It’s a 10 vs Biosilk

Even though our hair looks good after being blow dried or styled with a hot iron, they may also cause some issues that makes the hair loses its life or even hard to manage in normal condition. To make sure our hair is protected against harm when styling and to add a barrier so they will be easier to style, It’s a 10 vs Biosilk are two good leave in conditioner to choose. If you are also eyeing these products, go see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are you currently looking for a hair product
  • What are It’s a 10 and Biosilk
  • What are the Promises of It’s a 10 and Biosilk
  • How to apply It’s a 10 and Biosilk
  • What It’s a 10 and Biosilk can offer to you
  • It’s a 10 vs Biosilk

Hair Care Products

Choosing the right hair product can be a bit confusing and time consuming because not all of them will just suit anybody and even though they are highly rated by so many people, it is still possible to find the product not working for us. Like any product whether it is for body or face, the goal is to get those match our condition and work for us so there is no other way than trying and see if their promises are true or not. 

However, popular and widely raved products indeed have a higher chance to match us as well and this is why we often look and see why people like certain shampoos, conditioners, vitamins, etc. Of course depend on our hair type, the products we need will also be different because those with dry hair will look for moisture while those with oily scalp and hair will look for something that can cleanse the build up properly. Shampoo and conditioner are the two basic products for clean and soft hair.

If shampoo main duty is to cleanse build up, conditioner main purpose is to replenish the natural moisture loss during shampooing because most shampoo have cleansing agent that can strip this natural moisture. Another type of conditioner is leave-in conditioner and just like the name, this product is applied and leave in hair without washing them after.

About It’s a 10 and Biosilk

Because they are very useful on the go and for those who need extra replenishing after washing, almost all hair care brands have them on their catalogue but then again, choosing the one that will suit our hair is the problem. If you don’t have a favorite brand already and currently want to try what a leave-in conditioner can help, It’s a 10 and Biosilk are two good options to go. Both of them are very popular and among the best choices.

They are different brands and loved by so many people because of their benefit to help protect the hair and make sure they look more beautiful after being treated with heat like blow dried, iron flattened or curl. It’s a 10 and Biosilk are hair product brands so there are so many items in the collection and we are talking about Miracle leave-in conditioner compared to Biosilk Silk Therapy. If your hair is very light, there is another product from It’s a 10 to suit you at It’s a 10 vs It’s a 10 Lite.

It’s a 10 and Biosilk Promises

It’s a 10 Miracle promise to eliminate frizz from your hair, restore the shine as well as enhance the natural hair’s body and even protect the color for those who color-treated their hair thanks to its natural ingredients like sunflower seeds and green tea leaf extract. As for Biosilk, this leave-in conditioner claimed to replenish and reconstruct your hair, smoothen it, and leave it weight-less by filling voids in cuticle; it is good for any hair type. It also increases hair natural shine, making it look healthier.

Applying It’s a 10 and Biosilk

Since both It’s a 10 and Biosilk are the same leave-in conditioner, we should be using them before styling like blow drying or using a hot iron. Use after shampooing but leave the hair a bit damp by dry toweling them properly and keep the remaining moisture. Take the product as needed depending on the length of the hair; if you pick It’s a 10 spray, we can just spray them all over the hair while creamier or thicker product can be poured into hand and then spread it evenly.

Just like a regular conditioner, we should exclude the scalp when applying any of these products and make sure to only treat the strands. After the product is evenly applied, we can just leave it like that to dry the hair naturally, use a hair dryer or style with flat iron and curling tools.

It’s a 10 and Biosilk Benefit

While they promise to give you certain result, the reason why people continue using them is because they do work. These leave in conditioners are going to give hair the smooth texture after blow drying and keep them soft for long but, the best part is those frizz that often hard to tame and keep is reduced so we don’t look like just waking up with a bad hair day. Hair feels slippery but not the wet type of slippery as well as don’t get tangled easily.

We also don’t need much time to apply the product since a quick spray or spreading by hand can be done even under a minute when you need to get out of the house quickly. Some conditioners will leave hair greasy and doesn’t feels good when touched but neither of It’s a 10 and Biosilk makes the hair looks oily or greasy as long as we don’t over applied them which should be rare since we can control the product easily.

Another thing that we love from both of It’s a 10 and Biosilk is their scent because unlike similar leave-in conditioner, they are not strongly perfumed and only have a little bit of scent, Miracle leave-in product smells clean while the Biosilk have a pleasant, a bit floral and sweet scent.


Now, let’s compare It’s a 10 with Biosilk. Both of them are very similar to each other especially on how they give the benefit since they are equally smoothing, keep frizz at bay, enhance shines, as well as makes the hair more manageable for long. In the end hair looks healthier and we don’t have to spend much time on styling to keep them in check. The prominent difference is texture since It’s a 10 is coming in a lotion-like product while the other is clear, almost like gel.

It’s a 10 vs Biosilk

It’s a 10Biosilk
- Slightly more affordable- Expensive
- Creamy texture- Light, gel-like consistency
- Spray and pump bottle - Convenience disc cap
- Smells fresh and clean - Floral and sweet scent


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us have the same preferences and it is better to get the one that suits your hair the best which we cannot know for sure before actually trying the product. But, comparing the two, we like both but for those with dry hair, It’s a 10 consistency helps  very much with moisture as well.