Mielle vs tgin

Just like our skin, hair will need to be treated properly to keep them healthy and manageable. Different hair type will need a different treatment as well so those with straight fine hair will have different regime than those with a curly, thicker hair. If you are the latter, Mielle vs tgin are two good brand offering hair care for curly head, especially with their hair gel. Go check them below to see what they can offer and pick the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which hair styling product you need
– What are Mielle and tgin
– How are the Texture or Consistency of Mielle and tgin
– What Mielle and tgin are made of
– What Mielle and tgin can offer to you
– Mielle vs tgin

Hair Gel or Cream
One of the most stressing routine we have to do every morning is getting up and prepare our look either it is for school or to work. We have to look neat and awake when going out of the house but there are times when coffee is not the only this we need in the morning, especially those with curly hair. If you are a curly head like us, chances are you will spend much time to manage those and making it look pretty rather than messy.

There are so many hair treatments or products in the market for curly head like it is hair oil, gel, or cream to keep them in check or to enhance the look. The product may varied from the at home hair care regime we used to apply routinely such as shampoo or conditioner and hair mask to additional treatment we can apply to set their look. We don’t prefer to use hairspray because it is kind of outdated and like a safer, friendlier solution like cream or gel.

For curly head, we often see people whether family or friend apply cream or gel on their hair and if you are curios what these products do, they are basically here to enhance the curl’s look. Sometime there are people who would use mousse as well but somehow it is not as popular as the other two. While cream and gel are rather similar in function but they will give a different result so if you are wondering which to pick, it is better to know them better.

Just like what you may already know, cream in general are moisturizing, smoothing and for curly hair, it is going to define your shape more but not friendly with those with straight hair. Cream will moisturize hair to prevent flaky skin but it doesn’t really hold well so we may need re-application after several hours. At the other hand, gel is like the opposite of cream because it can be used by both straight and curly hair owner which have a prominent benefit of holding those curls in place.

What’s concerning about hair gel is it can leave your hair looks crispy and wet depend on each product’s ingredients. Cheap products will contains much drying ingredients like alcohol, so if you prefer the lightweight and effective gel, make sure to check their formulation or see what other curly head out there also use for a quick opinion on the products to make sure we are not picking the wrong item.

About Mielle and tgin
Now when you already know what each of these popular curly hair products can do to the hair, it is the time to pick which suit yours better. If you are here, chances are the gel type attract your attention better than its opposite. In the market, we have so many options so it can be quite confusing, moreover, if we never purchase any of them before. However, if you need a quick shop, we can see what the current favorite out there.

What suit other people may not always please us but it is a good start since what works for other people will have a high chance to fix our problem as well. Among those many options, Mielle and tgin are two popular brands to choose which has been used by many other people with curly hair to enhance their curl and making theirs look prettier. Both are brands of hair and body care so hair is not the only thing they are good at.

As for Mielle, this one also offer a nice hair vitamin for those who are worrying about their unhealthy and thinning hair and if you are interested, check it on our previous article, Mielle vs Camille Rose here. For people with a rather dry hair and can’t afford to use hair gel in fear of making it worse, both of these brands also have cream version of their curly treatment so make sure to check it out as well. The variant we are going to talk here are Honey & Ginger Styling Gel and Curl Bomb.

Honey & Ginger styling gel from Mielle is promising to keep your hair from looking always neat with special formulation to prevent dry and hydrate your hair. It is claimed to have no sticky buildup in hair as well as artificial additives for those with sensitive skin. It promise a curl definition, smooth edges and frizz reduction for better appearance. As for tgin Curl Bomb hair gel, this one is promising soft, touchable curls without the familiar crunch often followed gel hair application.

It is also claimed to be made with unique formula to aid moisture retention as well as providing a long lasting curl definition. For those with the concern, this hair gel has no parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors or used animal testing.

Mielle and tgin Texture
Both of them are coming in the same bottle size and practically have the same kind of bottle as well as the pump. They are filled with gel of the solution and if you see it from the sample picture above, the tgin gel is clear and see through while the Mielle one is cloudy and looking like rather milky. If you never use a curly hair gel before, gel solution used to have a watery consistency but these two are very thick.

For example, if you put them on a palm and flip it, the gel won’t come down or running on your skin. What separate them is Mielle is creamier and not as thick as the other so it has a consistency similar to lotion. Tgin smells very good such as their other solution which is like apple and peach scent while the other is just like the name, smell like both honey and ginger.

Mielle and tgin Ingredient and Benefit
The next thing we have to check when looking for a hair gel is the ingredient to make sure they don’t have any harmful substances that you don’t prefer. In general, both of Mielle and tgin are very similar to each other and what we like is they do have various natural ingredients in list which in Mielle is claimed to be organic. Three of the top ingredients are honey and aloe barbadensis as well as coconut oil while the other has maca root, black cohosh, and milk thistle.

Aloe vera is known to moisturize skin and can be used for hair as well because it contains something called proteolytic enzymes to repair dead skin cells and when applied on hair, it is going to condition the hair, making it smooth and shiny. Maca root at tgin hair gel is rich in protein, copper, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin B complex which will infuse your hair with beneficial nutrient to stay healthy.

Coconut oil in Mielle is also beneficial for hair especially for those who worry about dry hair because it is rich in essential fatty acids to nourish them and create a better appearance. In tgin, we have a unique ingredient called black cohosh that often used to treat hair loss because it is able to regulate levels of estrogen hormone is women to prevent hair thinning but, it has not enough proof to be a legit solution.

Mielle and tgin Result
Those are the example of what Mielle and tgin are made from and they do sound very promising to not only making your curl in check but also nourish them. Moving to the result and applying part, Mielle is seen as a better solution here because while the consistency is not as very thick like the other and definitely need a few pumps depend on your hair type, the hair gel does sit wonderfully and doesn’t change your curl but enhancing it.

At the other hand, tgin thick gel is weighing our hair down because of how powerful it is so it will put some lock in the hair when the first applied. After we break the gel cast, Mielle will have a medium feel, not very firm or loose while still locking the definition and tgin give a softer bounce but with less definition after we break the gel cast.

Now, let’s compare Mielle with tgin. As you may already know, the difference between both of them are on the consistency, smell and color as well as the result and feeling when applied. Mielle is creamier and give a nice definition even after the gel cast is broken while the tgin is softer so it has a little bit less definition at the end.

Mielle vs tgin

- Creamier - Thicker
- Smell like honey and ginger - Smell like apple and peach
- Less weight - Heavier
- Better definition - Good definition
- More affordable - More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different hair type and need a different product. We do like Mielle better because of its consistency and easy spread, smooth feeling as well as doesn’t weigh hair much and still give a nice definition to it.