Mielle vs Shea Moisture

Sometime hair care is not enough to tame our hair more importantly if you have a curly head because most of the time, we need a styling product to tame the frizz and enhance the look. Mielle vs Shea Moisture are two good brands that offer curly styling products like a curling cream. If you are also interested in their products, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you so we can pick the one fit our hair better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair styling solution
– What are Mielle and Shea Moisture
– How are the Texture of Mielle and Shea Moisture
– What Mielle and Shea Moisture are made of
– What Mielle and Shea Moisture can offer to you
– Mielle vs Shea Moisture

Hair Styling Product
For many of us, going out without applying hair styling product is unimaginable since our locks tend to fray and the frizz making it looks unkempt. Hair is very prone to damage due to our habit of hair styling and the initial type of the hair itself. People with straight or wavy hair are probably not having a hard time like us with curly head because they tend to be easier to deal with especially those with a natural silky, straight hair.

All hair are beautiful if we know how to treat and manage them but just like everything else, many of us are not lucky enough to have a naturally, low maintenance hair. As a standard care, we should use or apply the most suitable shampoo, conditioner or hair mask that match our concern like a moisturizing shampoo without drying ingredients or extra moisture hair mask to keep your hair smooth and easy to deal with including natural oil for a better result.

Those with straight or wavy hair may want to try hair oil or leave-on treatment to make sure they stay smooth and healthy while us with curly hair may want to try a styling product as well on top of standard treatment. Curly hair is naturally hard to manage and more prone to drying as well as frizz which making them look not as neat. If you are also worrying about the same issue, it is good to try applying some hair styling product like curling gel or cream.

Hair styling products especially for curly hair may varied from the consistency or form because not all curly head will like or need the same solution. For example, gel and cream styling product are made to tame our locks but they work differently for gel used to be able to lock better but can be drying due to their ingredient like ethanol and can create a crunchy texture when dried. As opposed, curling cream is heavy and moisturizing but usually not as good in providing definition.

In addition, there is a curl mousse styling product as well and just like the name, it is probably the lightest to apply and the best benefit why people choose this form is because they usually give a more bounce into our locks, suitable for those with lack of density and want more volume. Before going to hunt for a product, it is better to decide which solution we need first depend on what our hair need.

About Mielle and Shea Moisture
If what you need is moisture rather than an optimum definition or locks, we will recommend you to pick curling cream and since there are so many good options out there, we have to make sure the one we choose is the most suitable option for our hair. Depend on the product’s ingredients or formulation, we may see a thicker cream or lighter texture with varying results that may fit different curl or hair type. If you don’t want to check them one by one, it is better to just see what other people have used until today.

A popular items indeed not always going to match our preference but they are a good start to make sure we are picking a high quality products because those liked by other people will have a higher chance of providing what we need as well. Among those many option, Mielle and Shea Moisture are two good brands to choose because they are offering high quality products from natural ingredients that have been proved to work for so many people.

Mielle and Shea Moisture are brands that offer their customer various body and hair care products which have been very well-known in the market with their good lines of solutions especially among African-American women. They also offer various products for all hair types but the one we are going to talk today is their curling cream which is made to help people with curly hair to manage their curl and enhance the look, making them looks prettier as well as healthier.

For those who are living with a thick and hard to manage hair but have no lack of moisture, you may want to try a hair styling gel and Mielle also offer one of the best hair styling gel in the market, check them on Mielle vs tgin here. As for the curling cream, we are picking their popular Coil Sculpting Custard while from Shea Moisture we are going to pick the favorite of many people, Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

The Mielle Coil Sculpting Custard is promising a moisturized and conditioned hair even when you are born with dry hair as well as giving a definition and suitable for type 4 hair. At the other hand, the Curl Enhancing Smoothie from Shea Moisture is claimed to be made from natural ingredients to give our hair that smooth and silky looks without forgetting the defined curls. The moisture it provide keeps hair from getting frizzy and makes it look prettier while dealing with split ends also.

Mielle and Shea Moisture Texture
Opening the jar, we can see that these two products are very different because we can say that the Shea Moisture one is definitely a cream but the one from Mielle is not and it is more similar to a gel in our opinion with an almost clear consistency which looks like a snail face cream from certain brand. It has a great smell combining both honey and pomegranate. At the other hand, Shea Moisture looks creamier and thicker in a white, milky color with a very nice scent as well.

Mielle and Shea Moisture Ingredient
Moving into the ingredient part, Mielle custard top ingredients are things like carrageenan and corn starch which describe how it gets the texture and consistency or gel-like solution. The next list are filled with natural, organic-certified ingredients like babassu oil, buriti fruit oil, and balsam copaiba resin. Babassu oil is very similar to coconut oil because it is rich in fatty acids so it can work great for people who need moisture for both skin and hair. Buriti fruit oil is more popular for anti-inflammatory but can benefit hair as well.

This is because the oil is rich in antioxidant to enhance cell longevity and help providing hydration as well as rebuilding them. As for copaiba, its oil is often used as an antiseptic solution but when applied topically on hair, it can conditioned them to look smoother and healthier. At the other hand, Curl Enhancing Smoothie from Shea Moisture is made with shea butter, coconut oil and macadamia ternifolia seed oil. Coconut oil and shea butter are both rich in fatty acids so they will provide a great amount of moisture.

Macadamia oil is the same and often used to add shine, strength, as well as nourish hair due to its fatty acids. In general, all of these top ingredients are working the same and have the same function which is focusing in giving moisture.

Mielle and Shea Moisture Benefit
On the result, we can see that they are giving a rather different result probably because the custard from Mielle is more for type 4 coiled hair so they are not for every type. For us who are more in type 3, the Shea Moisture smoothie works better since its texture is creamier and thicker which mean it can hold very well especially for frizzy hair for there are less prominent frizzy when we applied this styling product and makes our hair looks more defined.

As for the Mielle custard, it doesn’t work pretty well on our hair because we can still see quite much untamed hair so those with finer curl may not going to like this one. It also give less definition since the hair shape is not looking like what we had hoped for. In general, this one is more for those with no special issue on dry or frizzy hair.

Now, let’s compare Mielle with Shea Moisture. As you may already know, the difference between these hair styling products are on the texture and result because Mielle is lighter especially this custard styling solution which makes it work better for those with less frizzy hair while Shea Moisture is heavier with creamier texture to weigh your hair down and keep the curl more defined.

Mielle vs Shea Moisture

MielleShea Moisture
- Gel-like texture - Creamier
- Lighter - Heavier
- Standard definition - Good lock and definition
- For type 4 - Suitable for wider type of curl

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different hair type so not all people should use the same option. If you have a type 4 with no prominent frizzy hair problem Mielle custard is a nice option but if you need moisture and definition, we do recommend you to choose Shea Moisture especially the Curl Enhancing Smoothie.