Keranique vs Nioxin

Hair loss can especially be very distressing. This condition may not be life threatening but it can significantly affect your quality of life. Losing your hair, to the point of balding, may cause emotional issues such as insecurities, loss of confidence, and even depression.

This phenomenon can be very devastating to many people. For a lot of people, both males and females, hair signifies sexuality, sensuality and beauty. You may think that you are losing your attractiveness as you lost your hairs.

Keranique vs Nioxin

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons. Some medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, may trigger hair loss. There is also a condition called as Androgenetic Alopecia which causes hair loss to men and women due to hormonal changes and genetic.  Not treating your hair properly is also the reason why you lose them.

Treating your hair regular using hair treatment products can help you to prevent and stop hair loss. Healthy scalp, clean and strong hair structure will ensure your hair’s roots to stay firmly. There are many hair treatments products which you can routinely use to get healthy hair but shampoo is the most common one.

 There are many shampoos which are designed to help your thinning hair. Generally, these shampoos use less chemical and contain special mixture which make your scalp and hair healthier. Among them, Keranique and Nioxin are presumably the two most effective hair treatment products which are good for thinning hair.

Nioxin Overview

Nioxin is known to produce shampoos which can detoxify non-chemically enhanced, fine and thinning hair. Nioxin’s shampoos are able to get rid of nasty chemicals which may have stuck in your hair due to pollution or hair treatment chemical residue.

This shampoo brand will be able to cleanse and protect your scalp without sacrificing hair essential oils. It means that you scalp will be clean and healthy which ensure that your hairs will grow in optimum environment.

Nioxin has been around for more than 25 years, which is very experienced when it comes to solve thinning hair problems.  This brand provides you with six different shampoos which you can select based on your hair condition. They are called Nioxin Cleanser shampoo system 1 to 6.

If your hair is natural, not dyed or chemically treated, System cleanser 1 and 2 will be suitable for you. Nioxin System 1 will provide you with more protection however. It is better for progressed thinning hair and it comes with UV protection.

Nioxin system 3 and 4 are suitable if you hair is color treated. Meanwhile, Nioxin system 5 and 6 are good for chemically treated hair. The system 4 and 6 are equipped with UV protection just like the system 2.

Keranique Overview

 Keranique comes in shampoo and conditioner set which is very good for thinning hair because it stimulates hair growth. This hair treatment product put emphasize of keratin hair treatment. See also: Keranique vs Rogaine.

Keranique is marketed as excellent shampoo set which can chase out any impurities which may have stuck on your scalp. This product will stimulate your scalp due to its deep cleansing effect.  It will thicken and increase the volume of your thin and fine hair without weighing them down.

Keranique does not contain any sulfates and parabens. It is capable of nourishing and rejuvenating your hair follicles. It is because Keranique is enhanced by keratin amino complex. It is also capable of preventing bond breakage and sealing split ends.

 Due to its perfectly balanced capability to moisturize, this product will also provide you with control frizz and hair manageability.

Different from Nioxin, Keranique comes in five different types of products. This brand offers you with specialized shampoo and conditioner which are good for thinning hair. It also offers you a Follicle boosting serum, Lifter repair hair spray, and the last one is thickening hair mousse.

Which one is the best hair product?

It is important to take careful consideration before buying either product. First you need to understand the characteristic of your hair. Both brands offer you with various types of product which may be more suitable for your hair condition.

You will need to take into account factors such as which hair treatment product will provide you with healthier and better looking hair, the chemical contained in the product and the ease of use.

The main purpose of using shampoo and other additional products is to ensure that your hair is healthy and not thinning. It is also important to make sure that the shampoo you use can enhance your hair beauty.

The nourishment and rejuvenation Keranique provides will put volume into your hair. It will make your hair look excellent and rich. Furthermore, Keranique products will make your hair silky and softer. Some users however reported that their hair get drier in a long term use.

On the other hand, Nioxin will result in less elegant hair looks after usage. It will not generate as much volume as Keranique. This product however is as capable as Keranique when it comes to cleaning your scalp and hair. It is also capable of stimulating new follicles growth which will make it thicker.

It is important to consider the chemicals these shampoos contain. Some chemicals can be irritating if you have sensitive scalp or skin. Irritation may cause itches and rash which would be counterproductive when it comes to preventing hair loss.

In this term, Keranique contains alcohol which is not always good for sensitive skin. Nioxin comes with salicylic acid, which is good for acne. However it also contains sodium laureth sulfate which also can cause irritation to some people.

Lastly in terms of ease of use, Nioxin is simpler because you don’t have to use it as often as Keranique. You only need to use Nioxin as much as 3 times a week maximum while Keranique may need daily usage.

Keranique vs Nioxin

- Easy to apply - Minoxidil
- Cleanses the scalp - Easy spray
- Cheaper than Keranique- Results in a short time

Conclusion of Keranique vs Nioxin

Nioxin is cheaper option compared to the Keranique due to its less required usage. However Keranique will provide you with better results in terms of hair looks. Keranique also contains less chemical which may potentially be irritable for your skin.

In the end, you need to ensure that your hair characteristic matched the hair treatment product, either you choose Nioxin or Keranique.