Brazilian Bond Builder vs Olaplex

If you are a hairstylist if you are addicted to changing hair color, you may want to keep up with the current trend by using bond builder technology. Bond Builder will allow you to protect your client’s or your own hair from damage when you are doing hair lightening and extreme coloring.

Nowadays clients are getting wilder when it comes to their hair color demand. Without bond builder, you may put your client’s hair at risk of being damaged as a side effect of the coloring process. Bond Builders have been generating a lot of buzz, especially among Celebgrams.

 B3 Brazilian Bond Builder and Olaplex are among the most discussed bond builders in the market. The two bond builders have been used by many Instagram models and perhaps you are curious which one of the two is better.

For hair coloring addicts, B3 Brazilian Bond Builder and Olaplex are godsend. You may want to change your hair color often, from icy white to purple, or pink, green, blue or even rainbow. During the chemical coloring process, your hair’s bond may experience a breakage. Your hair may turn into a rough, fry dry mess.

These two bond builders products however will ensure that the link between your hair bond stays connected and making your hair much stronger. You will not have to worry even when you want to bleach your hair.

The strongest bond in your hair, called the disulphide bond, can be damaged due to chemical and heat when you are doing hair treatments. The B3 Brazilian Bond Builder and Olaplex will provide you with bond realignment so that your hair stays strong.

Brazilian Bond Builder Overview

The b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is marketed as bond builder which utilizes engineered co polymer. This bond builder is capable of reattaching and building hair bonds using high-purity targeted system.

Brazilian Bond Builder is able to help you with loss of cuticle and cortex cell so that the inner structure of your hair stays protected. It is also capable of prolonging color retention and vibrancy while keeping hair breakage to a minimum.

Olaplex Overview

The Olaplex was invented by Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker even though they both never worked on hair products. The Olaplex is free of silicone and oil which is capable of realigning broken hair bonds during or after chemical treatment.

This Bond Builder is able to make your hair stronger and its ability has been proven by many hair stylists and colorists from all over the world.

Brazilian Bond Builder vs Olaplex Performance

In term of cost, Brazilian Bond Builder is $250 per bottle which can last around 68 to 134 applications. Olaplex will cost you $198 for one bottle of No.1 and 2 bottles of No.2 which will lust up to 70 applications. See also: Brazilian Keratin vs Blowout.

In terms of application, the Brazilian Bond Builder is considerably quite simple. There is only one step so that it will not add to the processing time. It is considered to be an excellent add-on treatment for hair coloring or lightening.

For example when you want to do hair lightening,  you only need to mix the bleach, developer and the Brazilian Bond Builder at certain amount as instructed and you are good to go. The amount of time you spend only depends on the amount of hair and foils.

Depending on the hair condition, the Brazilian Bond Builder is effective even when you want to lighten your hair up to a couple of levels.

Brazilian Bond Builder does not contain water. It means that this Bond Builder will not dilute your mixture which you are using to color the hair.

The B3 Brazilian Bond Builder comes with take home products to compliment the effectiveness. There are Color Care Shampoo, along with condition and Reconstructor. 

You are recommended to use these products at home to help the hair bond realignment after you done with the hair coloring process.

The Olaplex takes more time than the Brazilian Bond Builders. This is because the Olaplex comes in different type, the No.1 and No.2, with additional No.3.

You need to use No.1 mixed with the coloring or lightening mixture. Then after its done, you have to rinse the color and apply the No.2. The Olaplex No.3 can be used at home to complement the bond realignment process.

The additional step when using the Olaplex may add more time, so if you are a hairstylist and your client want it to be faster, Olaplex may not be the best choice. The result however is considered to be superior to the Brazilian Bond Builder.

According to some hair stylists, the Olaplex will produce a magnificent after coloring effect. Your hair will be silky soft despite after getting into extreme chemical coloring or bleaching treatment.

The downside of Olaplex is the amount of time you need to spend when you are using this product. Depending on the amount of your hair, you may have to sit for 6 hours in the chair. That amount of time is not short and not everybody can afford to sit that long.

Several hair colorists suggest that Brazilian Bond Builder will be able to retain the hair color much longer. Other hair stylists however suggest that Brazilian Bond Builder will give you less smooth hair compared to the Olaplex.

Brazilian Bond Builder vs Olaplex


For hair colorist addicts, both Brazilian Bond Builder and Olaplex offer you with excellent protection to your hair against bond breakage.  Olaplex is considered to be a more expensive option than the Brazilian Bond Builder due to its limited application times and you need to get additional take home product to ensure that the bond realignment process to succeed. The Brazilian Bond Builder is simpler and the take home products are optional unlike the Olaplex.

Olaplex is also considered to be more time consuming than the Brazilian Bond Builder due to its two step application. However the end result of using Olaplex provides you with smoother hair compared to the Brazilian Bond Builder. The Brazilian Bond Builder is considered to retain color much better than the Olaplex however.