OGX vs Renpure

Using the proper hair care routine will help our hair condition so much and make sure we are getting the correct treatment to get a desired result. Not all people have the same hair issues so it is best to follow your own needs. If you have a dry hair, the shampoos from OGX vs Renpure are two nice option to pick because they are proven to be working very well. To see which the better option, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are you currently looking for a good hair product
  • What are OGX and Renpure
  • What are the Promise of OGX and Renpure
  • What OGX and Renpure are made of
  • What OGX and Renpure can offer to you
  • OGX vs Renpure

Hair Care Products

Just like our skin, the hair will need a special care to make sure they are always healthy and looks pretty. Everybody want a good looking hair both for female and male but of course, not all of us can achieve them without effort. Some people can enjoy to have a good looking hair just because they are born with it while many of us out here are dreaming to have the same luck as them. However, we should not get discouraged because most of the time, we can fix and improve our hair condition.

Depend on the person, each one of us may not have the exact same issues and it is understandable since we are diverse widely. Some people may struggle to tame their hair in the morning while some of us are struggling to enhance the volume. There are also people who are worrying about their hair longevity due to excessive hair loss and at the same time many of us are worrying how to deal with dandruff and itchy scalp that can get very uncomfortable.

Hair issues are varied widely and we can have either one or the combination of them which is why it is always good to decide what to use depend on the problem we want to address as well rather than picking what the most popular brand out there. Due to diverse hair issues, hair manufacturers are also learning to designed their products based on the problems and remembering how many of them, we are sure we are not lacking of option here.

One of the most hair issues we often see or experience at some point in our life is dry hair because it seems that many people are struggling to provide moisture for their hair. Moisture is very important and not just for our hair but for skin as well because it will affect how they look and a healthy hair must have the proper moisture to stay soft and shiny. Since regular hair cleanser may strip the natural moisture away, it is also good to try a non-drying shampoo.

A non-drying shampoo mostly doesn’t use sulfate in their formulation because it is harsh for us with an already dry hair. This is why those who seek moisture may want to change their shampoo into a gentler one but still capable enough to do its main duty which is to cleanse and remove impurities from hair and scalp.

About OGX

Due to the huge options out there, it is understandable that sometime we can get confused about which to choose and decide what brand to look at first. While all brands are promising, if you need something that proven has been working well for other people as a base to make a decision, it is probably good to look for the well-known or popular names out there like OGX or some people recognize it as Organix which is actually their older name.

The company change their name back then in 2013 from Organix to OGX and while they are marketing their products as organic, in fact is not all of their ingredients are certified organic but still, they are a good option for people who want a more natural hair care. The brand is offering both body and hair care solutions but is more popular with the hair care since many people loves them due to how good they can perform. If you are like us, concern about dry hair, their Coconut milk shampoo may be suitable for you.

OGX Promise

This product line have several care inside to complete your hair care routine from the nourishing shampoo, conditioner, hair mist and serum. We are focusing on the shampoo only today because it is the basic care we need to avoid the harsh cleansing agent. Just like the name, this OGX shampoo is promising the coconut milk enrich formulation is able to improve strength, hydrate and soften the hair, making it glows as well as gives a light scent.

OGX Ingredient

As a gentler hair cleanser, what we love from this shampoo is it doesn’t use sulfate in its ingredient but instead, they are using olefin sulfonate which may sound similar but different. This is naturally-derived commonly from coconut and have a good lathering performance to help the shampoo removes impurities from our hair and scalp. The star of this OGX shampoo will certainly the coconut milk since as we all know, this nutrient rich food is great natural treatment for hair. Read also: OGX vs HASK here.

Coconut milk contains coconut fat which mostly in the form of medium chain saturated fatty acids with lauric acids being the most dominant. The medium-chain fatty acids is giving it anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties to make sure your hair will get a deep nourishment from softening and handle those dry, itchy scalp at once. To enhance the formulation, there are also milk protein and egg white here to fix hair texture like coarse or easy breaking strands for hair is also made from protein.

OGX Benefit

The reason why the Coconut milk from OGX is very popular is because it is proven to work well by so many people who are suffering from dry hair or those who are seeking an additional moisture from their shampoo. The most common reviews we see from people who have been using it for a period of time is they see hair is getting smoother and easier to manage as well as improving their other hair care results.

It has a very light coconut scent and will leave the hair feels conditioned even when not using a special conditioner after shampooing. Some people also see a prominent improvement on breakage and split ends which we especially see on a damaged hair.

About Renpure

Opting for a more natural product is indeed good because we have to also pay attention to the things we put on our body. If you are preferring natural product, Renpure can be a good option as well because they are popular for offering a plant-based collection and beside body care, they have hair care products as well. This brand is developing their products with believe that what chemicals can do, plant can do better but first, their formulation must work.

Renpure Promise   

For those with dry hair, the one you may want to try is Coconut cream shampoo which is coming from Renpure original collection. This collection is claimed to be plant-based, doesn’t contain any sulfate, parabens, dyes, gluten, phthalates, and propylene glycol. It only has the shampoo and conditioner with a promise to restore your hair to be healthier and enhance the shine. In addition, it is suitable for those doing vegan lifestyle and the product is free from animal cruelty.

Renpure Ingredient

On the ingredient list, this Coconut cream shampoo from Renpure is using a natural ingredient called Cocamidopropyl betaine which is originating from coconut oil and it is available in many hair or body care due to its ability as surfactant with thickening and foaming ability. It is mostly safe and we can even see them also being used in baby soap or shampoos. Just like the name, there is also coconut oil here and as many people know, this one is very beneficial for a nourishing agent for how rich it is with important nutrients mostly thanks to the fatty acid.

In addition to coconut oil, there are also argan kernel oil and acerola fruit extract. Argan is rich in fatty acids like coconut oil so they have the same benefit while acerola is rich in vitamin C to help protecting your hair from free radicals.

Renpure Benefit

After using the shampoo for a while, people can start to see the result and while it is not an instant dose of moisture, the product is very promising nonetheless. It is good to provide moisture for those who are looking for a non-drying shampoo such as those with bleached hair and while they do provide some moisture, thin hair owner doesn’t have to worry about it weighing them too much. It is also working very well in dealing with frizz and even better when combined with the conditioner.


Now, let’s compare OGX with Renpure. As you may already know, they are equally a good product and proven to be working quite pleasing by so many other users out there. The difference in on their ingredient list because they seem to have different formulation and while the Coconut Cream shampoo from Renpure is good for many users, some people see more hair loss while some doesn’t like the new fragrance they use.

OGX vs Renpure

- More expensive - More affordable
- Light coconut scent - Smell slightly stronger
- Good at repairing hair- Good at light nourishing


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we have different taste and preference when it comes to what’s important. We do like OGX better because their shampoo doesn’t weigh hair much but still give the proper moisture and the light coconut scent is more pleasing.