Bounce Curl vs Rizos Curl

To have a beautiful hair, sometimes we have to put much effort to achieve those certain look we always dream of. The proper hair care is needed as well as other products that will give us the benefit or to handle some issues we may have. For those with dry or curly hair that prone to frizz, styling products like those from Bounce Curl vs Rizos Curl are a good choice to try. If you also love to try them, go check our article below to see what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a hair styling product
  • What are Bounce Curl and Rizos Curl
  • What are the Promise of Bounce Curl and Rizos Curl
  • What Bounce Curl and Rizos Curl are made with
  • What Bounce Curl and Rizos Curl can offer to you
  • Bounce Curl vs Rizos Curl

Hair Styling Product

We always want to looks pretty which is why we do so many effort from keeping our body fit as well as using and applying some body or hair care products to achieve those appearance. Sometimes, finding a good product is as easy as picking anything seems promising from the shelf but most of the time, it is not as simple as that. This is because the one suit other people are not always going to have the same effect on our body.

Our appearance indeed affected by several things including the hair because all people loves a good-looking one since as human we adore beautiful things. Even when we have no issue on our skin or how we dress ourselves, the hair is also playing an important role on supporting our overall appearance which is why we have to take care of it as well. Some of us are lucky enough to be born with an easy to manage hair but many of us don’t.

Hair just like skin is prone to some problems that affect how it looks so we have to use the proper hair product to handle those issues starting from how we treat it at home. The basic hair care system are shampoo and conditioner because we need them to clean the scalp and hair as well as providing some more moisture. This is because scalp produce sebum or oil to moisturize the skin and hair and shampoo will cleanse them thus, for some people regular shampoo can be very drying.

If you have an issue about dry hair while using regular shampoo, try products with special moisturizing effect like those from Ouidad Products vs Living Proof. In addition to using a suitable hair care, you may also want to try using hair styling item such as curl cream or gel to help styling and enhancing the hair appearance. Besides being very useful in term of keeping the shape in place for days, this type of styling products is also infused with beneficial ingredients for better result.

Since we have different hair type whether it is oily or dry and straight, wavy or curls, the suitable products may also differ from user to another. Thicker hair owner who need more moisture to tame frizz and to keep them from volumizing may want to try the cream form while those who want a lighter texture will probably better with a gel or mousse type.

About Bounce Curl

If you don’t have much time looking for the product that will help you improve the hair appearance, try checking what the other people with similar hair type also use because the one that satisfy more people will also have a higher chance to provide what you need. Among the huge options available from different brands in the market, Bounce Curl seems like a reliable brand to opt. Compare to many similar brands, their name is actually fairly new but already attract so much attention.

As the brand pronounced, they are offering hair care products that especially formulated for people with curly hair whether it is a light and loose wave/curl to those thick and tight locks to make sure we are getting the proper product to use. Since we are talking about hair styling, the one you may want to try is their popular Light Crème Gel solution. It is said to be suitable with wavy hair as well and made without mineral oils, synthetic dyes, parabens, sulfate or silicones to be safer.

Bounce Curl Promise

Light Crème Gel from Bounce Curl is capable of providing holding effect but since the name is already stated as “Light”, we can conclude that this product is for those who need a lighter hair or prefer bounce rather than stay in place type of lock. It is offering both lock and definition to create an enhanced appearance as well as leaving your hair weightless and reducing frizz. In case you are vegan, this styling gel is also suitable for you.

Bounce Curl Ingredient

To understand what this Light Crème Gel from Bounce Curl can offer to you, it is necessary to look at the ingredient list a little. This product is using VP/VA copolymer which is the one doing the work to keep your hair in place or has the locking ability because it prevent the hair to absorb moisture from air which is the prominent reason for frizz. It is working by forming a thin coating on a surface; also use in skin products or nails.

This ingredient is also helped by glycerin which is well-known for its ability to attract moisture to itself so hair won’t lose its natural moisture. In addition, this styling gel is also using jojoba esters or oils to moisturize the hair because this natural oil has a similar texture and properties like our natural sebum to help preventing dryness.

Bounce Curl Benefit

The product texture of Bounce Curl styling gel is in both gel and crème but in general is more like gel with a little white color. It is very light and glides easily between our hair and fingers so applying it doesn’t take much time while the scent is very pleasing as well. Like any styling gel, it will leave crunchy texture so we have to smoothen them out when drying. It produce a volumized result and light weight hair with definition and shine but doesn’t do well on the moisturizing part.

About Rizos Curl

Because we have so many good options out there, it is wise to also look for what the other brand has to offer because we may found something with a better performance or at least available in a more affordable price range than our previous option. If you want to make sure your hair is not only healthy but also good-looking, Rizos Curl is a nice brand to pick. This brand is focusing on providing what curly hair owner needed with their perfect formulation.

They have a varying products to choose but compared to many similar brands out there, Rizos Curl collection is not as many and marketed only for curly hair. They currently only offer one line of product from the shampoo, conditioner, styling cream and spray for you so we are going to pick the styling cream which comes in a white bottle just like on our picture above.

Rizos Curl Promise

This product is promising a defined curls by enhancing your natural hair look as well as holding them together for days but without leaving the hair feel crunchy after drying. The final result should give you a beautiful curls, with perfect bounce, enhanced in shine without frizz and give more volume as well. Overall, they promise to be your next best friend.

Rizos Curl Ingredient

When looking at Rizos Curl ingredient list, the prominent ones are seem to be the moisturizing agents because this product is using aloe vera, shea butter and coconut oil with capric triglyceride and other emollients like hydroxypropyl starch phosphate. Those natural ingredients are well known in providing moisture for hair and since they are naturally derived, they can be easier to absorb and do the work quickly. The addition emollients are enhancing the cream performance both in creating a smooth texture as well as serving another purpose like preserving the formula.

Rizos Curl Benefit

The texture of Rizos Curl Defining cream is very thick in a glance but when you try smoothen them out in your palm, the cream is rather lightweight and not thick or sticky at all with a pleasant, sweet scent. When applied, it doesn’t have much slip so we may need more time to put them on hair. After the cream dry, we can instantly see the definition of curls which is amazingly pretty but there are cast we need to break first.

The shine is there and the locking ability is also nice because hair still looks good even after few days. It is also not drying and still leave hair soft after we break the cast while also dealing with some frizz but not very reliable. The last thing we love from this curl cream is the scent can last for a long hours, even two days for a pleasantly clean hair effect.


Now, let’s compare Bounce Curl with Rizos Curl. As you may already know, Bounce is gel while Rizos is cream so in nature, they are different with the latter being more moisturizing while the frizz handling ability is pretty much the same. What we love from Rizos is it doesn’t leave hair feels crunchy after we break the cream cast and still felt soft to touch with a good volume as well as holding ability.

Bounce Curl vs Rizos Curl

Bounce Curl Rizos Curl
- Gel - Cream
- Light texture - Creamy texture
- Leave crunchy cast - Leave a little cast
- Doesn’t moisturize hair very well- Softer hair


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different hair types and final look to achieve. However, if we are to choose, we will pick Rizos Curl because their styling cream doesn’t make the hair crunchy yet still holding the curl and defined their look very well along with a pleasant scent.