Ouidad Products vs Living Proof

Sometimes, our regular hair care products are not good enough to give us those beautiful and healthy hair. Besides hair type, we also have to match the product with the issue itself and it is necessary to get the preferred result. If you have a dry hair that needs moisture, Ouidad Products vs Living Proof are two good brands to choose with their beneficial formulation. If you are also interested in these brands, go check our article below to see what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a new hair are product
  • What are Ouidad Products and Living Proof
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  • What Ouidad Products and Living Proof are made with
  • What Ouidad Products and Living Proof can offer to you
  • Ouidad Products vs Living Proof

Hair Care Products

Hair is part of our body that needs much attention because they are prone to be damaged and other issues that may threat the health and appearance. Since hair can grow again whenever we cut them just like our nails, people tend to experiment much on their hair such as bleaching and dyeing as well as styling which often required a heated styling tools. When applied or use frequently, these treatments may harm your hair especially their longevity for a long term.

Nobody want to have a bad hair day or moment but sometime it is inevitable since we never know when they will cause a problem. What we can do is make sure it is always healthy by using several product to support their condition and avoid treatments that can be considered harmful. However, there are times we can’t shake the temptation and still using those harsh chemical on hair or press and roll our hair with various tools to achieve a certain look.

If you also often see yourself can’t avoid using such treatments, dry and coarse hair is probably already a familiar issue. Another reason why hair is becoming weakened and look unkempt is because of the hair type itself since there are us with certain hair types that somehow is more prone to damaged or dehydrated. To help handling the issue, we can start looking for suitable product with ingredients and formulation to keep them from getting worse and if possible, also repairing the damage.

Hair sometime can becomes dry due to harmful treatment or because the hair itself which seems to be more prominent in people with curly hair. Dry and coarse hair which create frizz can happened in any hair types whether you have straight fine hair or a thick curly mane so the key to make sure they are always properly moisturized is to also use moisturizing product to nourish and keep them healthy. If you never use such products before, it is probably better to start changing the hair care products.

The basic at home, daily hair care routine are shampoo and conditioner because they are two things we have to use especially for people with dry hair. Shampoo main function is to cleanse the hair and it can either moisturize or dry your hair depend on the formulation while at the other hand conditioner is doing the final step of locking and adding more moisture or balancing them again after the washing process.

About Ouidad Products

Many of us don’t pay much attention when looking for shampoo or conditioner but if you seek more benefit from them, it is good to start considering what they are designed for and choose the one that suit your need the most. Due the many options out there, if you find it confusing trying to select and check them one by one, it is good to also see what other people have used today to make sure we are picking a promising brand and one among those options is Ouidad.

Ouidad is a brand that offer various hair care system which is very popular among people with curly hair because they are claiming to be a professional in offering the proper care for this hair type. Curly hair is indeed more prone to dry and frizz that make our hair look messier and unkempt as well as hard to deal with. This is because the texture doesn’t allow sebum or oil created by our scalp to travel far and it can makes the tips area even drier.

Ouidad Products Promise

If you are also suffering from the same issue, one of the bestselling products from Ouidad to handle the problem is their Curl Quencher line. This product line have several items inside made for people with a tight curly hair who need a more moisture and to keep their hair easy to style when needed. The one we are going to talk in this article today is their shampoo with a promise of adding intense level of moisture as well as cleansing your curls.

The formula is said to be gentler so they won’t harm or worsen your hair moisture level so in the end you will have a hydrated curls with an enhanced shine, easy to manage as well as natural definition and soft to touch. If you need something more to tame the mane, also try their styling product but, see what it can offer first in our Devacurl vs Ouidad Products here. In addition, this line also have the conditioner and a regular moisturizing styling gel.

Ouidad Products Ingredient

Let’s look at what this shampoo is made with. When looking at the ingredient, we are already worried to see sulfate here because moisturizing products often don’t use this harsh detergent to wash the hair since it is very drying and can even dry your hair further especially those with itchy scalp or split ends. The next ingredient from the shampoo is Panthenol or Provitamin B5 and this vitamin is known as the beautifier of hair by many people so it is no surprise to see it here.

It is working in various way but manufacturer use it to improved damaged hair by repairing the elasticity and aiding moisture retention as well as flexibility when penetrating the hair. Another beneficial vitamin here is E and we are sure people already familiar with this one as well. Ouidad use this ingredient to improve hair health and longevity because the rich antioxidant feature will neutralize free radicals and keep your hair from further damage.

Ouidad Products Benefit

The review of Curl Quencher shampoo from the brand is varying but most of them are agree that it can moisturize the hair and proving the promise. Due to the sulfate, unlike some moisturizing shampoos, this one is lathering much which is good for tight curls with an oily scalp to help remove those impurities from their scalp and thick hair. Many people also love the product because it makes their hair softer and easier to detangle when dried.

About Living Proof

With so many options, we are free to choose which product to use and if you are not satisfied with the previous item, we can always seek for another choice. If you are looking for a shampoo that can help you dealing with those frizz, Living Proof may have what you need with their Anti-frizz line. This brand is offering hair care solution but what we love about them is they have all hair types in the catalogue whether you have colored hair, limp and thin hair, dry hair or other familiar hair issues.

Living Proof Promise

We are picking the Anti-frizz shampoo from the line because this is very popular and one of the best hydrating shampoo in the market. The line actually have so many inside including the conditioner, de-frizzer, humidity shield, styling cream, hair oil, leave-in conditioner and styling spray. The shampoo promise a weightless moisture to block humidity, smoothen hair and nourish your hair as well as condition it. It is also suitable for people with a dyed or chemically treated hair such as perms and straightening service.

Living Proof Ingredient

What we love the most from Living Proof ingredient list is it has no sulfate so we have no worry about any drying issue and to replace this harsh detergent, the brand is using Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate which is also a surfactant but derived naturally from coconut and in general is milder as well as among the safest in the market. To nourish the hair, there is wheat protein here and as you may already know, hair is also made of protein called keratin.

Infusing protein on hair care is seen beneficial because it can help moisturizing as well as improve texture especially for damaged hair. To better moisture you hair and scalp, the shampoo also use another coconut derived natural ingredient called PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides which is acting as emollient and skin-replenishing.

Living Proof Benefit

The review form Anti-frizz shampoo by Living Proof is varying from user to use but most users are seeing a prominent change on the moisture level on the hair even from the first wash, moreover when combined with the conditioner. The shampoo makes hair feels smooth and soft to touch but require more time to dry and may need blow dryer. Frizz is also reduced but some people may see a better or lesser result depend on suitability.


Now, let’s compare Ouidad Products with Living Proof. As you may already know, the difference between these shampoos is on their ingredient because Living Proof is actually gentler than Ouidad since they don’t use sulfate as the cleansing agent here. It is also giving a prominent moisture so those with an already oily hair may want to avoid using the product. Ouidad at the other hand give a balance result without too much moisture or dryness but may not suitable for people with sensitive or dry scalp.

Ouidad Products vs Living Proof

Ouidad ProductsLiving Proof
- Has sulfate - No sulfate
- Will strip hair dyes - Safe for dyed and treated hair
- May suitable for oily scalp - Suitable for dry hair and scalp
- Good moisturizing result- Amazing moisturizing effect


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us have the same hair types and issues. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend people to pick Ouidad when their scalp is oily since the sulfate will do a good job cleansing the sebum while those with an already dry scalp and hair will need the gentler detergent and moisture from Living Proof.