Shea Moisture vs Cantu

Curly hair may need a more effort to style because they are more prone into becoming tangled and looks dry. To both treat and enhance your curl look, curly cream like those from Shea Moisture vs Cantu can be a great options to choose. People love them not without a reason since they are proven to work nice to keep your curl pretty. For those who wonder which the better option between these two, go check our article below to pick the one suit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a hair styling product
– What are Shea Moisture and Cantu
– How are the Texture of Shea Moisture and Cantu
– What Shea Moisture and Cantu are made of
– What Shea Moisture and Cantu can offer to you
– Shea Moisture vs Cantu

Hair Styling Product
Having a nice and healthy hair can boost our confidence and who doesn’t want to look pretty in their body. What’s unfortunate is just like everything else, they are not going to look good all the time since every time we wash or goes to sleep, our hair will lose its shape and becomes messier. We can comb them and detangle those messy knots but depend on each people hair type, we may need more than just using a comb or hair tie to keep them together.

Combing is necessary but tying hair all the time will change its original shape and can even affect their health for a long time. For those who are dealing with unruly hair or lion mane can apply some hair treatment products to keep them both healthy and easier to style. Those with straight hair can opt to apply a very moisturizing hair mask or conditioner and reduce the intensity of washing with hot water while those with curly hair probably better with hair styling products.

One of the most challenging thing when trying to look a hair product is finding the perfect item for our hair type because due to the vast option out there, we are not only offered with the same products from different brands but also different type of hair care/styling item. For hard to deal with hair, the main issue is usually moisture which is why we have to look for a moisturizing products to keep them from fraying and stay healthy.

For people with straight or slightly wavy hair, hair oil is already enough to tame the frizz but for us with a curly head, gel, cream and mousse are a better option. All of them are among the most popular hair styling products for curly head and we can get them easily almost anywhere. What’s different are their consistency and performance on hair because different hair type will need a different products as well just like the owner need it.

Gel hair styling products is great to lock your hair in place without adding too much weight but it can be drying depend on the brands ingredients for gel tends to use ethanol in their formulation. Cream is generally great in providing moisture but its locking power is not as good as gel and can have a heavy consistency or feeling so not suitable for people who want volume. The last mousse is good for people who seek to add density for it can add volume into hair.

If you already get what type of product needed to get that neat, bouncy and pretty curl, now is the time to look for the right product. If you are here, chances are you need a hair styling cream since you probably have a thick hair that needs moisture to keep them from frizzing and looks unkempt. There are so many curling cream out there so it is not surprising that some people can get confused when faced with those vast collections.

About Shea Moisture and Cantu
For a quick choose, it is good to try products that has a good names or have been loved by many other because those products may also fit your taste and have a higher chance of giving you the preferred result. In the market, we have both Shea Moisture and Cantu which are equally a good brands that offer a huge variant of hair treatment or products. They are also very popular because people find their cream to be very moisturizing and works wonder on their hair.

Shea Moisture is said to be established in 1912 but now owned by Sundial which is parented by Unilever. This brand is used to market body and hair care products which is made from natural ingredients and commitment to seek a way to avoid sulfate, paraben, and other harmful ingredients as well as animal cruelty. At the other hand, Cantu is a fairly new brand that only offer hair care for textured hair owner and one of the fast growing brand of PDC BRANDS. Read also: Mielle vs Shea Moisture here.

This may not a very important information but it is necessary to know who made the products and who are they connected with just for those with related concern. They have a huge collection so it can be hard to decide which to pick yet, most users seem to be pleasant with the Curl Enhancing Smoothie from Shea Moisture and Coconut Curling Cream from Cantu. We are sure many people are familiar with these two and we can get them easily from store like Walmart for an affordable price.

Both of them are coming in a jar containing 12 oz. of the curling products. While they look quite the same, the one from Shea Moisture is actually almost two times more expensive than Cantu so you may want to keep it at note. Shea Moisture is promising a soft and silky defined curls with its shea butter enriched formulation to tames split away and frizz and the one from Cantu offers a manageability, soft and elongated, also made with shea butter.

Shea Moisture and Cantu Texture
On consistency, they are both in cream form but when you open the jar, we can see that Cantu curling cream is whiter and it felt softer as well as creamier compared to Cantu with it’s a bit yellowish or pale white formula and thicker. However, when applied both of them blend nicely into hair but due to its thick consistency, the Shea Moisture curling cream feels a bit heavier when first applied and not as slippery as the other cream.

Shea Moisture and Cantu Ingredients
When looking for a product whether it is the one we have to consume or applied topically, we still have to check on their ingredients. Shea Moisture is made with top ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and macadamia ternifolia seed oil while Cantu have canola oil, cetearyl alcohol and shea butter. The most popular benefit of shea butter is the moisturizing properties. Taken from Healthline there is a study tested on cream with 5% shea butter applied on people’s forearms which showed a moisturizing effects up to 8 hours after initial application.

When applied on hair or scalp, shea butter is beneficial for people with curly and coarse hair to fix the texture since the butter will seal moisture inside and increase the softness. It is also rich in vitamin A and E with essential fatty acids so they will act as emollient and works great in moisturizing. This is very similar with coconut oil because in general, they are rich in vitamins as well as fatty acids to provide nourishment especially those with dry hair and scalp.

On Cantu, we can see canola oil and while this type of vegetable oil is more often seen on a healthy cooking recipe, they are actually beneficial for hair as well. It is rich in fatty acids and when applied topically, it may soothe an irritated scalp or lock moisture in your hair.

Shea Moisture and Cantu Result
When applied, Shea Moisture curly cream feels heavier at first and very thick so it is suitable for people with thicker hair who need more moisture to keep their hair in manageable. It does produce white residue after initial application but when you leave it for a moment, the lefton will disappear so we don’t have to worry about the residue. At the other hand, Cantu doesn’t feel quite heavy on hair but still quite moisturizing depend on how dry your lock is.

The issue with Cantu is a white residue because after around an hour, the hair cream doesn’t seem to blend nicely and leave some white flakes on hair even when the cream is not drying completely yet which is not happening with Shea Moisture. Coming on the result, Cantu, however, is able to keep the hair more defined while the Shea Moisture is not very capable of locking or defining the curl.

Now, let’s compare Shea Moisture with Cantu. As you may already know, the difference between these hair curling cream is Shea Moisture that has a thicker cream than Cantu so it feels heavier on hair but will not able to lock the shape very long like Cantu. The issue with Cantu is it produce flakes on hair so we have to rub them first before going out after applying.

Shea Moisture vs Cantu

Shea MoistureCantu
- Thicker cream - Creamier
- Feels heavy - Lighter
- Doesn’t give white flakes - Produce white flakes
- Not very defined - Defined curl

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different hair type and preference. we do like Cantu better because it gives more definition into our hair and last very long so this cream is capable of providing a good lock and makes the curl looks prettier.