Viva Naturals vs Nordic Naturals

Everybody wants to have beautiful hair but unfortunately, not all of us are born with a shiny and strong hair that stays as we grow to adults. Sometimes, we will need more to maintain and taking care of them to stay healthy by consuming some vitamins like omega capsules from Viva Naturals vs Nordic Naturals. Omega is proven to be beneficial for various health reasons but, before going to shop, go check our article below to see whether there is a prominent difference between the two brands.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are you currently looking for a hair supplement
  • What are Viva Naturals and Nordic Naturals
  • Where Viva Naturals and Nordic Naturals Sourced their Fish
  • What Viva Naturals and Nordic Naturals can offer to you
  • How to Consume Viva Naturals and Nordic Naturals
  • Viva Naturals vs Nordic Naturals

Hair Supplement

When it is about hair, it seems that all people are willing to spend so much to get those healthy and thick hair like what we see on various hair products ads. While men tend to not pay much attention to their hair, some who are experiencing issues like hair thinning or fall may start to use different hair products or even consuming medicine and vitamins to keep the problems at bay. Women on the other hand usually caring their hair better and already using beneficial products routinely.

Good products can be pricey most of the time because they may be made with high-quality ingredients and hard-to-get materials but there are also many good options with more affordable, easily accessed solution such as vegetable and animal oils. Hair products like shampoo, conditioner, and masks are very important to keep our hair smooth and properly nourished but, they are applied topically from the outside which may not be as effective as when we are consuming those rich in nutrition food for the hair.

In the last decade, there are so many manufacturers offering hair vitamin to help people treat their crown every day and supplementing the nutrition that we don’t get in every meal since maintaining a good diet is taking too much of an effort. But, if you are not convinced about their efficacy, choosing a more well-known single source is good to make sure we are getting enough of the certain nutrition and giving the desired result. Additionally, they are also more affordable than popular hair vitamins/supplements. Read also: Castor Oil vs Mineral Oil here.

About Viva Naturals and Nordic Naturals

One of the most popular supplements taken for beauty today is fish oil since it is the source of necessary Omega-3. Fish consumption has been promoted in many places because they are healthy and beneficial for almost anyone moreover they also taste great and versatile for cooking recipes. Fish oil is derived from the tissue of certain types of fish and consumed in liquid or soft-gel capsules that can be flavored or not depend on the brand; since it has some texture, many of us prefer to go with the capsule type.

There are so many brands out there offering healthy supplements including fish oil such as Viva Natural and Nordic Naturals. These two companies are very popular with their fish oil so it is no wonder seeing people comparing them side by side. They are actually offering many types of supplement and for the fish oil, Viva Naturals currently only offer one type which is the Triple Strength or Ultra Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil while Nordic Naturals have many such as Omega ONE, Omega Woman, Omega Circumin, and Ultimate Omega.

For this example, we are going to talk about the most popular variant of them all, the Ultimate Omega. This variant is also the leading fish oil supplement in the US for heart health, brain, and wellness support according to SPINS Scan Data.

Viva Naturals and Nordic Naturals Source

When looking for a fish oil, one of the most common questions is where the main ingredients come from which is the fish habitat and Viva Naturals claimed that their sources are spreading around the world to support the local growers and economies which is probably why we can’t get the oil from retailers. As for Nordic Naturals, this company said their sardines and anchovies are taken from the coast of Peru in the South Pacific Ocean while the Arctic cod is from Norwegian Sea in the North Atlantic.

Viva Naturals and Nordic Naturals Benefit

The benefit of fish oil is indeed proven and not something that has no research because taken from Huffpost there is a report published back then in 2013 issued by Dermatologic Clinics found that the deficiency of fatty acid can lead into hair color changes and loss. Fish oil is rich in fatty acids and taking them as a supplement may help retaining the hair line for longer as well as increase its health level especially when lack of fatty acids is the sole cause for the issue.

Not only for hair health, fish oil is also beautifying skin since it caters to the natural oils our body produced and this will help it maintain the balance. While some people also apply the oil directly, it is said that fish oil is better consumed orally and let the body digest it for we need it in the diet.

Viva Naturals and Nordic Naturals Dosage

The Viva Naturals and Nordic Naturals fish oils in our article today also have their own doses and we should follow it for there is a daily intake of combined EPA and DHA which is found in fish oil. Viva Naturals is containing 1400 mg EPA and 480 mg DHA per 2 capsules which is the dosage while the Nordic Naturals especially the Ultimate Omega have 650 mg EPA and 450 mg DHA per serving which is also two soft gels.


Now, let’s compare Viva Naturals with Nordic Naturals. The most important difference between both of these popular brands are on the amount of Omega 3 including DHA and EPA in each of their serving sizes because in general the Viva Naturals contains more. As reference, the amount of DHA and EPA intake per day is 250-500. The other difference is where their fishes are sources because Viva is taking their fishes from various places all around the world while Nordic only have few.

Viva Naturals vs Nordic Naturals

Viva NaturalsNordic Naturals
- Sourced from around the world - Sourced from few places
- Have one Omega 3 supplement variant - Have various Omega 3 supplement variants
- Contain more Omega 3: DHA and EPA - Contains lesser Omega 3: DHA and EPA
- No flavoring- Lemon flavoring


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference so it is better to decide based on your own judgment. However, comparing the two, we like the Nordic Naturals better because its dosage is nearing the daily intake reference based on scientific study and they also have clear source of their fishes to ensure safety.