Artnaturals vs Young Living

Sometimes, shampoo and conditioner are not enough to support our hair health and making them look more beautiful. When facing such issues, we may try various hair care products and supplement or vitamin but if you want to be more natural, essential oils like those from Artnaturals vs Young Living are a good option to fix the problem. Before going to shop for one, go check our article below to see how they differ so then we can pick the one that delivers the better benefit.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are you currently looking for a natural hair care
  • What are Artnaturals and Young Living
  • What Artnaturals and Young Living Look Like
  • What Artnaturals and Young Living can offer to you
  • How to Apply Artnaturals and Young Living
  • Artnaturals vs Young Living

Natural Hair Remedies

There are various hair products being marketed today from the daily care we used like shampoo and conditioner to weekly product such as mask and hair oil. All of them are claiming to help people dealing with hair issues whether you have dry hair, thin hair, hair loss, or many other common hair problems. They are necessary especially for those who experience some of the issues but, depending on each user, not all of them will suit and work as claimed.

In the past, we don’t pay much attention to natural products and sources because as long as they work, we are more than please to purchase and use. However, with the rising awareness of animal cruelty, health, and overall the natures wellbeing, the society seems to move into a more natural option. Manufacturers like their nature seek for profit and pursuing what has been raved by their customers including hair product brands and companies. While some of them are actually working and more nature friendly, we still have to choose carefully.

Nature is rich in healing materials whether those we took from earth or grow on soil which actually have been used since our predecessor but forgotten when modern era approach. If you are also care for the hair health and prefer something more natural to fix its issue, there are many plants extract and oils we can use from different kernels, leaves, roots, etc. Read also: Nature’s Truth vs doTERRA here.

About Artnaturals and Young Living

The one type of oil that has been taking so much attention is essential oils because they seem to have a cult who loves using them for different types of applications. Some essential oils are proven to relieve issues and depend on the material used, their benefit will differ widely for example lemongrass essential oil that often used as aromatherapy to relieve stress, ease nausea, and regulate blood pressure. There are tons of plants to make essential oils out there along with different manufacturers.

In the US, two of the most popular essential oil brands are Artnaturals and Young Living among many others. Both of them are well-known names and we are sure many of us ever heard of them before. They claimed to create the essential oils from trusted sources while keeping the quality until reaching the customer’s hand so we can enjoy the benefit. As for the source, they don’t take them only from one continent but mostly anywhere around the globe working with global partnership.

They have various oils to offer from something we often see in stores or those that we rarely heard of as essential oils such as Marjoram and Laurel leaf. However, for treating hair, not all of them are useful, which is why we can only use some of them and for this article, we are going to pick only two; the Lavender and Peppermint oil.

Artnaturals and Young Living Package

Artnaturals and Young Living are packing their essential oils in a small bottles mainly in 15 ml with a plastic cap. As for the Artnaturals, they also offering a value bottle containing 150 ml of the oils but the other brand currently only have the small bottle. They have dropper to ease application and to help the user measure the oils. Comparing them from their price point, Artnaturals is cheaper more than half of Young Living even in its wholesale price.

Artnaturals and Young Living Benefit

Coming to the benefit side, each oil carry their own benefit some can be interchangeable while some are not depend on the source or material. For hair health, one of the most popular essential oils used is Lavender oil which often said as the Swiss Army Knife for essential oils. Taken from Healthline, not only beneficial to reduce stress, this oil is also showing effect to generate hair growth based on study with mice. In addition, the antibacterial properties is working well to improve scalp health.

The next popular essential oils to treat hair is Peppermint oil and both of Artnaturals and Young Living equally carry this type as well. If you ever apply some topical pain relieving, some of them may have peppermint in it and it cause cold, tingling sensation. This sensation is said to increase circulation to the affected area and is useful to promote hair growth during the growing phase. A study on mice is showing that the oil increase the number of follicles, follicle depth, and overall hair growth.

Applying Artnaturals and Young Living

To get the benefit of essential oils, we also have to know how to apply them properly. Unlike when using hair oil that has been mixed with various ingredients from a popular brand, essential oils need carrier oil such as olive oil or liquid coconut oil. Put several drops like 2 of the essential oils into about 3 tablespoon carrier oil then use the mixture to massage the scalp then leave for a moment before washing them clean with shampoo and conditioner.


Now, let’s compare Artnaturals with Young Living. Both of them are popular essential oil brands and equally claiming to use 100% authentic oils without fillers or mixture inside. Young Living has been playing in the industry for over 2 decades and one of the most expensive in the market but it doesn’t mean they are the best. Artnaturals on the other hand is very cheap in comparison and have great reviews from many of its users.

Artnaturals vs Young Living

ArtnaturalsYoung Living
- Fairly new - One of the oldest brands
- Offers lesser essential oils - Offers a huge amount of essential oil types
- Have value size bottles - Essential oil in 15 ml
- Inexpensive - Higher Price


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same opinion and preference. However, between the two, we like Artnaturals better because it is inexpensive and smells just as good because pricier product is not a guarantee that we are getting a high-quality items.