Maui Moisture vs DevaCurl

Curling or styling cream is very popular because they are not only able to help we manage those frizz but also nourish and moisturize the hair for a healthier and prettier curl. Maui Moisture vs DevaCurl are two brands that offer good curl cream because theirs are made with beneficial ingredients for optimal results. If you are also looking at these brands, go check our article below to see what they can offer and pick the one that has a more promising results for you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a styling cream
– What are Maui Moisture and DevaCurl
– How are the Texture in Maui Moisture and DevaCurl
– What Maui Moisture and DevaCurl are made of
– What Maui Moisture and DevaCurl can offer to you
– Maui Moisture vs DevaCurl

Styling Cream
Everyone wants to look great all the time from tip to toe by choosing a matching tops or bottom added with accessories to add a little bit more of detail. We can always change our style or appearance as we like but they are not complete without a nice hair style as well. Today, we can pick one from a huge range of options including a haircut, hair color and the way we shape them. Those with naturally manageable hair may won’t need much but not for all of us.

People who are lucky enough to have a smooth and manageable hair are very envying because they don’t need much to look pretty while many of us are struggling here just to comb the hair in the morning. While it is more prone happening for people with wavy or curly hair, those with straight hair can still experience a bad hair day depend on the nature of the hair type as well such as dry and coarse hair that require much effort to style.

Among all hair types, us with curly hair is probably the one who have to do much more work before going out in the morning just want to keep them looks neat. Curly hair is naturally hard to manage when they are longer because it is often create frizz and drying even when we are not using any heat tools or treatment that caused a drying effects such as bleaching. One of the key to make them looks manageable and more defined is by applying a moisturizing product.

We can start from changing the regular shampoo and other hair care routine with a moisturizing products made for dry hair because this type of care are designed to be richer and has a non-drying ingredients. While they are sure beneficial, sometime it is not enough to keep those frizz at bay and give more shape into your curl so we will need a more defining solution and one of them is a curling cream. For those who are not yet familiar, it is very similar to a leave-in conditioner.

Curling cream can be categorized as a styling product as well due to their capability to lock and define curl aside from moisturizing. For those who are not into heavier product like cream or have no issue against dry hair, a lighter form such as gel or mousse may work better for you since they are lighter in consistency and doesn’t weigh hair much.

About Maui Moisture
If your hair is more prone to drying and have a hair frizz issue that needs to be handled as fast as possible, the cream variant may work better for you. Curling cream is rich in general and very nicely suitable for people with either fine or thicker curl depend on user preference. There are so many brands out there offering curling cream and one of them is Maui Moisture. They are part of Vogue International which also own OGX brand.

Maui Moisture is very popular especially among people who preferring a natural products because their brand is offering products that are made from safe ingredients but not compromising the benefit. They are also very popular among people with curly hair because of their moisturizing product which has been proven to work well by so many users so it is not surprising to see many people start to pay attention to this brand as well.

If you are looking for a rich product that can help the dry hair, their Curl Quench is a nice option to choose. This line of product is made for people with thick, curly hair but if you feel like in need for prominent moisture, those with straight or wavy hair can use them too. This line has shampoo, conditioner and curl milk but the most popular is the Curling Smoothie which is promising an easier to manage hair without tangling, frizz and smoothen the texture while improving the health.

Maui Moisture Texture
This curling smoothie is just like a cream and comes in a jar containing 12 ounce of the solution. It may differs from retailer to the other but a jar usually offered at $6-7 which is quite affordable for a styling cream. It is very thick and has a consistency mimicking a coconut butter with a light scent or tropical mix so it is not very strong for those who doesn’t like fragrance. It feels heavy on hand but spread easily on hair. Read also: Maui Moisture vs Cantu here.

Maui Moisture Ingredient
For many of us, the ingredient part is the most important when looking for something because it let us guess how the product work. One of the prominent ingredient in Maui Moisture is aloe vera leaf juice which is popular for the moisturizing and repairing properties to help us moisten the hair more and soften the coarse texture as well as handle the frizz. The next one is glycerin and this one is also popular in body care or skin care products.

It is used here because the substance is capable of attracting moisture from the air to itself to prevent hair losing the moist. The next are coconut oil, castor oil, and papaya extract that work together as a nourishing and moisturizing agent especially the fatty acids in those oils which is rich and when absorbed will increase moisture. Papaya itself is very nourishing due to the vitamins and minerals for a healthier hair.

Maui Moisture Result
Maui Moisture especially the Curl Smoothie is very rich in consistency and easy to spread on the hair. The scent is fading quickly and when applied generously may produce a white residue but they will vanish when the cream is drying which can take a while depend on how much we have applied. The result is very nice because our hair feels bouncier with a defined curls and doesn’t feel too heavy as well. We can still see some frizz but it is not as bad as before application.

About DevaCurl
Because there are so many options out there when it comes to curling or styling cream, it is probably good to also comparing them with other brands just to see if we are already picking the most promising item and another nice product you may want to try is curling cream from DevaCurl. Just like the name, this brand is focusing on creating products for people with curly hair to both treat and style them and making sure they always look pretty.

DevaCurl have a huge range of curly hair products ranging from regular care such as shampoo or conditioner and hair mask to those detangle solution and even styling tools, anything you need. The one we pick today is one of their popular styling solution which is the Super Stretch styling cream, created for people with a very curly hair and seek for an elongation hair product. It promises users a weightless curls but without scarifying the definition and moisture infusing.

DevaCurl Texture
Among many other similar styling products, the Super Stretch from DevaCurl is probably not among the most affordable for it can cost around $30 per jar with only 8 ounce of the product inside. When we open the jar, it has a white, creamy texture and we do like the scent of coconut butter here but it is also very light so it won’t last on hair or annoy your nose either.

DevaCurl Ingredient
On the ingredient part, this curling cream formulation is very similar to the one we have talked about above from Maui Moisture because they are offering popular moisturizing agents from coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter and then aloe vera. All of them are very moisturizing especially the oil and butter due to their natural emollient properties and as you know, they are also rich in fatty acids to give prominent moisture back into your hair and making them looks more manageable as well as healthier.

DevaCurl Result
When applying DevaCurl, we can see that their cream is very moisturizing even from the first touch so you may want to control the application a little bit. There is definitely slip and what we like is they don’t produce any white residue at all while almost instantly define the curl. It takes a while to dry and in the first day, they do works in elongation but when continue to day 3, we can see that not only elongated, this curling cream is also giving volume.

Their rich and moisturizing formula also proven to not weigh hair down but still feels very moisturizing in hair especially in the first two days. There is no white residue and strange texture on the hair as well which is also very nice, it feels natural and pretty.

Now, let’s compare Maui Moisture with DevaCurl. As it has been mentioned above, both of these nice curling creams are different in texture, scent and result. Maui is heavier and has a creamy, coconut butter-like texture that melts in hair but do leave some white residue in which the DevaCurl has a creamier, lighter texture and instantly melt into your hair, no residue at all. In result Maui seems to weigh hair down a little bit where DevaCurl is lighter so it produce some volume especially in the next days.

Maui Moisture vs DevaCurl

Maui MoistureDevaCurl
- Thicker - Lighter
- Heavier - Create bounce
- Tropical scent - Coconut scent
- Can leave white residue - No white residue
- Dry longer - Dry faster

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different hair type and of course preference. DevaCurl is indeed more expensive than Maui but their product does work and we love both of them, but, if you have more to spend and looking for both light bouncy hair with texture, we will recommend you to try DevaCurl new Super Stretch styling cream.