Mielle vs Camille Rose

To keep our hair healthy and thick, sometime it is not enough with only topical treatments because a good way to treat them is also from the inside. Hair vitamin can do the job and not only for hair, we can also get a healthier looking skin and nail by consuming them. Mielle vs Camille Rose are two great options for hair vitamin and if you are also considering these brands, go check our article below to see what they can offer and pick the better solution.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair loss solution
– What are Mielle and Camille Rose
– What are the Promise of Mielle and Camille Rose
– What Mielle and Camille Rose are made of
– What Mielle and Camille Rose can offer to you
– How to consume Mielle and Camille Rose
– Mielle vs Camille Rose

Hair Loss Solution
Who doesn’t want to have a healthier hair and a thicker mane because both men and women are always looking for a method to upgrade how their hair look both the appearance and health level. A healthy hair won’t need much to look appealing because the natural shine and texture is already prominent enough to make you looks great. What’s unfortunate is not all of us capable of achieving them without much effort due to several hair issue we may experience on our daily life.

Bad hair day is something that threatens your confidence and affecting the mood for the day but it usually easy to deal with some topical treatment yet, it is different if you have a naturally dry hair or thin hair strands that makes it looks like a lion mane. As opposed, those with naturally oily hair will have to wash often or use dry shampoo to prevent them from looking like they have been skipping shower for a week. While they are not serious problems, it can still get quite annoying.

Dry or extremely oily hair may not very concerning as long as they don’t affect the hair health, but it is different if you have a brittle hair or those that need a long hour to style just to make them look neat enough before going to work and a hair thinning that slowly reveal your scalp more. If you are experiencing from such issues, it is better to start looking for a solution because if not treated properly, the condition may get worse.

We can start from changing our hair routine with the one that match our hair condition such as moisturizing shampoo or hair mask for those with extra dry hair or hair loss shampoo and conditioner for people who need a help to thicken their hair. As for hair loss, the cause for this problem may not very clear so it is good to check why you experience the problem and if you prefer, consume a hair vitamin to handle the problem from inside.

Hair vitamin is just like the name, focusing on vitamin, minerals as well as herbs which has been known to improve hair health and handling several problems you may have. Depend on the kind of issue we have, not all people may be suitable with one hair vitamin brand but there is no other way to know it except after doing trial and error to find the one for us.

About Mielle
For those who worry about the lacks of vitamin and nutrient from their diet and if their food is not enough to provide the needed nutrients, Mielle is one of the good choice we can pick to make sure we get enough of them to support a healthier hair. They are a brand of body and hair care while also offering hair vitamin for adult and children. This hair vitamin comes in 4 types, capsule, gummy candy, children vitamin and organic vitamin for those with the concern.

Mielle Promise
Mielle hair vitamin is the choice of many people because they promise to not cause skin breakouts which is actually quite common when you consume a hair supplement. Without the bad side effect, this hair vitamin will provide an equal balanced of herbs, amino acids and minerals to encourage a better hair growth. It is also suitable for any hair types so all people can consume the hair vitamin. Like many other hair vitamin, the best benefit is we can get additional vitamins, minerals and protein from the capsules.

Mielle Ingredient and Benefit
What separate Mielle from other hair vitamin is how they formulate their vitamin because instead of using a huge amount of B7 or Biotin, this one is focusing in B1&2. B complex in general will play an important role in regulating and maintaining the central nervous system as well as help strengthening and condition hair. The reason why they put a huge amount of these two is because they are more prone to deficiency in human body especially the B1. Read also: Castor oil vs Mineral oil here.

B1 deficiency can happen very quickly because unhealthy living habit like alcohol consumption can cause the problem just like cancer patient. As for B2, it lacks in our body may be cause by poor nutrition absorption or excessive alcohol consumption. The lack of vitamin B may be not as well-known but it can cause hair loss so consuming these in supplement form may help the issue. In addition to Vitamin B, it also have Vitamin C, E, and A. Vitamin C and E are source of antioxidant especially Vitamin E.

For hair it is suggested that this vitamin will be helpful for those who are battling with alopecia since it will improve hair health as well as prevent more hair loss. Vitamin A itself also helpful in term of providing a better environment for hair to grow healthily. To enrich the formulation, we can found MSM here which is thought to have a good impact on hair due to its anti-inflammatory properties to help revitalizing inactive follicles and improve circulation so nutrient can reach our scalp.

Saw palmetto is used to reduce DHT level with its capability to inhibit 2-alpha reductase for people with androgen related hair loss. The last is Zinc because its deficiency can cause hair loss.

Mielle Dosage
To get the most from Mielle, we have to consume the hair vitamin routinely and just like many other hair vitamins out there, it is supposed to be taken two capsules each day. What people complaint is the capsule can be a bit bigger especially for those who are not used to drink a medicine. The effect can be seen starting from few days for skin and nails while hair will need mostly 3 weeks to few months before seeing a prominent change.

About Camille Rose
With the vast options out there, it is wise to look for other solution as well to make sure we already pick the most suitable products. If you like Mielle, chances are you will love Camille Rose hair vitamin as well. This hair vitamin is called Super Food because it contains beneficial ingredients for hair. The brand may sound unfamiliar but they are known to give good results including other products from their hair and body lines.

Camille Rose Promise
This Super Food hair supplement from Camille Rose is promising a healthier hair because the ingredients they used are supposed to support a longer hair growth, preventing more hair loss and a thicker hair for those with hair thinning issue. What’s attractive is they also made the formulation without animal derived ingredients so people who are vegan or vegetarian can definitely consume the supplement as well. Their natural ingredients will leave your hair looks healthier and it is also fairly affordable compared to other similar products.

Camille Rose Ingredient and Benefit
What’s boasted in Camille Rose hair vitamin is their glacial bioextracts blend which is made from kelp, alfalfa, acai berry and borage oil. Kelp is the source of various vitamins namely, A, B1, C, D , E and minerals like zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, copper and potassium. All of them are known to support hair health from the inside such as allowing better blood circulation and fixing deficiency that may result in hair loss like zinc, iron and B1&2. This lists are also actually found in alfalfa.

As for spirulina, this often called super food is rich in amino acids as well as iron, copper and B vitamins. In hair, nail and skin, there is keratin which is their building blocks and amino acids is responsible for making this type of protein. By consuming amino acid, we hope to see a healthier hair, skin and nails. Amino acids will get together and keratinized before they emerges from scalp but it can also increase red blood cells to make sure we have enough to transfer nutrient to scalp.

Camille Rose Dosage
Unlike many other hair supplements or vitamins, Camille Rose Super Food is taken once a day so each bottle of 60 capsules are for two months which making the vitamins even more affordable. There is no bad reports on side effect including breakout since it has a low biotin which often cause breakouts on many people. The result is quite nice because hair feels healthier and grow a little bit more even including eyebrow.

Now, let’s compare Mielle with Camille Rose hair vitamin. The difference between these two is their formulation because they definitely goes separate ways here with Camille Rose introducing spirulina in their ingredient list. The amount of Biotin is lower in the vitamin so those who prone to breakouts will experience lesser side effect. In term of effectivity, it is hard to tell but both of them do work amazing.

Mielle vs Camille Rose

MielleCamille Rose
- Higher Biotin - Lower Biotin
- More expensive - More affordable
- Two capsules a day - One capsule a day

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because they may work differently in different users. We do prefer Camille Rose because it has spirulina and kelp which is known to be rich in vitamins and minerals naturally. Moreover, it also has lower biotin level to prevent breakout.