Mane Choice vs Mielle

Hair vitamins are very popular because they can work amazing for those who want to get a healthier, better hair from the inside out. In the market, we can choose from a vast options such as Mane Choice vs Mielle with their beneficial ingredients that can deliver a list of good improvements for our hair. If you are also interested in these vitamins, go check our article below to see what they can offer and which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why we need a hair vitamin
– What are Mane Choice and Mielle
– What variant we pick from Mane Choice and Mielle
– What Mane Choice and Mielle are made from
– What Mane Choice and Mielle can offer to you
– How to consume Mane Choice and Mielle
– Mane Choice vs Mielle

Hair Vitamin
Even though hair is very important to make sure we are always confident with how we look, not all of us are lucky enough to get a beautiful mane without especially putting much effort to achieve them. Depend on each person condition and hair type, we may be more prone to hair damage or unhealthy hair which can also be affected by our hair routine. Unhealthy hair can be stressing out as well if it is hard to deal with.

Hair can have several problems at once such as dry and brittle hair or thin and not lively but most of the time these types of issue can be handled by using certain hair treatments like moisturizing shampoo, conditioner or volumizing products. One of the most annoying problem is however, thinning hair because not only it will makes your hair looks unhealthy, we will also lose a huge amount of the strands little by little.

Hair loss or fall is actually a common and natural thing so not all the time we see a hair on our comb can indicate that we are suffering from hair thinning yet, if the amount gets worse each time we comb or shampooing, it can be a good sign to start looking for a hair thinning products. Hair thinning can be hard to deal with because most of the time we never know what cause the issue so it can be harder to select for what kind of products we need.

We can start from changing our hair care routine from shampoo, conditioner and mask or start applying scalp treatment. But, if you need a more potent result, trying a hair vitamins can be a good method as well to try preventing the condition from becoming worse. Many people are skeptical about hair vitamins but there are people who are already enjoying the benefit so it is probably worth trying to complement your topical solution so we can get a more optimized result.

About Mane Choice
When it comes to hair vitamin, we can choose from a huge products out there made by different brands but all of them are promising the same result which is helping our body fix any deficiency related to hair loss and make sure to help our scalp to grow more hair as well as preventing the hair thinning to become worse. What we need to check is their ingredients because this is what will decide if our body need them as well as guessing what kind of result in the end.

When faced with so many options, it can be hard to select one but with the current trend where people prefer to shop through online marketplace, it makes things easier especially when seeing what products currently loved by users. A popular products may not work well for us as well but those work on other people have a higher chance to fix our issue as well. Among the vast options, Mane Choice is good hair vitamin because it is proven to work by many people and used a bunch of beneficial ingredients.

Mane Choice Variant
Mane Choice is a brand of body and hair care products which is also offering hair vitamin that is very popular because many people have experienced a good result from consuming the tablets. The one we pick in this article is their Metabolism Plus and this version also has the men version for male users. This vitamin is claimed to be formulated by physician to benefit users hair, skin and nails. For those with GMO related concern, it is also made from GMO-free ingredients.

Mane Choice Ingredient and Benefit
Just like many other hair vitamins, Mane Choice also put Biotin as the star for their ingredients marking at 5000 mcg. In the US itself the daily biotin is at 25 mcg and while this vitamin is indeed used widely on hair vitamins, it is not proven scientifically useful for hair loss except for those who are experiencing a deficiency which is pretty rare since B vitamins are abundant on daily food we consume. This hair vitamin has Biotin (B7), Thiamin (B1), Niacin (B3), B6, Folic Acid (B9), B12, and Pantothenic Acid (B5).

In collective, B complex vitamin is beneficial and needed to regulate metabolism and maintaining the central nervous system. They are useful on hair or beauty supplement because the more vitamin B like B12 may help strengthen and condition the hair, the same like Vitamin A. We also get Vitamin C, D, E, K1 and minerals like Calcium and Zinc. Taken from Medicalnewstoday, vitamin D is shown to create new follicles or the small pores where new hair can grow so the vitamin may thicken your hair.

Vitamin E itself is popular for antioxidant called tocotrienols which is shown to improve hair health of people especially those with alopecia. In addition Zinc and Calcium is also beneficial for hair loss moreover if you have the deficiency since it is actually very common. Lacking or a poor absorbance of these minerals will cause in hair loss so it is a good choice to take an additional supplement. The last is MSM, the sulfur-rich compound that has an anti-inflammatory properties.

The reason why it is used on a hair vitamin like Mane Choice is because MSMS sulfur can form bonds we need to strengthen hair and influencing hair growth. This brand is not the only one using this compound because a popular name like Hairfinity also has their proprietary MSM blend as well. If you are interested, check their comparison on our Hairfinity vs Mane Choice here.

Mane Choice Dosage
To get the best benefit from Mane Choice, we have to consume the hair vitamin according to their dosage and it is better to keep them routinely. This vitamin is taken two capsules a day with or without food and according to those who already used the products, the result seems to showed up between 2 weeks to more than a month so it is good to wait and see since there is no instant effect.

About Mielle
Because there are so many other options, we may took an interest to other hair vitamins in the market and if you are looking for those with similar formulation, Mielle can be a good choice as well. For those who never heard the name before, this brand is similar to Mane Choice because they also offer a huge list of hair and body care. The one we pick today is one of their most popular hair supplement for adult that comes in tablets.

Mielle Variant
For those who are not fond of taking tablets or medicine-like solution, Mielle also has a gummy candy version of their hair vitamin and even a children vitamin for younger users. This hair vitamin is promising a healthier hair from within and handle problems that start from the lack of nutrients because they use a unique blend from herbs, amino acids and minerals to help people with hair thinning issue despite difference in hair type.

Mielle Ingredient and Benefit
Unlike other vitamin that boast their Biotin or B7 vitamin, Mielle is putting the start at B1&2 because the deficiency in these vitamins can leads to hair loss while adding B3 to improves the blood circulation to scalp. Biotin is also present at 4000 mcg here but the amount is still not as many as in Mane Choice at 5000 mcg. It has Vitamin, C, E, and A to prevent hair loss, dryness, brittle hair, helping with blood cells grow and maintain the sebum in scalp.

Overall, these vitamins will create a better environment for hair to grow healthier. Similar like Mane Choice, there is MSM as well in this hair vitamin which is claimed to revitalize inactive hair follicles by increasing scalp circulation and removes toxins as well as assist nutrients to promote new hair growth. For those who are worrying about DHT related hair loss can also benefit from Mielle because they use saw palmetto here known for the ability to reduce DHT, the enemy of hair.

Mielle Dosage
This hair vitamin is consume with or without food with water because the tablet is quite big like a medicine so those who don’t really fond of tablets may find it is hard to swallow them. It is consume two capsules per day and people can see the result as quick as few days for skin and nails but for hair, it need around 3 weeks to few months to see a prominent change so it is probably good to be prepared to consume it longer.

Now, let’s compare Mane Choice with Mielle. As you may already know, the difference between them is mostly about the ingredients because Mane Choice contains much B7 and B12 while Mielle is offering a higher B1, B2, and B6 as well as Saw Palmetto to help people who are struggling with hair loss from DHT.

Mane Choice vs Mielle

Mane ChoiceMielle
- More complete B complex - Only several B vitamins
- Higher Biotin (B7) - Higher B1, B2 and B5
- Has B12 - Has Saw Palmetto
- Higher Vitamin 3 - Higher Vitamin A & C

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference in term of how much vitamin we need on our supplements. We do prefer Mielle because it is offering more than just multivitamin with the help of Saw Palmetto and a higher B1&2 because these two are more prone to be lacking in our body.