Ion Absolute Perfection Booster vs Olaplex

In light of long periods of searching, there are two most popular discoveries regarding hair care products:  

  • Olaplex: For those of you who might not have known about Olaplex, it is obviously magic. It is additionally costly. Also, it must be bought by somebody with a cosmetology permit.  
  • Ion Absolute Perfection Booster: It is a cheaper version of Olaplex. When you blend their Absolute Perfection Booster and Colour Sealer, it makes a bond perfector. 

How do you know if you need Olaplex or Ion Absolute Perfection Booster? With any substance or warmth treatment, you need any of these choices if the bonds within your hair are broken. This makes the hair become weak and break. So, what these products should do is fix those wrecked bonds. 

With one at-home treatment coming in at 28 USD + charge for 3.3 oz and the other as a couple of pack for 12 USD with 2.03 oz of Booster and 3.38 oz of Colour Sealer, is there a correlation? To find the answer, check the article below. 


As referenced earlier, Ion Absolute Perfection Booster is a two-advance procedure that is intended to fix and help create new bonds while averting breakage and dryness. Like Olaplex, it was figured to work pair with compound colour services. However, it can be utilized as an independent treatment.  

Meanwhile, Olaplex is the marginally weaker. It should be utilized as a week by week treatment to keep up an in-salon Olaplex treatment, and up to three times every week for harmed hair. Also, it tends to be left in the hair as you keep styling. 

Key Ingredients  

Ion Absolute Perfection Booster does not contain Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate in either item; in all honesty, that fixing has been patented by Olaplex. So, what is in Ion Absolute Perfection Booster? Emulsifying and moulding agents and proteins. Hydrolyzed Wheat and Pea Proteins, to be precise. 

There is simply bunches of moulding mixes, proteins, and a couple of natural concentrates. Inside the Colour Sealer itself, there is all the more moulding agents and oils. 

Meanwhile, the key fixing that makes everybody swoon over Olaplex in the entirety of its structures is Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. 

Here is how it works: The keratin in each strand of your hair is bound together by two sulphur iotas, usually known as a disulphide bond. These disulphide bonds are responsible for your hair’s shape and quality. At the point when your hair experiences a non-lasting change, the disulphide bonds are briefly improved and can be re-established when you return your hair. 

Yet, when you jump into synthetic treatments, the disulphide bonds are for all time re-structured. Furthermore, with rehashed utilization of warmth or dying without appropriate consideration, the bonds are split and your hair winds up looking worn out.  

This is the place Olaplex comes in. The dynamic fixing Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate structures bonds with the sulphur iotas, shaping a fake disulphide bond, briefly connecting them back together.  

Essentially, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate resembles the mamma that caused you and your sister to sit at the table mid-contention, compelling you to settle up and apologize. The détente, albeit viable in the prompt, is just transitory. 

Where to Buy  

Ion Absolute Perfection Booster is a bundled group of the Absolute Perfection Booster and Colour Sealer and is sold separately and together solely at Sally’s.  

Meanwhile, you can obtain Olaplex from Sephora to guarantee that you have a valid item. There is everything these dark market admonitions about buying from Amazon, yet you cannot be 100% sure they are valid.  

Does It Work? 

Not going to dance around the issues here, many customers claim that it does not work effectively. They have tried several methods wanting severely for the Ion Absolute Perfection Booster to work – though possibly for colouring it does — yet as an independent fixing treatment? Not in any manner.

To keep things predictable, you might want to utilize precisely the same wash and style items over the span of using it. 

However, many customers said their harmed twists gave no unmistakable indications of progress and it made their scalp freak out. So, be careful when you are about to expose your scalp to the item. See also: Cureplex vs Olaplex.

Moving on to Olaplex, you ever need something to not work, to make sure you can go recover that coin you dropped? That is actually how you would feel about Olaplex.  

Since it is pricey, it will most likely suffocate your wallet. However, you will find Olaplex to be genuinely viable in helping your bafflingly harmed twists bounce back.

After your absolute first use, you will see a minuscule change in your harmed twists, yet insufficient for you to run out and clear the rack at the store.   

In general, many customers are satisfied and enjoyably astounded that Olaplex has a very positive effect on their twists. 

Ion Absolute Perfection Booster vs Olaplex

Ion Absolute Perfection BoosterOlaplex
- Repairs and helps to generate new bonds for stronger hair. - Leaves hair stronger than ever
- Reduces dryness during chemical services. - Home hair repairing treatment
- Restores moisture and reduces breakage.- Our patented technology relinks the broken bonds in every type of hair providing real, structural repair that works from within


In the wake of testing the Ion Absolute Perfection Booster unit on test strands that the customers have been dying for a hair analyse and seeing that the strands turned out the same, they conclude that this current Sally’s Ion Absolute Perfection may be a so-so “dupe” of Olaplex. 

However, it might be a more intriguing purchase for those since who is not an authorized proficient and thus, cannot get Olaplex discount. It is especially true if you are attempting to set aside cash for different things. 

So, which one actually works for common hair? On the off chance that we needed to make a suggestion; it would be for Olaplex which indicate the most enhancement for the hair. 

Olaplex will definitely end up being a staple that will make your hair reflexive in time. It becomes all the better if you can manage to utilize it throughout the years at each in-salon treatment. Even if it is way too pricey for some people, it is definitely worth the money. After all, you cannot purchase new hair, so put resources into it. It improves things greatly to your appearance.