DevaCurl vs Ouidad Products

Proper hair care is needed to make sure our hair stay healthy and easy to manage as well as looks pretty but sometimes, we need more than those treatments. For those who are experiencing frizz or finding it hard to manage their hair, styling products from DevaCurl vs Ouidad Products can be a nice options to choose because of their good performance. If you are also eyeing these brands, go check our article below to see what they can offer and pick the more promising one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a styling product
– What are DevaCurl and Ouidad Products
– How are the Consistency of DevaCurl and Ouidad Products
– What DevaCurl and Ouidad Products are made with
– What DevaCurl and Ouidad Products can offer to you
– DevaCurl vs Ouidad Products

Hair Styling Products
Who doesn’t want to have a luscious hair and easy to manage in which when blown by wind will instantly go back to its former shape. This seems like the dream for many of us since they does looks pretty and will enhance your self-confidence for either male or female. While male are mostly prefer a short cut those who like to keep their hair longer may also need a proper care for the longer they get the more problem we will face.

Hair is naturally there to protect our scalp from the hot sun ray and even though we no longer spend the day under the burning heat, hair is necessary for an accessory to our appearance. Just like skin, hair is prone to damage and the appearance can alter from one to another almost instantly or in a short time when there is a problem. Many of us still struggling with some issues even today but it is not surprising for they can be tricky to manage.

To keep the hair at least healthy and look best, we have to use several hair care routinely starting from the basic shampoo to a further treatments that can be only applied in salon and similar professional establishment; all of them are to make hair look prettier and many of us are not hesitant to pay a fairly huge sum on money for it. While we can always count on good products for daily care, sometime we need more than just a good shampoo and hair mask.

Depend on each hair type, we may also have different problem and for us with fine, frizz hair, things can be very stressing. Dry hair is the cause of so many struggle in the morning because they are harder to manage and will make our hair looks like a lion mane which is of course not good. To handle this issue, some people may seek help from styling product to tame those wild strands and keep them at a shape for many hours after application.

There is no best product for everybody but there are for many of us since depend on the hair type and concern as well as the final look to achieve, we will need different item too. If you have a light curl like from 2b to 3b, a lighter moisturizer and lock will suit your hair better since they won’t weigh too much and still giving the definition while those with a tighter curl may want to look for a heavier, creamier and thicker solution to keep them in place and locking them.

About DevaCurl
Since there are so many people struggling with the same issues, we can see that manufacturers are offering a vast options for us to choose which can be good or not depend on which side you are on. Many options means we can choose freely from a huge collection and increase the chance of getting the most suitable product but it can be confusing as well, more importantly if this is our first experience. However, we can always count on to what other people are using.

One of the best brand for people with natural curly hair is DevaCurl and if you already making some research, we are sure many of you already familiar with the brand. Just like the name, they are focusing on offering products specifically made for people with curly hair to make sure they can style them as they want and lessen the struggle on managing or keeping them healthier as well as improving the look. The one we are picking in this article is one of their popular styling item which is Coconut Curl Styler.

This product is suitable for anyone with hair that can be categorized as curly whether it is the loose type or the denser ones. With the prominent property of coconut oil, the Supercream Coconut Curl Styler is offering silky moisture, definition and control to make your curl looks prettier and more defined as well as stay in place. It is claimed to be an all-in-one solution so we hope to see a good coverage from the styling point to how the product treat hair.

DevaCurl Consistency
This DevaCurl styling product is coming in a tube with a pump, similar like a styling mousse we often see at stores but the description said that it is actually a cream which is kind of interesting. It is quite expensive for a styling product and cost about $28 for the 5.1 ounce bottle or 150 ml of the solution inside. Its consistency is very thick but not heavy and doesn’t move when we flip the hand while the scent itself is prominently smells like coconut.

