Maui Moisture vs OGX

To make sure our hair is always healthy and nourished properly, we may have to change some of our hair care routine. For those who are suffering from dry hair whether it is straight, wavy or curly, Maui Moisture vs OGX are two good brands to choose especially for the ability to moisturize. Both of them are very similar but also different so if you wonder which the better option is, go check what they can offer to you in our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a new hair care
– What are Maui Moisture and OGX
– What are the Promises of Maui Moisture and OGX
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– What Maui Moisture and OGX can offer to you
– Maui Moisture vs OGX

Hair Care
We are sure many of us have been struggling to deal with some hair problems in our life before and they are very common so we are not the only one who have to try product one by one and see which works better for us. Hair is a very tricky part to take care of because something that proven to be helpful for other people not always have the same result on us and it can even be more damaging. However, there is no other way to select something rather than to experience them ourselves.

Hair can have one or few problems at once so it is best to know what exactly triggering the issue but let’s be honest, not all of us or probably mostly won’t go to professional for just a hair problem. Some of us does eventually, when they think the problem is getting out of hand especially for those who are finding more and more of their hair strands falling off the scalp. This can be a light or serious problem depend on the cause.

While hair thinning or balding is not always meant we have a serious health issue, they does play an important role in damaging our self-confident. This is why if you are experiencing some extensive hair loss, we do recommend you to check them to professional so we can get the proper solution depend on the basic issue and preventing the problem from getting more serious or hard to treat. Beside hair thinning or hair loss, other hair problems are usually pretty easy to deal with.

The most common hair issue almost all of us ever faced is dry hair and light problem like dandruff or itchy scalp. Dry hair is caused by the lack of moisture in hair which then makes them looks brittle and unhealthy. This can be triggered by using extensively drying shampoo or those that just not matching with our hair type and hair processing. What we can do to moisture hair back is choosing product with a rich formulation and have moisturizing properties.

Frizzy hair that common in people with dry hair especially those with curly hair type can be handled by applying some heavy, moisturizing solution but for those with straight or wavy hair may want to try something lighter like hair oil or liquid leave in products. Changing the hair care regime is also essential such as the shampoo, conditioner or additional hair mask once a week.

About Maui Moisture
When it comes to hair care product, the option is almost unlimited which is why it can be hard to decide what kind of product we need and even those in the same type still very confusing to choose. If you are not fond of looking or selecting them one by one, it is probably good to start from those that are used by other people as well to make sure we are getting the correct and promising items. Among those many brands, Maui Moisture is one of the best for moisturizing, rich products.

Maui Moisture is very promising because this brand is well-known among those with curly hair especially for their hair curling smoothie. If you are looking for styling product that also can treat dry hair, check our previous article on Shea Moisture vs Maui Moisture here. However, this time we are going to talk about their other popular dry hair care products which is the Moisture Quench Coconut Oil shampoo and conditioner. They are a very good replacement for those who feel like their usual shampoo starting to dry the hair extensively.

Maui Moisture Promise
This product is designed for thick and curly hair so we do hope to see some serious moisture here but it can be a good option too for those with thick straight or wavy hair who need a good moisturizing shampoo or hair care routine. The line is promising a rich formulation with coconut oil blends and thick, creamy shampoo to help you detangle the stubborn hair, eliminate frizz, define the curl as well as soften the dry hair and makes them looks healthier.

Maui Moisture Ingredient
When looking for any product, it is best to check the ingredients first to decide whether the product suit you or not. The first on its list is aloe barbadensis which is well-known for its moisturizing properties and often found hair or skin care products due to its light and repairing properties. The next prominent ingredient is coconut water combined with coconut oil and papaya extract. Coconut is rich is fatty acids so they are very thick and moisturizing.

Papaya is also very popular especially on skin lightening products but the reason why it is here is because of the vitamins and essential minerals to both moisture the skin and infuse some nutrient for a healthier hair.

Maui Moisture Result
The Curl Quench from Maui Moisture is working amazing but what we love the most from the line are actually the shampoo and leave in curl smoothie because they are made for those with thick and curly hair so the moisture does works like wonder in this line. After shampooing with a nice, tropical scent thick shampoo, hair becomes livelier and softer to touch even for over-processed, damaged hair. The conditioner is not very prominent but the curl smoothie is working well.

While people used to apply it on curly hair, applying a little amount on your dry and damaged hair can help saving them and make the frizz more manageable. The consistency is also rich and easy to spread but when over applied, it weigh hair down and takes longer to dry properly so be sure to take a small amount first.

About OGX
We have so many other options out there so it is wise to check what the other brand has to offer as well to make sure we already getting the best products. If you are looking for a moisturizing shampoo and hair care routine, OGX is another good options to pick. This brand is actually has the same parent as Maui Moisture and part of Vogue International so it is not surprising to see them have many similar formulation for their hair care products.

OGX Promise
What’s different is Maui seems to focus on those who are born with naturally curly hair while OGX is offering a versatile options for people with different hair types. Among the collection, if you need a very moisturizing shampoo and hair care, the Coconut Milk line will be a great option because it promises a prominent hydration to both strengthen and hydrate your hair, creating pretty, soft and shiny healthier hair.

OGX Ingredient
Just like the product line name, OGX shampoo prominent natural ingredient is coconut oil. This ingredient is very rich and thick as well as acting like an emollient due to its consistency. Like many oils, it is rich in fatty acids which is very moisturizing when applied topically to rejuvenate the lifeless, dry hair. To improve the formulation, they also add hydrolyzed milk protein and the reason why it is here is because hair is made out of protein, more often called as keratin.

For people with hair growth problem, protein is one of the nutrient we need to improve the hair health but it can be also applied topically. With additional protein, we hope to strengthen the hair and fix the harsh or rough surface as well as making it looks healthier or livelier due its capability to both nourish and moisturize the hair.

OGX Result
The first thing we like from OGX shampoo is the consistency because while it is made from rich ingredients, it comes in a gel-like form with a pleasant smell or coconut butter scent. It can produce much lather to cleanse the hair and scalp in case we wash not very often such as when trying to preserve a hair color longer. When used with the conditioner, we feel like they works together very well and reduce the frizz for about the half from before.

What we find unpleasant is the shampoo somehow leave a different feeling on hair such as residue but not visible yet can be felt. It almost feels like we don’t rinse them completely but, it doesn’t leave our hair greasy or oilier so we can oversee this easily. Similar like Maui however, when used as a standalone the conditioner doesn’t really gives any significant result in softening or reducing the frizz.

Now, let’s compare Maui Moisture with OGX. Both of them are a nice options for those who seek a moisture from their hair care steps and equally a nice products especially for the shampoos. They leave the hair softer, easy to detangle and reduce frizz even for people who are over-processing their hair with dyes and bleach. Maui has a very light smell and richer texture while OGX is lighter but has a stronger scent.

Maui Moisture vs OGX

Maui MoistureOGX
- Thicker - Lighter
- Lighter scent - Heavier scent
- Slightly more expensive - Slightly more affordable

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste when it comes to the shampoo we need. We do like them both but if you prefer an easier shampoo to lather and can leave some nice scent on the hair, we will recommend you to pick OGX with their Coconut Oil line.