Cureplex vs Olaplex

The world of beauty is always challenged to get innovation and technology. This is to accommodate many customers’s wishes. The same way with the hairdresser world, as many women wish to get excellent hair but with a less complicated process. The criteria of a saver product also the main consideration before customers choosing which product is the best. Such as comparing Cureplex VS Olaplex that quite famous in making a blonde hair model. If you wish to choose one of the above brands, you might want to take a look further before deciding which one is suitable.


If we look at the brand in detail, both are quite famous brands in the hairdresser world. Whether Cureplex or Olaplex, both are an excellent product to use rather than other non-branded products that might cause any harm. Many hairdressers get satisfaction compliments after applying the products to their consumers.

The result is natural and it gives a good texture to their customer’s hair. However, brand and result is not the only thing to consider. The information below will provide a more specific case that can make you surely choosing the best, in terms of everything. See also: Olaplex vs Kerastase.

Instruction Sheet

Some hairdressers mention that Olaplex has quite confusing instructions to apply it. Therefore, people must carefully read the step by step way to follow in their effort to get the best result after using it.

The instruction is all over the place. Therefore, it will be better to ask the professional the way they do it. Or you might prefer to ask help from a hairdresser rather than try to apply personally.

The different way with Cureplex that has an instruction sheet inside the box. Plus, the instruction is very easy to follow and understand. Even for an amateur person, it can directly be followed and apply simply.

The instruction is also broken down into several steps depending on the services we’ll do. No worry about mistake steps and failure. No worry about time-consuming.

Overall it is a good way to show the instruction step. This brand has a good perspective on people’s minds that easy instruction can mean more favorable to choose.


To apply the products, both have different instructions. Cureplex as the simplest brand mentions to apply the first product in 20 vol and processed without heat for 30 minutes.

After that apply the second product with 5 vol for 20 minutes. The last is to apply the third and processed for only 5 minutes. When it’s all finished, you can get an excellent result in the hair.

A different way when applying Olaplex. It takes more minutes to perform the application. The first one will need estimated up to 30 vol and heat for 5 minutes, then continue again for 40 minutes if you want to make sure.

The second one is applying in 20 vol for 35 minutes. The last is to process up to 40 minutes for an excellent result. It is an overall exhausting and long time for application.

Overall, Cureplex gives a much more efficient time and less effort to perform the application. While Olaplex will spend more service time that might charge for more cost or exhausted the applicator.

As many of the hairdresser mention that the instruction in Olaplex is not clear between the number of products to apply and how long. Therefore, if you wish for a better solution, Cureplex will be a good option to choose from.


In terms of content and ingredients, it is quite an interesting part. Olaplex claims as to the only patented formula that cross-links sulfur hydrogen bonds. Therefore, they claim better technology and a better formula.

While Cureplex never mentions their technology and this might make people curious about how can this product bring the same result as Olaplex but with a little bit more to a secret about the way the ingredients build the bonding with the hair.

Plus, nobody ever reviews the ingredients content of this brand too. As not many advertising mentions and discusses it.


To look at the final result can consider as an important thing to make a decision. Why bother buying an expensive product if the result is worse. Or maybe an expensive price will be worth as long as the result is excellent.

Well, both are claimed to give a great result in the hair, no matter what the hair type is. But based on many customers and hair dresser’s review, Cureplex can bring more awesome result on the hair. It blends perfectly and the light comes out in a better way.

Except for the long term using it might break your hair and make it dry. While Olaplex brings not too awesome results on some people. The final result is not that bad, it just average. But for a long term using, it brings a healthier hair condition.


It’s the good news that Cureplex is half the price of Olaplex. If you need to spend up to 120USD for a set of Olaplex traveling Stylist Kit, then you only need to waste 75 USD for a set of Hi-Lift Cureplex Kit.

Therefore, it will help you to save 45 USD for almost the same product. Even many people mention that Cureplex is the low-cost version that is similar to Olaplex.

Cureplex vs Olaplex

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- Hair loss - Hair loss on the vertex and the anterior mid-scalp area
- Bladder infections - This results in a receding hairline and/or balding on the top of the head.
- Decreased sex drive- Use by men only and should not be used by women or children.


From that comparison above, it can be concluded that Cureplex is way better. Mainly if you want to try first and don’t have any intense to spend too much cost for something that you will not so sure about the result.

The price is lower, the application is quick and easy, plus the result is the same way with others that cost more. Therefore, you might one to try Cureplex first rather than Olaplex.

In case that you blonde your hair frequently, you might want to try Olaplex someday. However, many people say that the product is too expensive for a longer treatment application time. Even though it might have better ingredients and patent, but most people will prefer the quicker one.