DevaCurl Ingredient
The first ingredient of this DevaCurl Supercream is water and then followed with coconut oil, glycerin, jojoba oil, and many other natural ingredients like wheat protein and rosemary extract. We do love seeing so many natural sources here but of course there are some material used to hold or give certain consistency to a product but we doesn’t really mind them. Coconut oil is popular for its ability as an emollient and the reason it is here is to moisture the hair with its fatty acids.

Hair is made of protein called keratin which is why protein is necessary to keep them healthy and smooth. Here, we can get the benefit from the jojoba protein as well as wheat protein in DevaCurl which are working as a nourishment to hair. Read also: DevaCurl vs Cantu here.

DevaCurl Result
We can apply the cream in dry of half wet hair and when first touching the hair, this cream is very white if not dried yet but they disappear in seconds when we spread them properly. It takes time to dry completely but not as long as when using heavy cream products and the result is very nice. Our hair seems to gain more volume and feels bouncier as well as defined with a rather soft feeling to touch. There are still some frizz but the hair feels fluffier.

About Ouidad Products
There are so many good options out there so you may want to check what the other brand have to offer as well just to make sure the one we pick is the best bet. Another good option for people who wish to have a healthy and prettier hair is one of the Ouidad Products. This brand is very similar to DevaCurl since they are focusing on providing hair care for those living with curls and need a proper treatment for their hair.

Ouidad Products are diverse but if you need the one with a capability to both style and treat, their Curl Quencher Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream is a nice option. This product is for those with tight curl and need help from the frizz which is why they have a moisturizing ingredients on board. This item offer a capability to wrap each strands with moisture to create a soft and naturally defined curls. It is encouraging the natural weight of hair to restore its initial weight and support an optimal formation to create a more uniform curl pattern.

Ouidad Products Consistency
Similar like the one form DevaCurl, this one Ouidad Products curl cream is coming in a bottle containing 5 ounce of the product and marketed at $26 per bottle. It has a white plastic bottle and pump to dispense the cream. Its consistency is between thick and creamy but not too heavy like curling cream that comes in a jar. The fragrance is very fresh but more into sweet, flowery which should be pleasant for those who are not allergic to scented products.

Ouidad Products Ingredient
Just like many other similar products, this Curl Quencher from Ouidad is also made prominently with water and the one we love here is the hydrolyzed silk or silk protein. As you may know, hair is made of protein called keratin and using products that is made or enriched with silk protein will replenish them especially when you have a damaged, coarse or dry hair to make sure they become softer and more pleasant to touch. The next beneficial ingredients is sweet almond extract which is rich in fatty acids and vitamin.

Fatty acids has a strong moisturizing effects just like many oils out there and in addition, almond is naturally rich in vitamin E which is an antioxidant to keep our hair from free radicals. When applied topically it should replenish the hair and making them looks shinier as well as silkier.

Ouidad Products Result
This styling product can be applied directly or with another layer of moisturizing solution as needed. Ouidad doesn’t produce white residue when first apply and almost instantly blend with hair perfectly. Its consistency is very easy to spread and we do love the scent which is surpassingly doesn’t last when dried out. The result is also very nice and do produce a defined curls with a soft to touch effect. It reduce frizz and lock or defined the curl nicely as well.

Now, let’s compare DevaCurl with Ouidad Products. As you may already know, the difference between them are on the ingredients and scent because the consistency are both very similar and produce the same result as well. What you may want to keep in mind is DevaCurl is a little bit heavier and feels somehow greasy on hand but not to hair in which Ouidad doesn’t produce any uncomfortable feeling when applied.

DevaCurl vs Ouidad Products

DevaCurlOuidad Products
- Thicker cream - Lighter cream
- Coconut scent - Flowery, sweet scent
- Slightly more expensive - Slightly more affordable

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different hair type and judgment about these products. We see that they are very comparable and almost the same but if we are to choose, those with lighter hair may want to pick Ouidad since it has a more pleasant scent and lighter cream to spread.