DevaCurl vs Cantu

There are times when our hair care routine is not enough to make our hair looks better and easier to manage. It is very often happening to us with curly hair but if you need a more prominent treatment that can also act as a styling product, curling cream from popular brands like DevaCurl vs Cantu can be a nice option. Both of them are trusted with quality and result but are also different and if you wonder which to choose, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you have a dry hair
– What are DevaCurl and Cantu
– How are the Texture of DevaCurl and Cantu
– What DevaCurl and Cantu are made of
– What DevaCurl and Cantu can offer to you
– DevaCurl vs Cantu

Dry Hair Care
Smooth hair is easier to style and manage and will increase our confidence level but unfortunately not all of us are capable of achieving it without putting much effort. Hair is one of the trickiest part in our body to take care of because just like skin types, people can struggle with different issues and depend on each hair type, we may also need a different treatment or care. A good product will elevate hair health and makes them both nourished as well as looks prettier.

Among those many hair problems like thinning hair, hair loss, damaged hair, and dry hair, the latter is very common happening among people with curly type. While those with other hair types are also familiar with this annoying issue, it is like everyday struggling for curly hair owner like us. Curly hair somehow more prone to drying and create those unkempt frizz that makes the hair even hard to style or tamed. To handle the issue, there is no other way than replenishing the moisture back.

Moisturizing products are very popular so it should not be that hard to pick and look for one out there. Hair care such as shampoo or conditioner and hair mask are the first step to manage dry hair and preventing them from becoming worse. Moisturizing hair care are designed to be not drying by reducing any related ingredients that can elevate the issue and replacing or enriching the formulation with other beneficial ingredients like oil or natural butter to improve hydration.

Beside hair care products like shampoo and conditioner, we can also choose to apply any leave-in treatment product and since we don’t have to wash them after application, the benefit should be more prominent and almost instant. Leave-in product with moisturizing effect can be varied depend on who should use the product. Straight hair may want to look for hair oil or any light leave-in conditioner to tame the frizz without weighing them down too much but those with thick, curly hair may need a richer solution.

This type of product often called as curling cream, smoothie or gel and can be used for hair styling as well because for curly hair owner, what we are looking for is frizz elimination, curl definition and moisturizing effect to nourish the hair and soften the coarse layer. Depend on each product, they may have different consistency and result to offer for their user.

About DevaCurl
If you are born with natural, thick and curly hair who are struggling to keep those frizz away and enhance the curl, curling cream is a nice variant to try. This product is very similar to any leave-in conditioner but is richer due to being designed for prominent moisture and locking properties. Among those many hair care brands out there, one of the best for curly head is DevaCurl. Just like the name, they are focusing to develop and offering hair care products for curly hair owner.

They have a huge option to pick in the collection from daily hair care to additional products to complete your hair routine. DevaCurl is very popular with their hair mask called Melt into Moisture which is loved by many people due to its moisturizing effect. If you wonder how the product can benefit dry hair, check it on our Shea Moisture vs DevaCurl. As for this one, we are picking the leave-in treatment called Super Stretch which is made especially those with thick, curly hair who wished to get elongated effect.

This styling cream from DevaCurl is promising a very moisturizing consistency to help people with thick, curly hair to get a beautiful styling and healthier result without weighing the hair down much to create an elongated effect without scarifying its shape locking capabilities.

DevaCurl Texture
When you open the package, this hair styling cream is not very strong in scent and similar like many other products, there is a coconut scent we can smell from the product yet it is quite light. It comes in a 8 ounce package and cost about $30 per jar which is very expensive for a styling cream since many other are far affordable and have more product inside. The cream is white and very creamy so when you flip the jar, the product is going to stay in place.

DevaCurl Ingredient
To make sure we can guess what the product will do, it is always important to check ingredient list when purchasing any hair or body care. This Super Stretch from DevaCurl is made mainly with water then glycerin which is very popularly used as a moisturizing agent in many similar products whether it is for hair or for face and body. The reason why it is moisturizing is because the substance is able to attract moisture from the air to itself to prevent hair from drying.

The idea of this curling cream is based on coconut but the next prominent ingredients are shea butter, castor oil and aloe vera leaf juice then followed by coconut oil. We are sure many of us are already familiar with these ingredients because almost any oil’s main function is to provide moisture due to their emollient properties while aloe vera is also offering a healing capability for a healthier result.

DevaCurl Result
What we love the most from DevaCurl is their consistency because while the product looks thick on the jar, it is melting into hair almost instantly and definitely create slips as well as show hair shape the moment we apply it. It doesn’t create white residue at all when applied but will take times to dry properly just like other styling creams. The result is very nice because hair feels much softer and frizz is reduced. Elongation can be seen on day one to two but the next day is for more volume and bounce.

About Cantu
DevaCurl is a nice product and proven to work very well but also expensive so some of us may want to look for another good alternatives to save some more, especially those who with a very thick curl and loves applying much products on their hair. The other option is curling cream from Cantu that is also very popular among people with curly hair and need more definition as well as shape-locking solution to make sure their hair looks manageable and prettier.

Cantu is promising that their award winning formula is capable of defining and conditions the hair to increase the moisture so we can manage it easier as well as softening the coarse surface and even elongated curls.

Cantu Texture
The texture of Cantu curling cream is very similar to the one from DevaCurl because the cream is thick and creamy as well as bouncy texture. It is white and milky with a sweet-ish scent which is not very overwhelming so those who doesn’t like fragrance can still use the product. Depend on where you purchase it, this product is also available in Amazon for $11.5 par jar contains 12 ounce of the product.

Cantu Ingredient
Just like many other hair curling cream, Cantu also use water as the first ingredient and then followed with canola oil and glycerin. Canola oil is not very often seen on hair care products especially as the prominent ingredients but this light and rich in fatty acids oil is easier to absorb and give moisture faster into your hair while when combined with glycerin, the cream will prevent your hair from losing moisture. It also has shea butter, and aloe vera juice as well as coconut oil.
All of the latest ingredients are made to enrich the consistency and of course the moisturizing properties of this curling cream because they are very thick and act as emollient to provide more moisture and nourishing hair.

Cantu Result
What we love from this hair curling cream from Cantu is the consistency because they are creamy and slippery which makes it very easy to spread. It can produce white residue on hair when the cream is not dried properly yet. It creates a pretty definition and lock the shape pretty well but not as bouncier like when using a lighter products. It also last for few days and feels moisturizing.

Now, let’s compare DevaCurl with Cantu. As you may already know, both of them are working very nicely and giving what they promise in both definition and moisture locking as well as shape keeping. They are actually very similar to each other in result but DevaCurl melt into hair faster and almost instantly gives the definition compared to Cantu while the other keeps hair down better.

DevaCurl vs Cantu

- Doesn’t create white residue - May create white residue
- Feels lighter on hair - Weigh hair more
- Create definition almost instantly - Nice definition
- Lighter fragrance - Slightly stronger scent
- Expensive - Fairly affordable

All in all, the decision is all yours since we may have different hair type and preferred final result. Both of them are very nice and we are finding it hard to pick one but, for those who want to save more, we do recommend you Cantu since their curling cream is fairly more affordable yet still able to give a similar result like the more expensive choice.