Jessicurl vs Bounce Curl

For some hair types, using the basic hair care products may not enough to provide the proper treatment they need and achieve a certain result such as defined curls. Curly hair is probably one of the trickiest hair to style and we do need some more help than just a good shampoo or conditioner. If you need something to enhance your hair, Jessicurl vs Bounce curl may have what you need. Go check our article below to see what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are you currently looking for a hair care and styling product
  • What are Jessicurl and Bounce Curl
  • What are the Promise of Jessicurl and Bounce Curl
  • What Jessicurl and Bounce Curl are made with
  • What Jessicurl and Bounce Curl can offer to you
  • Jessicurl vs Bounce Curl

Hair Care and Styling Product

Sometime the basic hair care products like shampoo and conditioner is not enough to achieve those beautiful hair we dream of while there are indeed people who are born lucky enough to be effortless in such things. Hair may not so important for some people but it is for us, because no matter how it looks, we always want it to be an important part of our image. Just like skin, hair is prone to problem and we have to take a good care of them continuously.

Taking a proper care of our hair may be very easy as picking the correct hair care system available in the market to as tricky as consulting to professional due to various problems we experience such as people who are suffering from excessive hair loss. Another reason what makes choosing the proper hair care product not easy is because the one that seems to work for other people are not always going to have the same effect to us and vice versa.

This is why when it comes to picking a hair product we can only rely on the available information about the product and our own experience for we never know the result if not trying them ourselves. Besides regular care we often use like shampoo, conditioner or hair mask, we can also apply some additional treatment to make sure we are getting certain result and benefit from their ingredients whether it is to enhance their health or to fix some issues that may happened.

Among many hair types, us with curly hair are probably the one who find it hardest when going out of the house because we need to pay much attention on how the hair look for curly hair is naturally more prone to frizz and took longer to comb or style. It is also more prone to dry and becoming coarse since the shape is making it hard for natural hair oil to travel and moisture them properly. If you also have a curly hair, it is best to use a moisturizing shampoo.

This types of shampoo has no harsh chemicals that stripped your natural moisture and is good for anyone with damaged or dry hair. Among those many options, OGX vs Renpure are two nice options to choose. However, if you need more than just a basic care, it is also good to try using styling product because they will be helpful in taming those frizz and will enhance your curls as well as nourish them, depend on the formulation itself.

About Jessicurl

In the market, there are so many options we can choose, from a well-known brand to cult favorites and as long as they are working, we may won’t need to pay much attention on the brand itself except if you also have certain concern against the manufacturer. One of the most popular brand that exclusively made and market their product for people with curly hair is Jessicurl and if you often shop hair care products, we are sure this name is very familiar in your ears.

This brand is currently offering a huge collection of hair care systems for healthy hair and while focusing on providing a proper care for curly hair, their products are also suitable for people with different hair types depend on how they are designed. Since we are talking about an additional support to get a good looking curl, we are picking their favorite hair styling gel called Spiralicious Styling Gel. This type of hair gel is very popular among curly hair owner but, this one is also claimed to be suitable for all hair types.

Jessicurl Promise

If you never used any hair styling products before, hair styling gel like this variant from Jessicurl is one of the best in term of holding power compared to other forms like cream or mousse and this is also what the brand is promising the user. The claim is to provide user with a thicker and confident coils while the gel-like consistency will not flake your hair like many other gels and the dry crunchy texture can be removes easily to leave the hair softer.

Jessicurl Ingredient

Just like other Jessicurl products, this hair styling gel also have the no-fragrance option just in case you are sensitive to artificial scent. When looking for any product we need to apply on our body, ingredient is very important to consider and the one that responsible for the shape holding ability here is the Polyquaternium-69 which is a hydrophobic polymer. It is a water soluble substance and non-ionic with a weakly cationic nature. However, despite the ionic nature and water solubility, this ingredient modified portion act as water-repellant.

This is why gel or styling mousse with Polyquaternium-69 is capable of protecting your hair against frizz even though the air around it is pretty humid. In addition to locking ability, Jessicurl also add jojoba seed oil and it is beneficial for hair due to its natural moisturizing and emollient properties which is similar to hair sebum and will help lubricating your hair. It has anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic as well as antibacterial for a healthier hair.

Jessicurl Result

Before using the product, make sure to shake the bottle first and the consistency is quite liquid-like while doesn’t sticky at all yet creamy. After the hair gel is dried and set in your hair, we can instantly see how it enhance the shine and while being gel, hair doesn’t feel dry at all and quite moisturized. What we love is the result give us a light and bouncy hair but still have that pretty defined curls as well as handle some frizz but, there also some cast from uneven application.

About Bounce Curl

Because there are so many good options out there, it is good to also see what the other manufacturer has to offer because we may find a more suitable product or at least have the same benefit but available in a more affordable price point. Besides Jessicurl, another good brand to pick is Bounce Curl and just like the name, they are offering hair products made specifically for those with curly hair and can be used by female, male or even kids.

Bounce Curl Promise

The brand currently have various products to offer from the basic at home hair care to supplement we can consume to enhance our hair health. For the styling product, we are going to pick the new and popular Light Crème gel which is not only free from mineral oils but also vegan friendly for those who practice the lifestyle. Its promise is to hold your curls and giving it definition without putting much weight as well as dealing with those frizz.

Bounce Curl Ingredient

The first ingredient of Bounce Curl is water and the one that play an important role in providing hold here is called VP/VA Copolymer. We often see it in mascaras and nail polisher or some skin products as well because it has an ability to inhibit the hair from absorbing moisture. When dried, it will form a thin layer of film to provide barriers in your hair and beneficial to keep them at certain shape which is why it can hold curls too for the barrier will prevent moisture from entering the hair shaft.

In addition, Bounce Curl also use glycerin and jojoba esters or the hydrogenation product of jojoba oil. Glycerin is popular due to its ability to attract water to itself to keep something from losing its moisture while jojoba oils has an emollient property to moisture hair just like our natural sebum.

Bounce Curl Result

The reason why this product is called a light crème gel is because the consistency is about 80% gel and 20% crème to provide both lock and moisture with a rather creamy and thick consistency. It has a sweet smell and will stay in your hair but it is very pleasant and what we love from Bounce Curl is it gives shine and lock but when you try ruffling the hair more, it instantly show how much volume it can provide.


Now, let’s compare Jessicurl with Bounce Curl. As you may already know, both of them are good styling gel that we can count on to. Their consistency is different because Jessicurl is more lightweight in texture yet the result somehow is bouncier when applied with Bounce Curl. Jessicurl also have a non-fragrance version for people who doesn’t like any scented product while the other is pleasantly scented.

Jessicurl vs Bounce Curl

JessicurlBounce Curl
- Light consistency - Thicker texture
- May produce some cast - No cast
- Have no fragrance version -Sweet scented
- Good volume- Amazing volume


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different option and hair type or desired result. For thick hair owner who doesn’t like volume, we do recommend the Jessicurl Spiralicious gel while people who want a more volumized result, we will highly recommend you the Bounce Curl Light Crème gel.