Olaplex vs Kerastase

Hair is like the crown that sit in our head all the time. It can affect how we feel about ourselves which is why we make efforts to keep it looks appealing or at least neat and healthy. For those with hair issues, Olaplex vs Kerastase may able to help you deal with the problem because they are designed to work by repairing the hair. For those who wonders which suit your hair the most, go check what the can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently suffering from hair loss
– What are Olaplex and Kerastase
– How many products we can use from Olaplex and Kerastase
– What Olaplex and Kerastase are made with
– What Olaplex and Kerastase can offer to you
– Olaplex vs Kerastase

Hair Loss
Both men and women want to have a healthy hair and having a shortening amount of hair in mid 20s to 40s is just frightening for many of us. While many of us can get by without any severe problem happening in their scalp, it seems that everyday there are people who are struggling to find a hair loss solution that can grow back their lost strands. While it is a common problem, it doesn’t mean we can get a nice product as easy.

Hair thinning seems to be more often described as male pattern baldness but it is not only happening in male since female can also suffers from the same problem and while to this day we have no permanent cure for the issue, there are lots of medication and solution claimed as well as proven to reduce the bad effect. However, not all hair loss is affected by androgen because our hair is actually fragile enough to start falling off just because we are currently stress about something.

Pregnancy is also a trigger for hair loss but it is not going to last forever because commonly mother will regrow hair back in the next several months. The next cause of hair loss or hair fall is too much of vitamin A but then again, it is fairly easy to handle by limiting the vitamin intake. The next reason is probably more common especially for those who are not very fond of animal product because it is the lack of protein.

Taken from Health, not enough protein intake will cause our body to shut down hair growth which is why we are recommended to consume enough protein each day. Another reason that may affect you hair health is blood because anemia cause hair loss as well and it can be due to iron deficiency which is why hair supplement and vitamins mostly have iron in their formulation. Those who lack of vitamin B may also experience hair loss but since the vitamin is present in many foods, it chance is lower.

Hair is always better to be left natural and overstyling may cause a problem like damaged or thinning hair especially those with naturally fragile hair. To keep it safer, make sure to use conditioner after shampooing and limit the use or heat iron as well as blow drying.

About Olaplex
To make sure we are getting the proper solution for our problem, it is best to know the reason behind the issue and look for a solution to match them. When talking about hair treatment, Olaplex is almost always mentioned because how popular they are. Today people seem to be very familiar with this brand because of how good they could perform mostly in restoring hair health but before moving forward, they are not a hair loss solution but more into a hair damage products.

The reason why it is often thought to also handle hair loss is because the product promise is to repair damaged hair which often experienced by those who suffer from hair loss. The logic is when we repair the hair, they will be stronger to prevent fall out so there is certainly some connection here. Olaplex is endorsed by popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian and already used by so many people who gives various reviews based on their own result; many have amazing hair while some claimed a worsening effect.

Olaplex Variant
The brand have several products to apply so it is not a single solution and what we have to remind user is they currently offer 6 type of products from No.1 to the new released No.6 but the first two are only used by professional at salon and similar establishments while the rest can be used as an at-home treatment. No.1 and No.2 are used mixed with bleaching or alone to make sure a healthier, non-damaging result, supported by the next applied after washing the lightener.

Olaplex Ingredient
Olaplex is promising because it works based on hair chemistry because as we all know, hair contains protein called as keratin which has the amino acid cysteine and this one contains sulfur atom. When two sulfur joins together, they form a disulfide bond and creating link between protein that holds the hair’s overall shape and strength. When we do chemical treatments and heat styling this bond is broken and this is what cause our hair to lose its strength as well as good appearance.

Bis-aminopropyl diglycol is the main ingredient in Olaplex and this patent ingredient is the one that play an important role in forming bonds with the sulfurs in our hair, making an artificial, extended disulfide bridge. The remaining 4 products are used at home and their main function is to keep the result from the treatment so they can last longer. Those products are No.3 which is similar to conditioner, No.4 which is a shampoo, No.5 a conditioner and No.6 a Leave-in like hair serum. Read also: Ultrax vs Lipogaine here.

