Miss Jessie’s vs DevaCurl

Hair is very prone to issues which making it hard to manage sometimes and to deal with this problem, we can opt to use certain hair care or hair product which is design to help you achieve desired result. For those who need a help on locking curls, more definition, shine as well as managing some frizz, hair styling products from Miss Jessie’s vs DevaCurl can be your new friend. Go check our article below to see what they can offer and pick the most promising one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • What Miss Jessie’s and DevaCurl can offer to you
  • Miss Jessie’s vs DevaCurl

Hair Care and Styling Products

Everybody want to have a beautiful hair mostly female but not all of us are lucky enough to be born with a naturally, easy to manage and strong hair which is not easily affected by the environment and treatments we have experiment on them before. Just like our skin, hair is very prone to issues that can come from the hair type itself or the products we have used before as well as styling tools which strip their natural defense.

To make sure hair is always healthy and protected from any harm may happen, we have to use the suitable products for our hair types. Due to the huge demand and different hair issues we experienced, manufacturers are also offering a wide range of option for the user to choose but, the problem is not the limited products but choosing the one that suit our condition. This is because even those designed for our hair types and problem are not going to always give the same benefit.

This only left us one choice by trying those products one by one and see which the perfect option is. It may need some time and money but necessary to make sure we are getting the best option out there matching our need the most. For example, some hair shampoo which is formulated for people with oily scalp may able to cleanse the sebum or reduce the greasiness but also have a high chance to dry hair and strip the natural moisture especially when not combined with conditioner.

At the other hand, moisturizing or nourishing shampoo is usually gentle enough to not strip the hair natural moisture or have several ingredients to help protecting the hair from drying but they are also prone to make your hair greasier for people with a naturally oily scalp. Besides the basic hair care like shampoo and conditioner or hair mask, some people may also need a good hair enhancer like styling solution. They are very useful when you need to enhance natural hair or to keep them in place for longer.

Hair styling products are especially popular among people with naturally hard to manage hair like curly or wavy which needs more attention and time to deal with. A good hair styling product will have some holding ability depend on the type and also another properties such as defining, add in shine as well as taming frizz by coating the hair strands to prevent absorbing moisture from the air. Read also: Bounce Curl vs Rizos Curl here.

About Miss Jessie’s

If you already get an idea of which product to purchase, now is the time to look for what the market has to offer because there are so many of them. We will need more times to look for the products we want but if you don’t want to spend times doing light research or pick several products at once to try, it is good to try the promising items used by other people for they also have a higher possibility to satisfy your demand.

Among those many hair care brands offering hair products for your demand, Miss Jessie’s is one of the best option because this company is specializing their operation in designing and manufacturing products for curly hair owner. Founded by sisters with curly hair type, they understand what we need whether you are looking for a wavy, curly, and tighter coils solution. Thanks to their expertise on dealing with curly hair owner customer at their salon, the brand knows what product and formulation to offer.

Miss Jessie’s Promise

They currently have a wide products for several hair types or those who are not born with naturally straight and easy to manage hair but, the one we are going to talk today is Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls which is your go-to solution if light, loose curly hair is what you have. Just like the name, this styling product is borrowing the fabric technology to deliver the benefit so user can have that static-free, big, soft and curly hair which enhanced from its natural shape.

Miss Jessie’s Ingredient

Now let’s see what this styling cream from Miss Jessie’s is made with. The first beneficial for hair ingredient is glycerin and we are sure people are already familiar with this substance because it is also present in varying skin care products. Glycerin is useful because it is attracting water to the outer of skin or hair when applied topically to prevent them from drying and is a good moisturizing ingredient to have in body or hair care.

The next prominent ingredient is Amodimethicone which is actually a silicone. Some people may be turn off when hearing silicone but then again, some people’s enemies can be our good allies including silicone. The reason why it is good especially for damaged hair is because it will selectively stick to the damaged section of hair more strongly than those with healthy layers, it doesn’t cause build up since the old one will be removed by the newer application and forms a durable film to strengthen your hair.

Miss Jessie’s Result

The first thing we love from Miss Jessie’s is their scent because the Pillow Soft Curls fragrance is resembling a fabric softener and has a clean nuance to it which is fresh and pleasant while the cream itself is light and not too heavy. After applying the cream and let it dry for a moment, the result is a soft and light curls with a very little hold, so it does create bounce and not actually lock them in place.

About DevaCurl

Because we have so many good options out there, it is wiser to try what the other manufacturer has to offer since we may find a better items or choice which is more promising than your previous pick. If you have a curly hair, chances are the name DevaCurl will give you a familiar vibe or some of you may already use one of their products before. They are focusing on curly hair products but also have those for wavy and lighter hair to opt.

DevaCurl Promise

The one we are going to talk today is one of their popular styling item which is called Supercream Coconut Cream Styler for people who want those silky texture but also need a moisture control and curl definition to enhance their hair appearance. It is claimed to provide anything you want either to tame frizz or to lengthen the curl but from the definition, we can conclude that it won’t do as much in providing lock.

DevaCurl Ingredient

We love to see that the prominent ingredient in DevaCurl is natural which is the coconut oil and the reason why it is such the star of the product is because its ability to condition the hair to prevent drying and nourish them thanks to the lauric acid which has a low molecular weight to actually penetrate hair shaft and nourishing them with vitamins, minerals as well as medium-chain fatty acids. In addition, coconut oil is helpful in dealing with thermal damage as well as taming fly-away or frizz.

The next prominent ingredient is glycerin and just like the one form Miss Jessie’s, this humectant is good to prevent drying thanks to its ability to attract water to the outer layer of something like hair when applied topically. In addition, there is PPG-3 Benzyl Ether Myristate which is often found in hair products or lip gloss because of its ability to shine-enhancing properties to makes your hair looks healthier.

DevaCurl Result

The consistency of DevaCurl Supercream is thick and creamy but not sticky on hand with a pleasant coconut scent which is in our opinion delicious and light enough to not annoy your nose. After the cream is done drying, the result seems to be a light definition to our hair and the prominent thing we see is the volume it creates as well as the light bounce which is enhanced in the second day with a nice definition.


Now, let’s compare Miss Jessie’s with DevaCurl. As you may already know, both of them are the lighter version of curling cream which is more into definition and bounce rather than a strong lock. Their consistency is a bit different but the final result is somehow the same which is bouncy and soft to touch without leaving your hair stiff and uncomfortable to touch.

Miss Jessie’s vs DevaCurl

Miss Jessie’sDevaCurl
- Less natural ingredients - More natural ingredients
- More affordable - More expensive
- Clean, fabric conditioner scent - Coconut, creamy scent


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we have different taste and budget to spend so it is better to follow your own preference. But, if we are to choose, we love the one from Miss Jessie’s because this styling cream is more affordable yet still gives you a good result.