, there are gender-specific treatment for additional support that we can apply after shampooing, unwashed.

Lipogaine Ingredient and Benefit
Now, let’s move to the ingredient list. Unlike Ultrax, Lipogaine is using a wider range of ingredient so there are a lot to consider here but we are only picking those seem promising. In addition to Saw Palmetto, Caffeine, and Niacin, it also have biotin, cedarwood oil, green tea sage oil, he shou wu, soy isoflavone and many more. Biotin is used to treat hair loss and used to be consumed but it only works if someone is lacking of Biotin or B7 vitamin in their body since it doesn’t affect DHT.

Cedarwood is also beneficial for hair loss because it can help stimulate the hair follicles by increasing the circulation to the scalp. This process will keep the follicle healthy and able to support a healthy hair as well. The next is green tea and its relation to hair loss is because it has a role in inhibiting androgen receptors function. The androgen called DHT connects to hair follicles via this receptors and by getting in the way, the bad effect can be minimize as well.

Sage oil is used to enrich the formulation and it is thought to help in supporting hair growth as well as stimulating the scalp. As for he shou wu, it is a traditional Chinese herb and the research for its benefit is still not very clear but people said it has a rich antioxidant to fight free radicals which may affect your hair longevity. The last interesting ingredient is soy-isoflavone and it is used here because it can help remove DHT from our scalp.

Now, let’s compare Ultrax with Lipogaine. The difference between them is on the ingredient especially with the Big 5 shampoo from Lipogaine because it is very rich in formulation by mixing a lot of beneficial items here. The prominent difference is Ultrax use Ketoconazole as a fighter of fungi infection as well which is not present in Lipogaine.

Ultrax vs Lipogaine

- Has ketoconazole - Doesn’t have ketoconazole (Big 5)
- More expensive - More affordable
- Less ingredients - More ingredients
- No vitamin E- Vitamin E

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since each person may have a different suitable shampoo that works better for them. In our opinion, these two are similarly good but we do pick Lipogaine because it is far more affordable so we don’t have to spend much to see whether it will work or not.