Olaplex Result
While the product description and how it works seems legit, we will never know before using the treatment. However, compared to similar hair treatments, Olaplex is proven to strengthen the hair from inside and out. Usually, our hair texture will feel much weaker after applying a lightening solution but with No.1 and No.2, after dye hair feels much smoother and what we see prominently is the level of conditioning they have. In our opinion, this treatment is great for those who want to dye their hair with brighter shade.

About Kerastase
Since there are so many options out there, it is good to check other products as well that has a promising result matching with the current problem we face currently. Olaplex itself is not a hair loss solution but more into hair damage products especially for people who wants to dye their hair while they do have at home treatment, the key products are the No.1 Bond Multiplier and if you wants a hair loss specified treatment, Kerastase may have what you need.

Kerastase Variant
Kerastase is a high-end hair care products which is actually a part of the professional portfolio of L’Oreal Group. The brand has a huge collection of products which we can use at home but the one we need for a hair loss problem is their Bain Densite line like in our sample picture above. This line has 4 products; a shampoo, hair mask, density activator and mousse as well as Homme version which is for men and have 3 items with shampoo, balm and scalp treatment.

Kerastas Ingredient
The key in Kerastase Bain Densite especially the shampoo are Hyaluronic Acid, Gluco-Peptide and Ceramides. The first Hyaluronic Acid is actually very common in skincare products but rarely heard when it comes to hair treatment. This natural salt is actually beneficial for hair as well because it acts in similar way like a fertilizer and will help increase hair growth as well as strand diameter, making the hair seems thicker than before, especially those with thin hair. This is because HA will retain moisture and hydrates hair better.

Gluco-Peptide information is not very clear and whether this ingredient have a legit scientific background is also still questionable but it is most likely to be amino acid and Kerastase claimed it will have a compensating properties for surface irregularities and restore hair uniformity by entering to the deepest layers of our hair cuticle thus, hair gain its texture. As for Ceramides, this one is said to act like a glue to your hair but not a literal glue.

As we age and apply various chemical treatment as well as styling, we will exhaust our hair natural defensive protection and Ceramide is acting like glue that hold them together. In hair care products, this ingredient will bind to the hair shaft and forming a barrier and preventing moisture as well as protein loss. In addition, Kerastase shampoo also has Arginine which is a natural amino acids to help strengthen hair and reduce breakage for a healthier, thicker look.

Kerastase Result
After a few weeks using the treatment, user can start to see the benefit. Kerastase shampoo is very light and will lather with just a small amount so a bottle can be used for quite the time. After shampooing, hair becomes fresher and cleaner but what we notice is its weigh down a bit probably because of the moisturizing ingredient which makes this product a nice option for those with a damaged and dry hair. Its mask is also nice and treat hair from roots very well; its effect even stays for about two days after application.

Now, let’s compare Olaplex with Kerastase. The difference between them is their main focus on helping people with hair issue because as we already know, Olaplex is strengthening the hair to fight the damage often done in hair coloring or lightening so our hair can turn out healthier, moreover, when combined with their at home treatment. On the other side, Kerastase is a standard home treatment which we can use to replace our old hair care and focus on repairing as well as replenishing hair the more we use them.

Olaplex vs Kerastase

- Have multilevel application - Can be used individually
- The main treatment need professional application - At home treatment only
- More expensive - More affordable
- Focus on hair damage repairing - For hair thinning (Bain Densite)
- Instant result - Need few weeks to see result

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because both are proven to work great but Olaplex is more of a hair damage solution with almost instant result while Kerastase especially the Bain Densite will repair and nourish hair that result will take time. Both are nice option so make sure to pick the one that match your hair problem the most but, for those who never color their hair or do chemical treatment, Kerastase is an easier/affordable option to pick.