DevaCurl vs Jessicurl

Sometime, beautiful hair is not very easy to achieve and there are many of us who have to pay a lot of effort just to make sure the hair is easy to manage and looks kept. While all hair types can have the same problems, curly head are more prone to this issue and to handle them, we should pick a suitable products such as those from DevaCurl vs Jessicurl. Both of them are good and trusted but also different so go check our article below to see which the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you have a dry hair
– What are DevaCurl and Jessicurl
– What DevaCurl and Jessicurl are Promising to you
– What DevaCurl and Jessicurl are made with
– What DevaCurl and Jessicurl can offer to you
– DevaCurl vs Jessicurl

Hair Care
We always seek a way to get that dream hair which probably looks like those models we often see on hair products commercial. While all of us know that they are just for marketing purpose, we still getting tempted every time those people appear. However, we should not lose hope because there are many ways to get beautiful hair such as reducing the amount of chemical treatment like bleaching and heat hair styling tools as well as choosing good products to provide whatever your hair needs.

Due to heat tools or chemical treatment, our hair can be damaged and lose its texture, natural shape and the shine which then making our hair dull, looks unhealthy as well as hard to manage. Those type of treatments can offer an instant effect but in a long term they will also threat our hair longevity and we should avoid applying them too often or at least give a space or time for our hair to recover from its previous treatment before applying again.

Besides those treatments, depend on hair type we may also have different hair issues. For example, people who are born with fine, straight hair may find that the hair lacks of volume and looks thin even though they don’t have a hair loss issue while those with a more texturized hair may find it hard to keep their hair in place due to the dry strands, making them look unkempt. To deal with these problems, we can pick hair care routine that made to handle the specific issue.

We can start from changing our basic care like shampoo and conditioner. Conditioner is made to condition the hair since shampoo mostly have ingredients that strip hair natural moisture but it can be used by any hair types to replenish and keep them from drying. For those with extra dry hair or need more moisture including wavy or curly hair owner may need an additional product like hair mask that we can used at least once a week or as needed depend on how dry the hair is.

Another treatment we can add into our hair care routine is hair oil or styling cream/gel/mousse. They are mostly applied to smoothen the texture, nourish the hair and as for curly hair owner, they can be used to define the curl as well as locking them in place and add some texture.

About DevaCurl
Among natural hair types, it seems that curly hair is the one who need much help in term of moisture since they are more prone to drying and frizz. Since there are many of us who need help, manufacturers are also competing with each other by offering the suitable products for our hair type. Among those many brands in the market, we are sure most people are already familiar with DevaCurl because at some point, we must took an interest on them due to being one of the most well-known curly hair specialist.

Unlike hair care brand in general, just like the name this brand is focusing on offering hair care products for people who are living with curly hair because many of us need more than just regular hair care items we see at stores. What we love from DevaCurl is they are inspired by real people and understand their customers based on a long experience handling curly hair owner. They are starting as a cult products loved by many people to a big brand we know today.

When talking about DevaCurl, most often we will heard about their first product and probably among their bestselling one even today which is the No-Poo shampoo. Shampoo is our hair basic care that should be chosen wisely depend on our hair type and concern because its main function is to cleanse the hair and scalp from impurities. Nobody wants a dirty and greasy hair for it is sure unattractive and all of us needs shampoo that cleanse but not striping the moisture away. Read also: DevaCurl vs Ouidad Products here.

DevaCurl Promise
This No Poo shampoo by DevaCurl is loved by many people especially those with dry hair because it is non-drying and the poo here mean that it is not lathering like regular shampoo. For those who are not comfortable shampooing without lather at all may opt for the Low Poo version since this version does have lather but less to prevent more prominent drying. This shampoo is promising a conditioned hair with their moisturizing formulation to cleanse scalp and hair without stripping the natural oils needed by our curl.

DevaCurl Ingredient and Benefit
What we love the most from this shampoo is it has no sulfate which is the reason why it doesn’t lather. Sulfate is commonly present in soap or cleanser because it is acting as surfactant to reduce the tension of water and helping the product loosen the grease or sebum from hair or scalp along with the natural oil. The moisturizing ingredients here are natural based like grapeseed oil, peppermint oil, and wheat amino acids.

Grapeseed oils is popular in hair care due to being rich in vitamin E which is known to promote hair growth and improve hair health. Its extensive proteins, minerals and linoleic acids will treat hair to look shinier and softer without making it greasy. Peppermint have a cool sensation and acting as vasodilator to increase blood flow and enhance hair growth but also act as antimicrobial to cleanse your scalp. Amino acids is protein and it has moisturizing properties as well as repairing especially for damaged hair.

DevaCurl Result
After using this No Poo shampoo from DevaCurl, users can almost immediately see the benefit because it seems that hair is improved in shape especially the curls that looks more defined compared to when using regular shampoo. Another thing we see is, just like hair styling cream or gel, this shampoo create slip on hair and easier to put through the hair so each hair can get the proper moisture.

About Jessicurl
Because there are many good products out there, it is wise to look around first and see what the other competitor can offer to you. Another nice option for people who are concern about having their shampoo stripping moisture from their hair, Jessicurl may also have what you need. This brand is focusing on creating and offering products for those with curly hair and what’s good is they understand what we are asking for which is not always available from big brands.

Jessicurl Promise
One of Jessicurl best selling product is their shampoo called the Gentle Cleanser and what they mean by gentle is by not using sulfate as the cleansing agent and have no fragrance option for people with sensitive skin and nose against scented products. It promise the user a gentle lather to help removing impurities from scalp and hair without stripping the natural moisture. It also let user to get that beautiful hair in the same exact day with their shampooing. It can be used by all hair types even those with finer, thinner and lightweight hair.

Jessicurl Ingredient and Benefit
What’s good from Jessicurl shampoo is it has no sulfate but still have a creamy lather and this effect actually comes from a natural ingredient called Decyl Polyglucose which is derived from glucose or starch and the fatty alcohol decanol. It has a high foaming ability but not harsh like sulfate to cleanse without drying. For the scented version, there are some additional essential oils on the ingredients but not present in the unscented version. Due to being made with no oil, the shampoo won’t weigh hair down to get that weightless bounce.

Jessicurl Result
After shampooing with this one, it does give the promise of gentle lathering because compared to regular shampoo, the lather is not that much and very creamy as well as light. It has no weighing effect but what’s impressive is it doesn’t cause hair to dry too so it feels soft to touch but also clean. This version is meant for people with fine hair but if you need the one with more moisture, the Cleansing Cream version is probably going to add some more weight with richer consistency than this one.

Now, let’s compare DevaCurl with Jessicurl. As you may already know, both of them are a very good option for people who are seeking moisture from their hair care routine. DevaCurl is very moisturizing due to its richer ingredients and will make your curl more defined as well as stay in place. While Jessicurl also have a richer shampoo, the one we use here is their gentle lather which suit people with finer hair for it is made with no oils or any heavy, rich ingredient.

DevaCurl vs Jessicurl

- Richer shampoo (No Poo) - Lighter shampoo (Gentle Lather)
- No lather - Creamy lather
- Weigh hair down (No Poo) - Light on hair (Gentle Lather)
- Slightly more affordable - Slightly more expensive
- Scented - Scented and unscented

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we have different hair type and need. In our opinion, both of them are reliable and equally a nice product so we should choose based on what we feel suit us the most. For those who need a rich, moisturizing product, DevaCurl especially the original No Poo is a great option and if you have light, finer hair, the Gentle Lather from Jessicurl is the perfect choice.