Maui Moisture vs Cantu

Dry and brittle hair is a mood breaker because they make our hair look unkempt and looks unappealing. While we can always use a moisturizing products to tame the wild mane, applying some styling cream may also help to both soften and keep them in place. Maui Moisture vs Cantu are two good brands that offer styling cream for those with frizzy, curly hair and if you are also interested in these two, go check our article below to see what they can offer and choose the better one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a curling/styling product
– What are Maui Moisture and Cantu
– What are Maui Moisture and Cantu Promise to you
– What Maui Moisture and Cantu are made of
– What Maui Moisture and Cantu can offer to you
– Maui Moisture vs Cantu

Styling Product for Curly Hair
Hair is one of the trickiest part in our body that need a constant care and attention to make them look great. A healthy and shiny hair will boost someone self-confident and a dry, unkempt hair will do the opposite. While we are required to apply different hair care or treatment to elevate how they look, all of those effort will be paid off when seeing the result. Hair is also prone to be affected by health problem, so it can indicate some health issues as well.

The most common hair problem is usually caused by the hair type itself because just like skin tones, we apparently have several different hair types and not all of us can use the same hair care routine and hope to see the same result since different hair type will require different attention as well. For example, a fine, straight and thin hair won’t get the benefit from hair care made specifically for people with wavy thick hair for the point we address will be different.

Those with thin hair will need a product that will create a volume and makes their hair livelier while those with thicker, wavy or curly hair may want to stick with product that weigh the hair more to prevent frizz. Those with naturally oily hair and scalp may also want to look for alternatives with non-greasy formulation to control the oil production. As opposed, people with dry, curly hair may want to opt for product with an oil ingredient especially rich coconut or shea to provide prominent moisture.

When it comes to hair product made specifically for people with dry, curly hair, many of us seek help from curling cream. This product is very helpful because it can act as a styling product as well as treatment due to the formulation. Us with curly hair often have to apply rich solution to define the curl and keep those frizz at bay and they can work very well. However, different people and hair type will probably need a different type of styling product as well.

Most of us are familiar with curling cream but actually, there are also curling gel and mousse forms available out there. Cream is generally more moisturizing but not as capable as gel in term of keeping and defining the curl while mousse is very light and can be drying like gel depend on the formulation but not heavy for those with a thinner, fine hair to create volume.

About Maui Moisture
If you are living with a curly, dry hair, it is probably good to pick for the most moisturizing solution and among those many brands that offer similar hair product, Maui Moisture is one of the most well-known. They are a beauty brand, offering a wide range of beauty products including hair and bath or body care, focusing on natural remedies and safe ingredients. The one we are picking as an example today is their Curl Quench Coconut Oil curl smoothie which is very similar to a cream.

Maui Moisture Promise
This Maui Moisture styling smoothie is very popular not without a reason because many people who have been using the product have a nice and pleasant experience so it is not surprising to see more and more people took an interest on this variant. It has a full set of shampoo and conditioner as well that can be used for those with straight hair and need a prominent moisture. To see how they can benefit you, check our previous article on: Maui Moisture vs OGX here.

This nice curl smoothie is boasting a rich ingredient mix with coconut oil to help us dealing with tangled hair, keeping the frizz at bay and give more definition to the curls. Its formulation is also made from beneficial ingredients to nourish and soften as well as adding bounce and shinier result.

Maui Moisture Ingredient and Benefit
Unlike many other similar curl cream or styling product that use water as the main ingredient, Maui Moisture especially the Curl Quench is using aloe barbadensis leaf juice and as we are already familiar with, this natural ingredient is popular as a moisturizing agent. It has a healing properties as well as moisturizing effect to help us keep the hair hydrated as well as glycerin that attract water to itself so it can keep the hair from drying after application.

The next are blend of coconut oil, papaya fruit extract and shea butter. Coconut and shea butter are very similar to each other and has a strong moisturizing effect due to being rich of fatty acids. Papaya itself is also rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish the hair and making it looks healthier as well as shinier.

Maui Moisture Result
The hair smoothie from Maui Moisture is very thick in consistency and just like a cream or butter when applied. We do like the scent since it is light enough for people who don’t prefer any fragrance in their product and this one smells just like rest of the line which is fresh and tropical. Depend on how much we apply the smoothie, it can create a white residue but this will disappear when they dried later.

The result is very nice in our opinion because they can keep hair looks better especially on defining curls and keep the frizz away but in term of drying, the solution seems to dry quite long and weigh hair down as well so those with thinner hair may want to pay attention to how much product to apply.

About Cantu
There are many great products out there and before settling for one, it is good to look or try the other promising options as well just to make sure we are picking the most suitable one for our hair need. If you like Maui Moisture, chances are you will like Cantu () as well. This brand is similar to the other because they also focus on offering natural products both for hair and body with their beneficial ingredients. The one we are picking today is the popular Coconut Curling Cream.

Cantu Promise
Cantu claims their Award Winning formula in this curling cream will help define and condition dry hair from the beneficial ingredients to provide a more manageable hair and soften the coarse surface as well as elongated the curls. It is also claimed not to be made with harsh ingredients to keep you away from harmful side effects like parabens, silicones and mineral oil.

Cantu Ingredient and Benefit
The main ingredient of this curling cream is water then followed by canola oil. Many of us are familiar with canola oil as an alternative to cooking oil but just like many other types of oil, this one also rich in unsaturated fat which is add to its moisturizing properties. Compared to many other similar oils, it is also lighter which mean they can be absorbed faster and easier into the scalp or hair for a quick moisture replenishing especially in dry hair case.

It is also have a mixture of shea butter, aloe vera leaf juice and coconut oil in which all of them best known for the moisturizing effect so we can hope how good Cantu can moisten and let our hair get the proper nourishment they deserve.

Cantu Result
The curling cream consistency is very creamy and not very thick in comparison with many other similar products in our opinion and a bit bouncy when scooped out of the jar. It is white and has a nice scent which is somehow sweet but not too overpowering depend on how sensitive your nose is towards fragrance. The result of this curling cream is very good in curly hair because even with finer curl, they do add some definition to it.

The formulation is also not very heavy and while it does takes time to dry completely, it is not very long can be mixed with hair dryer as well when needed. It doesn’t produce cast or residue with a final result of definition and bounce but we can still see some frizz.

Now, let’s compare Maui Moisture with Cantu. As you may already know, they are a nice styling cream for people with curly hair and need more definition or to keep the frizz away. The differences are on the consistency, scent or fragrance and the final result because Cantu is lighter than Maui which mean it can let your hair move better, suitable for those who prefer bounce than lock. While they both smell nice, Maui scent is more faded than Cantu.

Maui Moisture vs Cantu

Maui MoistureDevaCurl
- Thicker - Lighter
- Heavier - Create bounce
- Tropical scent - Coconut scent
- Can leave white residue - No white residue
- Dry longer - Dry faster

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different hair type and desired result. However, we do think that Maui suit those with larger curl and longer hair while Cantu suit people with finer curl and shorter hair to increase the bounce without weighing the hair down.