It’s a 10 vs It’s a 10 Lite

Hair styling indeed will make your hair appear better and neat to follow your taste and preference but, styling may also leave hair damaged since it requires heat styling tools that can harm hair in a long term. To protect your hair, we can use leave-in conditioner like It’s a 10 vs It’s a 10 lite because they will provide light coating before the process and will make your hair appear better as well. To know which to choose, go see how they differ below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • What are It’s a 10 and It’s a 10 Lite
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  • It’s a 10 vs It’s a 10 Lite

Hair Care Product

Everybody wants to have beautiful hair but not all of us are born with natural easy to maintain hair which is why when we grow up and becoming an adult, we try to deal with the problem with various hair products available in the market. Today there are so many options to treat hair from the natural options like essential oils to those with harmful side effects like hair treatments done with hot iron and chemicals. The latter does work very well and instantly transform hair but also harmful.

Sometimes we are tempted by the beautiful result and quick treatment that can be seen almost instantly yet, many of them will decrease one’s hair health and even causing some diseases if done frequently such as Brazilian Keratin vs Blowout which used formaldehyde in the products they use. One of the best alternatives to a long, healthy hair is daily treatment which includes shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and mask once a week or as needed. If taken care properly, hair can be easier to maintain and style.

One of the easiest ways to “tame” them if they are hard to maintain is by heating tool such as hair dryer and hot iron but, applying them directly will harm the hair making it coarse, less-flexible, stretched, as well as lifeless hair but, we have a solution for this and it is by applying a leave-in conditioner or heat protector before styling process.

About It’s a 10 and It’s a 10 Lite

Leave-in conditioner has been around for quite some time and the hype are both high and low which is unfortunate since they are very useful. One of the cult favorites that has been used by many and still very popular today is It’s a 10 and we are sure most of us are already familiar with this name. They are a hair products brand and like most, they offers various hair care items including leave-in conditioner but the most well-known will be the Miracle both regular and Lite version.

Just like the name, a leave-in conditioner is a hair product mean to condition the hair which as opposed to the regular conditioner, doesn’t need to be washed and should be left in hair. They are applied like hair oil but only for the strands. Their main function is to fortify hair strands with strength and adding moisture. The main difference between It’s a 10 and It’s a 10 Lite is the latter claimed to be “lighter” in terms of effect.

It’s a 10 and It’s a 10 Lite Promises

It is formulated based on the original Miracle leave-in conditioner but without all the heaviness so it will suit those with a thin hair or want more volume coming out of their hair instead of weighing them down like the other. However, they also comes with a slightly different promises. It’s a 10 original version claims to repair dry damaged hair, adds shine, detangle, control frizz, seal and protect hair color, stop hair breakage, prevent split ends, create silkiness, thermal protectors, and enhance natural body.

As for the Lite version, it is slightly different and changed into enhances natural body, weightless detangler, adds silkiness, adds shine, color protector, humidity resistant, adds silkiness, prevent split ends, eliminate frizz, thermal protector, and environmental protection.

Applying It’s a 10 and It’s a 10 Lite

If you ever used any leave-in conditioner in the past, the method to apply both of It’s a 10 and It’s a 10 Lite will be very similar if not the same. It started after washing the hair with shampoo of your choice and apply the conditioner then rinse well, we should towel dry the hair until leaving a little bit moisture. These products come with a spray bottle and we can spray them evenly only on the hair and not on scalp.

The next following process should follow your hair routine such as blow drying and heat styling or just combing without rinsing the product. They can be used by any hair types whether you have straight, waves or curls.

It’s a 10 and It’s a 10 Lite Benefit

What’s amazing and keep people buying these leave-in conditioners is the benefit because there are so many users feel the instant detangling effect and smooth as well as shiny result. They are working very effective and with just a few spray depend on each hair length, we can feel how it is easier to comb hair without having to battle with tangled or knots anymore. They also reduce the amount of hair left in comb from getting pulled when detangling.

Another thing we love from It’s a 10 and It’s a 10 Lite is their cent because they are very fresh and pleasant especially the Lite version which also improves mood. Comparing the two, its original version is actually already light enough but Lite leave-in conditioner is even lighter with lesser weight. Those with thicker hair may want some weight and the original version will do a better job with this hair type.


Now, let’s compare It’s a 10 with It’s a 10 Lite. As it has been mentioned above, the difference between them is on their formulation because Lite conditioner is made to give lesser weight so we don’t have to end with lifeless hair in case your hair is thinner while those with thicker hair may want to get the proper moisture from original It’s a 10 Miracle conditioner to keep them tamed.

It’s a 10 vs It’s a 10 Lite

It’s a 10It’s a 10 Lite
- Original version- Lighter version
- May weigh hair more- Doesn’t weigh hair
- More expensive - Less expensive
- Blue bottle - White bottle


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because the best product will be the one that suit our hair the most and between the two, we should pick based on our hair needs. If you have thick or average hair and need some weight to keep them looks neater, we recommend the original It’s a 10 Miracle leave-in conditioner but if you have thinner hair, its Lite version will be better.