Shea Moisture vs Maui Moisture

Even with a proper hair treatment and regime, hair can sometime get out of hand which is why we need a styling product to make them look more manageable and to enhance their appearance. Those with straight or wavy hair may not need a styling product often like us with a curly hair. If you also need a product to tame the frizz and give more definition to those curls, Shea Moisture vs Maui Moisture are two nice brand to pick, so check them below for more information.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
• Do you need a hair styling product
• What are Shea Moisture and Maui Moisture
• How are the Texture of Shea Moisture and Maui Moisture
• What Shea Moisture and Maui Moisture are made of
• What Shea Moisture and Maui Moisture can offer to you
• Shea Moisture vs Maui Moisture

Hair Styling Products
Hair is among the most high maintenance thing we may have to put so much effort everyday to style, whether it is for those with naturally straight hair or people with a thick and curly hair. Especially for female, we find it necessary to fix how our hair look from time to time and make sure they are always neat and in check. There are many hair products in the market designed to make our hair look more appealing and easier to deal with but not all will suit our hair type.

It is indeed true that hair will increase our self-confident but apparently, not all of us are lucky enough to have a naturally easy to manage mane. Some of us are struggling with hair problems like hair thinning, lack of volume, dry frizzy hair and many more. To help us deal with some of these issues, the market has a lot to offer depend on what the concern such as moisturizing products or those made to give the proper nutrition to prevent them from falling off.

If you are here, chances are you are currently looking for a solution to manage curly hair. Curly hair is often harder to deal with because they are more prone into drying so one of our common issue is the frizzy looks which is making them appear to be unkempt. Unlike our sisters with a straight or wavy hair, curly hair owner may find it hard to style them depend on the curl size and how thick the hair is.

To help us deal with the styling part, there are many good products in the market made to both moisturize our hair and locking them in place. They might sound like a classic hairspray but different for the formulation are made to be non-drying so instead of only making them looks crusty, their formulation are designed to provide moisture while improving the appearance. Depend on yours taste, there are cream, mousse, gel or smoothie type which is similar to cream.

In general, cream is choosen because they are more moisturizing, the same like smoothie while gel is often picked for the ability to lock the hair appearance. Mousse is nice for those with curly yet thinner hair for it can add definition without weighing the hair down. Besides your personal taste, it is also good to take the hair type into account so we can get the most suitable option.

About Shea Moisture
When it comes to hair styling products for curly hair, there are so many options out there offering their own solution but for those who don’t want to spend so much time selecting one by one, trying what other people love may be a good idea. One of the most popular hair care product especially for curly hair is Shea Moisture and they are not only offering hair care lines but also bath and body and men collections as well.

Their most well-known styling product is the Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie like on our sample picture above. This hair smoothie is actually very similar to any hair styling cream due to the form and consistency. It comes in a jar containing 12 ounce of the product. It should last for about a month depend on how thick the hair is and how much per application we use. With their special formulation, Shea Moisture promises a soft, silky and defined curls. Read also: Shea Moisture vs Devacurl here.

Shea Moisture Texture
When you open the jar, we can see that this styling smoothie has a very thick consistency and very similar to those solid coconut oil we used to purchase. The product doesn’t have an unpleasant smell at all but it does resembles a shea butter scent. Shea Moisture consistency is heavy and depend on how thin or thick the hair is, it seems very promising in term of locking and weighing down the frizzy strands. It also slips nicely when applied in hair.

Shea Moisture Ingredient
The ingredients they used here is also commonly found on moisturizing products and if we often see they use water, now we are seeing coconut fruit juice for the main ingredient then added with water, glycerin, alcohol, shea butter as well as coconut oil. We are sure most people are already familiar with glycerin because we often see it on skin care products as well and the reason why it is used in a hair styling smoothie is because it can attract water to itself.

This is important to help the hair retain the moisture and prevent them from getting frizzy. The alcohol they used here is not the drying one because it is cetearyl alcohol which has a softening properties and also used to stabilize the products, keeping the ingredients together. The prominent natural ingredients here are shea butter and coconut oil that actually rich in fatty acids and already well-known for their moisturizing properties.

Shea Moisture Benefit
After application, Shea Moisture is very unique since the thick consistency doesn’t mean that the cream will dry a lot longer and what we love about it is they do give more volume especially those with thinner hair. It also capable of providing some definition and makes our hair looks pretty. However, just like many cream product, it also create cast but we can deal with it by crunching the hair softly so it should not be a big deal.

About Maui Moisture
The next good product to choose out there for a beautiful curl is Maui Moisture. This brand is also loved by the user because not only it can help our hair to become more manageable and easy to deal with, it can also provide some needed nutrients to make sure they are healthier. It is made from moisturizing ingredients and similar like Shea Moisture, they also offer other bath and body care products for their customer beside hair care that also made to deal with common hair problems.

This hair curl solution comes in a jar with gold color and classic label design containing 12 ounce of the cream. It promised the user with detangle frizz, defined curls while also enhancing the softness and body as well as shine, bounce, curl or waves. It is made for thick and curly hair so we do hope to see a very rich and heavy formulation that weigh hair down so those with lighter or thinner hair may want to pass on this one.

Maui Moisture Texture
Like Shea Moisture, Maui Moisture is also come in a thick, white cream which is similar to coconut oil, probably because it is mainly enriched with coconut oil. It has a smooth scent which is more into tropical scent and very pleasing in our opinion. It is very rich and easy to apply or slip on hair so we find is very easy to spread the solution.

Maui Moisture Ingredients
If Shea Moisture use coconut water as their first ingredient, Maui used aloe water or leaf juice and just like everyone know, aloe is capable of moisturizing skin and hair as well as has a repairing properties to keep our hair soft and healthy. The next prominent one is coconut oil after glycerin that are often seen on styling cream and used to keep the hair from losing moisture especially the glycerin part while the coconut oil is making sure there are enough moisture to absorb.

It also has coconut water, castor oil and papaya fruit extract with shea butter that work hand in hand to make sure those frizz can be tamed. Cetearyl alcohol is found here to bind the ingredients together as well as adding more moisture.

Maui Moisture Benefit
Compared to Shea Moisture, Maui Moisture is drying a bit longer in our opinion and need more time to set so you may want to seek help from hair dryer here in case we need to get out of the house quickly. On the volume, we see that it can’t provide as much volume as the other styling cream do but for definition, both of them are on the same level and still does looks pretty.

Now, let’s compare Shea Moisture with Maui Moisture. As you may already know, the difference between both of them are on the scent, amount of time needed for drying and the result. We see that Shea Moisture is drying faster on the hair, has a coconut or shea butter-like smell, and give more volume especially for thinner hair while Maui dry prominently longer, has a tropical scent and give less volume.

Shea Moisture vs Maui Moisture

Shea MoistureMaui Moisture
- Shea butter-like scent - Tropical scent
- More expensive - More affordable
- More volume - Less volume
- Dry faster - Dry longer

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and hair type depend on your preference. We do recommend you to pick Shea Moisture for those who want to add more volume in their hair but for those with an already thick hair, Maui may suit your hair type better.