Blessed with healthy hair is the dream of so many people but not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy the fun. To get a certain condition, we can apply several hair care products that deal with the hair issues such as those from OGX vs HASK. They are trusted with quality and already proven by so many users but there must be some differences and if you also wonder which suit you the best, go check what they can offer below and pick one with a more promising result.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you have a dry hair
  • What are OGX and HASK
  • What are the Promise of OGX and HASK
  • What OGX and HASK are made with
  • What OGX and HASK can offer to you
  • OGX vs HASK

Hair Care Product

Just like our skin, hair will need a proper care to make sure they are always healthy and look beautiful especially for us female. Hair may not as concerning because they will grow again whenever we cut them as long as we don’t have a hair thinning issue but the better they look the better we will appear as well and will boost our confidence without fail. The problem is, not all of us can enjoy them without putting much effort first.

Our hair just like skin is very prone to damage and this can be affected by what happened in our body and what we have done to our hair in the past. Poor diet may affect our hair health since there is not enough nutrient to keep them at the best shape but treatment like heat styling tools and hair bleaching may also affect our hair health by damaging and making them weaker. Damaged hair is prone to break and hard to tame as well as look unappealing.

To keep our hair at the top condition, we have to use or apply the proper hair care products which provide the kind of nutrient we need. Among those many hair issues, one of the most often we experience is dry hair that can be caused by our hair types or the weather itself and what kind of treatment we have used before. Dry hair can happen in any hair types and since the key to healthy hair is moisture level, we have to use a moisturizing care routinely.

Shampoo is the basic of hair care system because its main function is to cleanse the hair and scalp from any impurities as well as the sebum they create. Sebum is keeping our hair moisturized but they can make dust and small particles stick together. Since shampoo is commonly made with sulfate to cleanse the sebum or oil, they may also have a drying effect and this can be a problem for many of us with an already dry hair.

If you also have the same issue, it is good to start looking for a shampoo that is enriched with certain ingredients which is promising enough in term of moisturizing but still capable to do its job as a cleansing product. We can pick based on the ingredient list or see what the shampoo is formulated for to make sure we are picking the most suitable item.

About OGX

In the market we have almost unlimited options to pick and it can be confusing because the more we have to consider, the more time we have to allocate to check and decide. If you don’t want to spend much time just to look for a good product, it is best to see what the other users have used as well. Among those huge option, OGX is one of the best because this brand have been proven to work by so many users out there and may work for you too.

OGX is a brand that offer both body and hair care products but more focusing on the latter part and designed to provide the proper care for all hair types out there whether you have straight, wavy or curl. Since we are talking about dry hair, the one that suit our problem the most is the Coconut Milk version which is one of the most popular from their collection. This shampoo is designed for people who are seeking moisture from their product.

OGX Promise

This line have several products inside but we are going to focus on the main shampoo. If you need a more complete treatments, they also offer the conditioner, hair mist and hair serum to make sure hair is always properly moisturized. OGX promise to help strengthen and hydrate the hair while leaving them slightly scented and enhanced in softness as well as add some glow to make it looks more appealing. Read also: Maui Moisture vs OGX here.

OGX Ingredient

Just like everything else, when looking for something especially for products that we will put on our body, the most important in the ingredient to give us an idea how the product can serve the benefit. The first thing we love from OGX especially the Coconut shampoo is they are not using sulfate but sulfonate and not to be misinterpreted for each other, this one is derived usually from coconut and used as a foaming agent to help cleansing the hair and scalp.

Just like the name, there is coconut oil here added with hydrolyzed milk protein and albumen or egg white. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acid which is beneficial to help moisturizing the hair and keeping them healthy while protein in milk and egg white is here to enhance the hair surface to make them look livelier by strengthening the outer layer and preventing breakage.

OGX Benefit

The reason why it is loved by many people because the shampoo does work as the promise. However, each person may have different result yet, the common reviews on OGX especially the coconut shampoo is it leaves hair feels conditioned even without using conditioner after and softer when dried. After several use, breakage is shown to be reduced and the hair tips looks better than before with less splits. In addition, this shampoo also suitable for those with dyed hair who wants to keep their hair looks healthier.

About HASK

Due to the amount of options out there, it is good to also compare one brand to another just to make sure we are already picking the best option for our purpose and beside OGX, another brand called HASK can be your alternative pick as well. This brand is focusing on hair care system and offering a wide range of variants for each of your issue so we can pick better based on whatever concern we are currently suffering from.

If your concern is dry hair, the Monoi Coconut Oil shampoo will be your perfect line to choose. This line contains several products inside from the shampoo as we put in our sample picture above, the conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in spa, hair oil and even dry shampoo for people who don’t have time to wash their hair every other day or those who are trying to keep their dyed hair for longer.

HASK Promise

The Monoi Coconut oil shampoo from HASK is claimed to be a nourishing shampoo and infused with many natural ingredients to both hydrate and strengthen the hair. As a cleansing product it will also gently cleanse hair and scalp while leaving the hair with a refreshed look and revived even from the lifeless condition.

HASK Ingredient

Just like the Coconut shampoo form OGX, we love the fact that this shampoo is also made without sulfate since this ingredient is not friendly for us with an already dry hair due to its ability to remove natural oil or moisture from the scalp and leaving them drier. To replace the cleansing agent, it also use the olefin sulfonate which have a lathering effect and while it have the same irritating possibilities, it is still not sulfate and works very well in term of cleansing.

The next interesting ingredient is glycerin and we are sure most people are already familiar with this one because it is often found on skin care products. This substance is very popular as a moisturizing agent because it has an ability to draw moisture to itself and in a shampoo, it is good to keep our hair lost its moisture. Just like the name, this HASK shampoo also has monoi or Tahitian Gardenia which is often used in body or hair care due to its ability to soothe and moisten the hair.

HASK Benefit

People are in love with the shampoo because it gives an improvement to their hair condition especially those who are not suitable with sulfate. After using the shampoo for a while hair looks better and healthier; even those with curly and naturally greasy hair. It provides the moisture that our hair needs and give live to them while also leaving a light tropical scent which is very pleasant to the user.


Now, let’s compare OGX with HASK. As you may already know, both of them are made without sulfate and suitable for people who are looking for a moisturizing shampoo and prevent their hair from becoming too greasy or too dry. Their difference is on the ingredient list and while the benefit seems prominent from user to another, OGX is also providing a repairing effect.


- Enriched with milk protein and egg white - Enriched with monoi and argan kernel oil
- Coconut scent - Tropical scent
- May also repair damaged hair- Nourish hair
- Slightly more expensive - Slightly more affordable


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because the one suit other people won’t always give you the same exact benefit. We love both shampoos from these brands but if we are to choose, we will pick the Coconut milk shampoo from OGX due to its ability to also repair some damaged.