Shea Moisture vs Devacurl

Nobody wants frizz and dry hair because they are more prone to look messy and unkempt. Dry hair may also have a coarse texture and not pleasant to touch so what we can do is to make sure they get a proper moisture and nourishment. Shea Moisture vs Devacurl are two good brands to choose especially their hair mask for those with dry curl. If you are also looking which the better option is, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a hair mask
– What are Shea Moisture and Devacurl
– How are the Texture of Shea Moisture and Devacurl
– What Shea Moisture and Devacurl are made of
– What Shea Moisture and Devacurl can offer to you
– Shea Moisture vs Devacurl

Hair Mask
Everybody want to get a beautiful and healthy hair whether it is men or women because it can increase our self-confident. What’s unfortunate is not all of us can get a healthy hair without putting so much effort because depend on our hair type, we may need to put more effort in keeping them moisturized and smooth to touch. This is because one of the most common problem is dry hair due to both hair type and several treatments we have done in the past.

The best way to moisturize hair and rejuvenate them from the damaged form is to do deep conditioning with either special shampoo, conditioner and hair mask not contemporary solutions like hat or a scarf. The popularity of hair mask has been increasing in last several years due to how effective they are in dealing with dry hair and giving that smooth touch as well as repair some damaged caused by lighten treatment or heat styling tools. They are also suitable for different hair types but not all of them.

Hair mask treatment can be either store-bought or DIY recipes we can get from the internet. Depend on the ingredients, they can work differently on hair types and problems as well. In general, they are designed to close the hair cuticles in order to prevent more damaging substance and effect from entering the inner layer of our hair. Since not everybody can get a benefit from hair mask, we may have to decide whether our hair problem can be solved with the mask.

The one who will most likely to get a benefit and manage their hair issues with mask are those with frizzy, dull and dry hair which is more prone happening to people with curly hair. People with curly hair need something to make their hair more manageable compared to people who are born naturally with straight hair. Curly head are prone to frizz which is why we need a treatment to both tame them by providing moisture and weight as well as styling products to makes them look prettier.

There is no fixed rule on how often we should apply hair mask because each person have their own need and preference but on average, we may want to do them at least once a week. For people with extreme dryness, this amount can always be increased depend on the condition, texture and hair care practice.

About Shea Moisture
If your hair is prone to drying and need a deep conditioning to make sure they are always healthy and easier to maintain, now is the time to look for the kind of products we need. When it comes to hair care or treatment, there are so many options out there which can be very confusing especially if we never purchase one before. However, if we need a good or working solution, one of the fastest way is to look for what other people have used.

Among those good brands and products, we are sure those with curly hair are most likely to be already familiar with Shea Moisture because they are very popular for curly hair products like styling cream or other hair care including shampoo and conditioner. If you are interested to try their styling products, check our previous article first on Shea Moisture vs Cantu here. The product we are going to talk today is their Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil hair mask which is loved for their capability in moisturizing hair.

This hair mask is promising a deep conditioning treatment with their formulation of both moisture and nutrients from certified organic natural ingredients for stronger follicles and frizz free hair. It comes in a jar containing 12 ounce of the products and quite affordable for a good treatment. Depend on how long or thick your hair is, however, this jar may not going to last more than a month for more often application than once a week.

Shea Moisture Texture
On the consistency, Shea Moisture hair mask is very thick and the texture is rather similar to a solid coconut oil, in milky, white color. It is better to keep the jar in a room temperature to prevent them to gets thicker and hard to apply. When we smell the product, this hair mask doesn’t really smell like anything but it does have a light smell of shea butter which is surprising because we do hope it smells like a honey which is sweet and creamy.

Shea Moisture Ingredient
When purchasing anything, we always see the ingredient list first. This Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil conditioner from Shea Moisture is using several popular ingredients for moisture like coconut oil, shea butter and glycerin on top of the list. There are mafura seed oil and honey on the ingredient list but they are very far down below so may not as prominent as we want them to be. Coconut oil and shea butter are very similar to each other because both are rich in fatty acids.

When applied topically, these ingredients will help moisturize hair and lock the water inside as well as nourishing them to looks healthier and smoother, very good for those who are battling with frizz. In addition, there is also vegetable based glycerin here. Glycerin more often seen on skin care products and what it does is attracting water to itself or as humectant so it can keep our hair moisturized.

Shea Moisture Result
This hair mask can be used as needed and it is good to leave them on hair for at least 5 minutes while covering them with a plastic cap to make sure the mask can work properly. After washing, we can feel that hair does becomes smoother and easy to deal with. The scent doesn’t last on hair so for those who don’t like the smell can still use it. In general it gives a nice moisten feeling to our curl.

About Devacurl
If you like how the hair mask from Shea Moisture work, you may want to check the one from Devacurl as well because this one is also proven to work good on curly hair. Devacurl is a brand that focusing on providing hair care for those with curly hair and the one we are going to talk about today is their popular Melt into Moisture hair mask which is enriched with matcha green tea butter to provide conditioning for dry hair.

This hair mask is not only designed for curly head because Devacurl mask is suitable for people with wavy hair as well so those who need moisture can count on the mask. It promises nourishing treatments that work like magical elixir in your hair to hydrate waves or curls. The formulation is made to effortlessly melt into hair but without weighing them down. It comes in a jar and contains 8 ounce of the mask.

Devacurl Texture
It has a rather white and a little bit green in color but the consistency is quite thick. It is resembling some clay mask in the market but not as heavy or thick so we can still spread them easily on hair and when they say it melts on hair, the mask does glides smoothly. What we love is it smells very good similar like a combination of matcha or green tea, almond milk and butter mixed together. It also last quite long in hair to let us have a pleasant scent for hours.

Devacurl Ingredient
On the ingredient list, we can see some beneficial natural materials we often see on hair mask and they are soybean oil, glycerin and coconut oil as well as sunflower seed oil on the top part. All of them are popular in moisturizing products because they can provide hydration to skin or hair when applied topically due to their nutrients and vitamins except for glycerin which is acting to attract moisture to itself to keep your hair from drying especially for those who are prone to drying.

Devacurl Result
After waiting from 15 to 20 minutes, our hair feels very soft to touch but don’t forget to apply a plastic cap after application to make sure we can absorb the formulation better. Hair becomes softer and feels moisturized as well as easier to style and don’t go wild like before after dried. We also love how the scent stay on our hair because it does increase our experience when applying the mask.

Now, let’s compare Shea Moisture with DevaCurl especially with their hair mask. They are proven to work good on hair and able to smoothen frizz as well as provide moisture for our dry hair but not as good as salon treatment. Their consistency is thick but Shea Moisture is thicker while Devacurl is creamier but a little can go a long way. We also like Devacurl scent better which stay on hair longer.

Shea Moisture vs Devacurl

Shea MoistureDevacurl
- Very thick - Not as thick
- Smell like shea butter - Smell like green tea and almond milk
- Need more product to spread - One jar last longer
- More affordable- More expensive

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference on hair mask. We do prefer Melt into Moisture hair mask by Devacurl better because besides it smell good, they also easier to spread and a jar can last longer than Shea Moisture.