Brazilian Keratin vs Blowout

Women tend to pay more attention to their appearance which result in the huge options of products when it comes to beauty including hair. Salon offers various treatments to care for their client’s hair such as Brazilian Keratin vs Blowout that will make your hair easier to maintain and look straighter than before. While these treatments do work and give a great result, they may possess some dangers as well so before getting an appointment, see what that can offer and how to differentiate them.

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Salon Hair Treatment

Hair treatment is widely available from almost any salons wherever you go because the demand of many women who want to get beautiful hair instantly. It is indeed true that hair will elevate one’s appearance and it will also increase our confidence which is why we can spend so much just to get them done at famous salons. In most cases, these treatments will last days, weeks or even months depending on the type and the salon or products applied.

Professionals at our favorite salons are educated and trained to deliver many types of treatments which sometimes can take hours to complete while some others may only need no more than an hour. The most common question about salon hair treatment will be its safety because we all know that if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is so there will be some disadvantages to it as well, especially those applied with chemicals and hot iron.

Trend also pay an important part in creating the demand of hair treatment which makes salon add the list of their services to follow these demands. In the past we are adoring the Japanese straightening look but today, we prefer something that looks more natural and can go with the wind freely while there are also many of us who loves more defined curls/waves to complement our look. Read also: Artnaturals vs Young Living here.

About Brazilian Keratin and Blowout

As long as we are comfortable in our body, this self-confidence will be visible to the people around us and when it comes to taste, we should get the one that fit our personal preference the most. While salon treatments to beautify hair have been around since long time ago but today, Brazilian Keratin and Blowout are probably the most common names hailed as our savior when hair is starting to frizz and hard to maintain or style. While they seem like the same term, they are actually a little bit different.

Keratin is the component or more accurately protein that made our hair and this protein is available in various hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, and mask or even leave-in conditioner. If hair is made of keratin, why we should apply them again with the treatment? This question often asked by people and to state it simply, this protein is easily damaged and the result is dry, frizz, hard to manage hair which lost its shine and smooth texture.

This protein is the key of Brazilian Keratin which incorporated in their products but, Brazilian Blowout also has different products depend on the salon that gives the service and it can differ from one to another. While Brazilian Blowout seems to push the word “Blowout”, the other treatment actually have the same method as well so if the person doing these treatments sit side by side, they may look like doing the same process but different in terms of waiting time.

Brazilian Keratin and Blowout Application Steps

One of the most important things you may want to know before booking the appointment is what and how the salon will apply them since sitting there can be very time consuming. For Brazilian Keratin, this treatment will start by washing the client’s hair with a shampoo of the salon choice to cleanse the hair and then dried completely or left damp depend on each salon. The next step is followed by the professional applying a products or more and then covering it with a cap for around 20-60 minutes.

After this step, the hair then blow dried and flat ironed after dried or rinse a little bit to remove the excess product. The last shiny and soft appearance is the result of flat ironing at this final step which commonly last up to 5 months. As for the Brazilian Blowout, the steps to do its treatment are actually very similar but it has another step after the last blow and flat ironed since there will be additional wash, dry, and additional conditioner after being dried for the last time.

The most prominent difference will be the product applied during their treatments and with Brazilian Keratin, the process can take longer time especially when waiting for the product to finally settle before being dried and ironed. We also still need to wash the last product at home which should be done around the 3rd days after treatment. Result may depend on each hair type but in general, Keratin is said to last longer and tamed frizz including natural hair waves or curls, making it look prominently straighter compared to Blowout which only removes the frizz.

Brazilian Keratin and Blowout Danger

If you see the sample result of these treatments, they are very beautiful but taken from Dr. Axe, also come with a cost because it has been long known that to change our hair structure like those pretty, soft, and straight hair, salons will need products that contains formaldehyde. Around late 2011 or early 2012, the federal government put out hazard alert about these treatments especially Brazilian Blowout since the products they used contains formaldehyde and today, it is not allowed to sell these type of products anymore at store.

Formaldehyde sparks awareness in many beauty enthusiasts because it is a carcinogen and may increase one’s chances of getting cancer even at a very low level. This chemical danger is very serious even smelling it can cause sore throat, cough, scratchy eyes and nose bleeds.


Now, let’s compare Brazilian Keratin with Blowout. Regular blowout won’t give you straight hair but Brazilian Blowout sure does because it uses products combined with hot iron and its difference with Brazilian Keratin is very little from the length of their treatment and steps while both use formaldehyde to change your hair natural structure.

Brazilian Keratin vs Blowout

Brazilian KeratinBrazilian Blowout
- Need hours to complete- Commonly done under 2 hours
- We may come home with the product still in our hair - Product washed at salon
- Will last longer - Last about several weeks
- Tame even wave and loosen curls - Keep hair natural shape


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same taste and preference so it should follow your own judgment. We don’t recommend people to get treatment that used harmful substance and if you still want to get these treatment, make sure to ask your stylist whether they have formaldehyde in their products and if possible do the treatment at trusted and well-established salons.